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The first episode of the Comedy, Drama, series Xena: Warrior Princess season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 was released in 1996-09-30 by Broadcast syndication. The TV show was created by and directed by Robert Tapert, John Schulian. Actors in the cast include Lucy Lawless, Renee O'Connor, Ted Raimi, Kevin Smith, Karl Urban, Alexandra Tydings, Adrienne Wilkinson, Danielle Cormack, Charles Mesure. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

Series info

The moment season of this tv show Xena: Warrior Princess started broadcasting at the United States and also Canada on September 30, 1996, reasoned on May 12, 1997, also comprised 22 episodes)

The moment season aired from the United States about the U S A Network.

Episode Guide

Episode inch

Orphan of War

air evening: 1996-09-30

When Xena strives to aid that the centaurs shield a holy stone having their wicked, she experiences some one out of her previous…her own son.

Episode 2

Remember Nothing

air evening: 1996-10-07

When Xena reinforces the Fates’s temple, they also offer her the present of adjusting the last: her sibling Lyceus by no means expired and that she by no means grew to become the warrior Lady…but that also ensures she’s never ever satisfied Gabrielle.

Episode 3

The Giant Killer

air evening: 1996-10-14

When Gabrielle interrupts a youthful Isrealite termed David, her lifetime is currently threatended before Xena suggests to struggle her previous pal, the enormous Goliath in reunite for flexibility to your own Philistines.

Episode 4)

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

air day: 1996-10-28

When Orpheus inhibits the capability to subdue the god Bacchus together with his audio, Xena along with Gabrielle hazard their own lives to get rid of Bacchus’s reign of dread.

Episode 5)

Return of Callisto

air day: 1996-11-04

Gabrielle intends to wed Perdicus, her hometown love, and has to go away Xena along with their journeys, in an identical period which Callisto has escaped out of jail and has been led directly for them together with vengeance in their mind.

Episode 6)

Warrior… Princess… Tramp

air evening: 1996-11-11

When Diana’s daddy occurs ailing, Xena is summoned and also conducts right into still another look alike, a barmaid termed Meg, who appears fairly shot with Joxer.

Episode 7)

Intimate Stranger

atmosphere day: 1996-11-18

Callisto creates a deal using Ares, in Tarturus, to modify lifestyles together with Xena, delivering Xena to Tarturus and arming Callisto. Xena, at Callisto’s kindthat helps make her very own bargain using Hades, to produce matters right however, the one issue is…she’s got one afternoon to repair it.

Episode 8)

Ten Little Warlords

air evening: 1996-11-25

Trapped from the torso of Callisto, Xena has to enable a deadly Ares regain his sword and also reestablish him because the god of warfare.) If she does not mortals won’t have the ability to restrain their rage and she will never regain her own human body.

Episode 9

A Solstice Carol

air afternoon: 1996-12-09

During Winter Solstice, Xena and also Gabrielle see a city in which it truly is Scrooge-such as King has termed that observing that the break is really a offensescene

Episode 10

The Xena Scrolls

air day: 1997-01-13

In annually 1940, 2 feminine archaeologists hunting for its Xena scrolls wind up within a early grave facing mythical figures by yesteryear.

Episode 12


air: 1997-01-27

After currently being seriously hurt, Xena’s lifestyle flashes before her, for example, period after she heard the craft of anxiety points out of some slavegirl so if she’s achieved Julius Caesar to its exact first moment.

Episode 13

The Quest

air evening: 1997-02-03

After Xena’s departure, Gabrielle turns into Queen of those Amazons, whereas Autolycus finds himself owned from the warrior Lady, Xena who requirements ambrosia to attract himself back to life. But Xena’s re-birth and Gabrielle’s lifetime are both jeopardized by an Amazon bent on receiving the Amazon crown and also the ambrosia. She would like Gabrielle lifeless and also to be able to avoid her, Xena along with Gabrielle hotel to requesting for your assistance of this today immortal Callisto.

Episode 15

A Day from the Life

air evening: 1997-02-17

Xena and also Gabrielle invest per afternoon hoping to rescue just two villages, a single by the group of thugsand also one other out of some huge, while still putting on eachother’s nerves and seeking to not kill onto a second.

Episode 16

For Him The Bell Tolls

atmosphere evening: 1997-02-24

With Xena off to a assignment, Gabrielle should compete with Aphrodite, who is interfering in one single among Cupid’s lovespells that’ll unite two kingdoms and who is set a spell on Joxer, who acts as a true hero whenver a bell rings.

Episode 17

The Execution

air evening: 1997-04-07

Xena and also Gabrielle possess just a single evening to figure out what occurred when Gabrielle’s buddy, Meleagor, has been due to death for a murder he did not perpetrate.

Episode 18

Blind Faith

air evening: 1997-04-14

After becoming petroleum inside her eys throughout a struggle, Xena goes blind and has to manage a person chose to destroy her and rescue Gabrielle until she’s made to wed a warrior, who’s expired, or Gabrielle will shortly be a part of him.

Episode 19


air: 1997-04-28

Xena and also Gabrielle needs to aid Ulysses, King of Ithica, that is hoping to reunite to his island home land right after ten decades off, however the god of this ocean, Poseidon, does not help it become simple.

Episode 20

The Price

air evening: 1997-05-05

After turning into the hunted victim of these barbarous Horde, Xena has to direct the neighborhood army contrary to these, whereas Gabrielle has a tendency towards the injured and also worries Xena is coming into her shadowy and harmful manners from attaching into the Horde’s degree.

Episode 22

A Comedy of Eros

air evening: 1997-05-19

When Cupid’s baby kid, Bliss, runs amok putting really like charms on unsuspecting men and women, Xena drops inlove with all the warlord, Draco, Draco drops for Gabrielle and also Gabrielle receives the hots for Joxer.

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