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The first episode of the series Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad season 1, 2 was released in 1994-09-12 by American Broadcasting Company. The TV show was created by and directed by Jymn Magon, Tsuburaya Productions. Actors in the cast include Matthew Lawrence, Kath Soucie, Troy Slaten, Tim Curry, Neil Ross, Diana Bellamy. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

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Episode Guide

Episode 1

Amp’s Dangerous Solo

air day: 1994-09-12

The battle begins on this episode when Sam Collins, your typical highschool pupil, discovers the world of Syberspace and turns into Servo, fighter for justice within the digital world.

Episode 2

An Un-Helping Hand

air day: 1994-09-13

Malcolm creates the Blink virus and sends it into the police information with a purpose to trigger a false arrest for Jennifer throughout her date with Sam on the drive-thru theatre.

Episode three

His Master’s Voice

air day: 1994-09-14

Sam and his rock band, Team Samurai, are on the invoice to carry out at a live performance at North Valley High School tonight, however Malcolm has different concepts. He creates the Trembulor virus to create an impenetrable barrier round Sam’s home.

Episode four

Amp Loves You, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!

air day: 1994-09-12

Amp falls in love together with his substitute historical past instructor, Ms. Tilden. After mistaking an completely hideous outdated girl to be the thing of their buddy’s affections, Sam, Sydney, and Tanker institute a scheme to make him overlook his crush. Also, Malcolm has a completely unrelated nefarious scheme of some type. :oP

Episode 5

The Cold Shoulder

air day: 1994-09-16

After incomes a ‘B’ on her report card, Sydney finds that that is the least of her worries when a Mega-Virus takes over her wristwatch and makes her hand go on a petty crime spree.

Episode 6

Que Sera Servo

air day: 1994-09-19

Malcolm sends the Skorn virus into Sydney’s voice synthesizer, which then completely messes up Tanker’s and her voices.

Episode 7

Some Like it Scalding

air day:

Sam decides to have a slumber celebration at North Valley High School as the varsity’s fundraiser. However, Malcolm sends the fireplace virus, Plexton, into the varsity’s thermostat. With the celebration actually boiling over within the intense warmth, can Servo save the day?

Episode eight

Ashes to Ashes Disk to Disk

air day: 1994-09-21

Kilokahn decides to experiment on himself by taking up Malcolm’s physique with a purpose to expertise life in the actual world. He then sticks Malcolm within a brand new mega-virus monster. Sam and the others discover that it truly is Kilokahn inside Malcolm’s physique (whereas he tries to cowl it as much as the remainder of the surface world), and it’s as much as Servo to save lots of Malcolm.

Episode 9

Lights, Camera, Action

air day: 1994-09-22

Malcolm creates the ice virus often called Gramm (sister to the fireplace virus, Plexton) and sends it into Sam’s air conditioner for the aim of getting folks turning chilly in opposition to each other. Surely sufficient, it really works on its victims – Sydney, Tanker and Amp. Sam, as Servo, should destroy Gramm with a purpose to break the spell (and within the course of, fend off the reserve virus, which is none apart from Plexton!).

Episode 10

Sweet and Sour Kilokahn

air day: 1994-09-23

A fortune-telling recreation is the wrongdoer on this episode, as as soon as contaminated by a virus, it causes everybody’s personalities to fully reverse. From this spell, Sam turns into a wimp, Tanker turns into a nerd, Amp turns into actually actually good, and Sydney….nicely, you may simply name her Wild Thing!

Episode 11

To Sleep, Perchance to Scream

air day: 1994-09-26

Malcolm creates the Hock mega-virus monster and sends him into the meals factories for the aim of stopping shipments of meals to the world that wants it.

Episode 12

Out of Sight, Out of Time

air day: 1994-09-27

Using the Troid virus which has been despatched into Jennifer’s pom-poms, Malcolm is ready to make the world round Sam disappear fully when every sufferer picks up the pom-poms, and the victims find yourself in syberspace, saved onto floppy disks! Sam is the one particular person he is aware of that’s left, and involves the conclusion that the virus is liable for the disappearance of everybody he is aware of.

Episode 13

Money for Nothin’ & Bits for Free

air day: 1994-09-28

Sam learns simply how dependent he’s upon his associates when he will get sucked right into a video digital camera and almost goes insane from the extended enforced solitude.

Episode 14

Water You Doing?

air day: 1994-09-29

Sydney installs a kids’s laptop program and is ready to apply it to Kilokahn, turning him from evil to good. When Malcolm discovers the nice Kilokahn (and the truth that the nice Kilokahn is not going to deliver the Hock virus to life), he’s infuriated and makes an attempt to tackle life as a good-natured fellow, solely to fail miserably.

