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The first episode of the Comedy, Drama, series Xena: Warrior Princess season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 was released in 1995-09-04 by Broadcast syndication. The TV show was created by and directed by Robert Tapert, John Schulian. Actors in the cast include Lucy Lawless, Renee O'Connor, Ted Raimi, Kevin Smith, Karl Urban, Alexandra Tydings, Adrienne Wilkinson, Danielle Cormack, Charles Mesure. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

Series info

The original season of this tv show Xena: Warrior Princess started broadcasting at the United States and also Canada on September 4, respectively 1995, reasoned on July 29, 1996, also included 24 episodes) It presents Gabrielle, the string costar, together with Xena, before a second role in the television show Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. Gabrielle Gets Xena’s best ally; her first naiveté Can Help to equilibrium Xena and helps her into recognizing and chasing precisely the “greater good.”

The initially season aired at United States at U S A Network.

Episode Guide

Episode 1

Sins of those Past

atmosphere daily: 1995-09-04

Xena struggles a wicked warlord, a vengeful Cyclops and unpleasant weather throughout the travel dwelling to Amphipolis, wherever she is united with a youthful woman termed Gabrielle, who is a resourceful younger protege.

Episode two

Chariots of War

air day: 1995-09-11

Xena frees a city contrary to a group of thugs headed by means of a dad and son duo, also if she’s injured, Gabrielle is abandoned fearing to that warrior Lady.

Episode 3


air day: 1995-09-18

When Gabrielle is disputed by way of a mysterious, Xena passes an altered state of awareness and has to confront ghosts away from the past as a way to rescue her own friend.

Episode 4)

Cradle of Hope

air day: 1995-10-02

Xena employs stealthy maneuvers to safeguard a infant who a oracle asserts will only day usurp the King’s throne. Meanwhile, Xena also needs to be certain that Pandora, that the grand daughter of this mythical authentic, has the ability to re set the lock her behalf box that is precious.

Episode 5)

The Path Not Taken

air evening: 1995-10-09

In sequence to prevent a warfare Xena has to save yourself a princess that’s been removed out of her dwelling. The kidnapping can result in a warfare. Xena comprehends that the weapon trader would be the one which has generated it all. When she monitors the trader, she matches her previous enjoy Marcus, however that she isn’t certain the way she feels about him.

Episode 6)

The Reckoning

atmosphere day: 1995-10-16

Xena is confused for its killer who assaulted and killed a group of both townspeople and can be placed upon test, inducing Ares, the god of warfare to become thrilled in the accomplishment of his program.

Episode 7)

The Titans

atmosphere day: 1995-10-30

Gabrielle fools around using an early scroll along with releases about three Titans in countless captivity.) Once once more, Xena has to save yourself a village from destruction. Gabrielle additionally finds time to get the love.

Episode 8)


air day: 1995-11-06

When the gods catch Prometheus, humanity starts to get rid of the presents they gave them: passion and also the power to cure by themselves. It’s upto Xena, Gabrielle, Hercules and Iolaus to use to spare Prometheus out of his chains however whomever can be your person who devotes him, will wind up useless.

Episode 9

Death at Chains

air afternoon: 1995-11-27

Xena need to totally free Hade’s sister, Celesta, Death Herself, in King Sisyphus who wishes to deceive departure by retaining her hostage, so extending his lifetime.)

Episode 10

Hooves & Harlots

air evening: 1995-12-04

When Xena and also Gabrielle come across the Amazons, Gabrielle strives to conserve an Amazon and unintentionally finds herself an Amazon princess.

Episode 12

Beware Greeks Bearing Gifts

air evening: 1996-01-15

Helen of Troy summons Xena and requests her to support ending the warfare involving your Greeks as well as also the Trojans, that commenced along her.

Episode 13

Athens City Academy of this Performing Bards

atmosphere daily: 1996-01-22

Gabrielle really wants to input the Athens City Academy of those Performing Bards, but discovers that it isn’t exactly what she imagined it’d function as She aids the next aspiring bard detect his authentic story telling ability. She expects to detect it before some body who’s useless for a god does. Fortunately, Xena seems to be nearly identical to that. So, Xena goes to induce the assassins from concealing and then catch them.

Episode 16

Mortal Beloved

air evening: 1996-02-12

When her deceased adore Marcus, requests Xena to help save your self superior spirits, and ” she travels into the underworld to put matters right.

Episode 17

The Royal Couple of Thieves

air day: 1996-02-19

Xena reinforces the assistance of Autolycus, that the King of Thieves, as a way to sneak a treasure chest out of the warlord and return it to its rightful owners – unless of course Autolycus has some thing to mention about this.

Episode 18

The Prodigal

air evening: 1996-03-04

After freezing at the surface of threat( a perplexed Gabrielle returns house into Potidaea, exactly where she gets a not-so-warm Wel come by the folks, that have employed a warrior to rescue them by an warlord. They would like to sacrifice him with their own god, due to their “faith” requires it. It’s upto Xena as well as also a drugged Gabrielle to rescue him.

Episode 20

Ties That Bind

air day: 1996-04-29

As the god of warfare, Ares, approaches to produce Xena direct his militaryand also the warrior Lady matches a guy claiming to function as long-lost daddy. Meanwhile, a mysterious blonde female is stalking Xena.

Episode 22


air: 1996-05-13

The feminine warrior Callisto, strives to reverse the planet in opposition to Xena by committing acts of terrorism inside her identify, whereas Xena struggles to regain her true individuality and detect why this mad younger woman is currently performing so.

Episode 23

Death Mask

air evening: 1996-06-03

After mastering that a raiding party’s boss has been accountable to its devastation inside their own village, Xena along with also her brother put out to damage him.

atmosphere daytime: 1996-07-29

Xena tries to avoid a war involving 2 brothers, whereas Gabrielle has a tendency into your expecting Amazon sister, who’s taking the kid of the centaur.

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