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The first episode of the Action & Adventure, Animation, series Zoids: Chaotic Century season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 was released in 2002-02-18 by Cartoon Network. The TV show was created by and directed by . Actors in the cast include Daisuke Kishio, Makiko Ohmoto, Mitsuki Saiga, Takuma Suzuki, Gara Takashima, Houchu Ohtsuka, Iemasa Kayumi, Keiji Fujiwara, Kumiko Watanabe, Takahiro Sakurai, Noriko Hidaka, Keiichi Sonobe, Kentarō Itō, Akemi Okamura, Jin Horikawa, Tomoko Ishimura, Daiki Nakamura, Rica Fukami, Chiemi Chiba, Fumihiko Tachiki, Kazuki Yao, Kiyoyuki Yanada, Shin'ichirou Miki, Yūji Ueda. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

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Episode Guide

Episode 1

The Boy From Planet Zi

air day: 2002-02-18

Episode 2

The Mysterious Fiona

air day: 2002-02-19

Episode 3


air day: 2002-02-20

Episode 4

The Protectors

air day: 2002-02-21

Episode 5

Sleeper Trap

air day: 2002-02-22

Episode 6

Jump Zeke!

air day: 2002-02-25

Episode 7

The Battle of Red River

air day: 2002-02-26

Episode 8

The Road to the Republic

air day: 2002-02-27

Episode 9

The Valley of the Monster

air day: 2002-02-28

Episode 10

The Mountain of Dreams

air day: 2002-03-01

Episode 11

The Fog at Mt. Iselina

air day: 2002-03-04

Episode 12

The Black Organoid

air day: 2002-03-05

Episode 13

The Battle of Chronos

air day: 2002-03-06

Episode 14

Wake Up! Zeke

air day: 2002-03-07

Episode 15

Deploy the ZG!

air day: 2002-03-08

Episode 16

New Helic City

air day: 2002-03-11

Episode 17

The Longest Night of the Republic

air day: 2002-03-12

Episode 18

The Defense of the City

air day: 2002-03-13

Episode 19

Prozan’s Conspiracy

air day: 2002-03-14

Episode 20

The Resurrection Monster

air day: 2002-03-15

Episode 21

The Charged Particle Gun

air day: 2002-03-18

Episode 22

Farewell to a Friend

air day: 2002-03-19

Episode 23

The Imperial Ring

air day: 2002-03-20

Episode 24

A Voice From Afar

air day: 2002-03-21

Episode 25

The New Liger

air day: 2002-03-22

Episode 26

Memories of Zi

air day: 2002-03-25

Episode 27

The Saviour

air day: 2002-03-26

Episode 28

Run, Wolf!

air day: 2002-03-27

After they made it out of the treacherous mountains, Irvine and Van are traveling some where. Where they have a flash back about what happened up to the point. Rudolph was dressed up as a girl called Ramona to hide his true identity. Van fins out the bandits here, were dressed as Imperial Soldiers are robbing the village of everything and bring the cost of food up. Back to reality, Van and Irvine were still traveling and Irvine has two flashbacks, one where it was long ago maybe ten or fifteen years ago, Irvine had sister named Helena. The second flashback consists of Irvine and Moonbay running away from some soldiers, whom are thinking they are and its. They go off and hide in a church where Sister Alena sticks a gun at Moonbay and Irvine. Van and the rest find out much about the really sick kids are being infected by a disease called Gacki-Carl Fever, but the only problem is the vaccine was taken by some bandits. While, staring at the boy Peter, whom is comforting his sisters hands,

Episode 29

Heroes of the Sky

air day: 2002-03-28

Episode 30

Moonbay’s Waltz

air day: 2002-03-29

Episode 31

The Three Guards

air day: 2002-04-01

Episode 32

The Doom Machine

air day: 2002-04-02

Episode 33

The Battle for Survival

air day: 2002-04-03

Episode 34

The Capital Ablaze

air day: 2002-04-04

Episode 35

The Secret Mission

air day: 2002-04-05

Episode 36


air day: 2002-04-08

Episode 37

The Blue Devil

air day: 2002-04-09

Episode 38

The Steel Bison

air day: 2002-04-10

Episode 39

The Invisible Enemy

air day: 2002-04-11

Episode 40

The Zoid Hunters

air day: 2002-04-12

Episode 41

The Devil’s Maze

air day: 2002-04-15

Episode 42


air day: 2002-04-16

Episode 43

The Emperor’s Holiday

air day: 2002-04-17

Episode 44

Assault of the Mega Monster

air day: 2002-04-18

Episode 45

The Wings of Darkness

air day: 2002-04-19

Episode 46

The Devil of the Sea

air day: 2002-04-22

Episode 47

A Monster Awakens

air day: 2002-04-23

Episode 48

The Black Lightning

air day: 2002-04-24

Episode 49

The Distant Stars

air day: 2002-04-25

Episode 50

Attack of the Geno Breaker

air day: 2002-04-26

Episode 51

The Boy from the Ruins

air day: 2002-04-29

Episode 52

Van’s New Power

air day: 2002-04-30

Episode 53


air day: 2002-05-01

Episode 54


air day: 2002-05-02

Episode 55

Supersonic Battle

air day: 2002-05-03

Episode 56


air day: 2002-05-06

Episode 57

The Nightmare

air day: 2002-05-07

Episode 58

Attack of the Winged Dragons

air day: 2002-05-08

Episode 59

The Capital Collapses

air day: 2002-05-09

Episode 60

The Giant Fortress

air day: 2002-05-13

Episode 61

The Naval Battle

air day: 2002-05-14

Episode 62

The Gravity Cannon

air day: 2002-05-15

Episode 63

The Final Battle

air day: 2002-05-16

Episode 64

The Ancient Memory

air day: 2003-01-04

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