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City Legends can be. David Hewlett became the sponsor in 2011. In every single installment, three legends presented and have been dramatized to the tv viewer; the viewer is then to speculate that one or even two of those three is correct. Just about every legend has witnesses. For that two or one bogus legends, the witnesses are all actors, while the real legend uses real people. Included in each installment are just two rapid tales, also termed mini-myths, until the industrial fractures, which atmosphere. Every will start out with the number of its name along with this myth. The response to this mini-myth is announced because it previously needed and the remaining portion of the programming carries on. The show initially aired to the Biography Channel at the U.S., Heritage Television in Canada and FX at the United Kingdom at which it was hosted by Mark Dolan. Additionally, It Has aired in Argentina, New Zealand, Sweden, Norway, Australia, Finland, Estonia, Holland, Russia, Hungary and Denmark.

The show came back with new episodes starting on Monday April 18, 2011 within an “ unique Series ” to the Syfy system, subsequently moved to the normal time, Fridays at 10. Stargate ’ adopted the same arrangement as the original although narrated the episodess David Hewlett. The show now succeeds sometimes as re runs and mini-marathons on both Chiller and SyFy.