Episode 15

Just Brown & Servo

air day: 1994-09-30

After Sam has a wierd nightmare, Kilokahn seizes this chance to ship a virus into Sam’s alarm clock which freezes it and provides Sam steady nightmares. How will Sam ever get up to truly defeat the virus?

Episode 16

My Virus Ate My Homework

air day: 1994-10-03

In order to make Sam miss a date with Jennifer, Malcolm creates a Mega-Virus that may render time meaningless around the globe.

Episode 17

Hello Darkness, My Old Friend

air day: 1994-10-04

Malcolm faucets into financial institution accounts throughout the nation, making him extremely wealthy whereas everybody else struggles to pay for requirements. Of course, he makes use of his cash to bribe his schoolmates into doing embarrassing issues. Sam holds himself aloof from this till his little sister, Elizabeth, will get right into a automotive accident and wishes surgical procedure.

Episode 18

Born With a Jealous Mind

air day: 1994-10-05

Upon having his act for the varsity expertise present, a dramatic studying of Coleridge’s “”The Rime of the Ancient Mariner,”” shunned, Malcolm decides upon the considerably thematic revenge of turning all of the water within the metropolis into hydrochloric acid. Also, Tanker learns the hazard of bingeing on dill pickles, and spends the episode in agony from extreme abdomen ache, and learns an vital lesson about the place his limits lie.

Episode 19

Cheater, Cheater, Megabyte Eater

air day: 1994-10-06

Desperate to show to Jennifer that he’s not completely missing in any sense of romance, Sam plans a romantic dinner for the 2 of them. However, when he lets Tanker, Sydney, Amp, and Mrs. Starkey assist him out, Malcolm overhears and makes use of this to his greatest benefit by sending a Mega-Virus Monster into Mrs. Starkey’s egg-timer to make her go insane.

Episode 20

Romeo & Joule-watt

air day: 1994-10-07

Sam’s report for varsity is destroyed by Elizabeth, who attracts photos throughout it, and Sam feels he’s about to face impending doom in school due to this. But that’s the least of his worries when Kilokahn, in opposition to Malcolm’s needs, releases a mega-virus monster to hold forth an alarm system which can apparently set off warheads all through the globe. It’s as much as Sam as soon as once more to save lots of the world from sure hazard!

Episode 21

Rock n’ Roll Virucide

air day: 1994-10-10

Amp is making an attempt to get in form for a contest, and Malcolm creates a virus that makes an attempt to knock out all of the electrical energy on this planet.

Episode 22

Stiff as a Motherboard

air day: 1994-10-11

Sydney wins a date with famous person Chad Williams, leaving Tanker very jealous. Meanwhile, Malcolm makes an attempt revenge on the folks of Japan, who made his new exhausting drive that ate his disk and severely tousled his hand, by sending out a smog virus to hurt the folks. Sam tries to persuade Tanker to not be jealous whereas there’s the emergency of smog in Japan.

Episode 23

Pride Goeth Before a Brawl

air day: 1994-10-17

Malcolm creates a Stupid Virus with a purpose to tamper with the nationwide take a look at scores at highschool, and Principal Pratchert accuses Amp of tampering with the scores.

Episode 24

Starkey in Syberspace

air day: 1994-10-18

Tanker & Jennifer are forged as Romeo and Juliet within the faculty play, a lot to Sam’s and Sydney’s dismay. Malcolm revamps the Chronic virus and sends him into the varsity’s stage lights.

Episode 25

Hair I Stand, Head in Hand

air day: 1994-10-24

A Rock n’ Roll Virus is created to show Mrs. Starkey right into a heavy Rock n’ Roll maniac!

Episode 26

Portrait of Artist as a Young Virus

air day: 1994-10-25

Malcolm creates the Manfu virus and sends him into the varsity’s water fountain, inflicting whoever touches it to turn into stiff and unable to maneuver or converse. Unfortunately, that sufferer is Sam. How will he have the ability to struggle if he cannot transfer? It’s as much as his associates to assist him out on that.

Episode 27

The Taunt Heard Round the World

air day: 1994-10-31

Kilokahn now not desires Malcolm’s help make viruses, so he turns to the primary laptop person he can discover, which is Sydney. He will get her to create her personal virus for Servo to struggle. After a little bit of confusion, it appeared as if the virus wouldn’t trigger any hurt in spite of everything, that’s till Malcolm turns the virus absolutely evil. Sydney, feeling accountable, aids Servo in defeating the virus by piloting the Drago system with a purpose to create Phormo.

Episode 28

Tanks for the Memories

air day: 1994-11-01

Sam disguises himself as a woman with a purpose to break into Sydney’s membership in school, however then is found by Mrs. Starkey. After Sam runs out, Starkey snoops round on Sydney’s laptop computer (which Sam had introduced) and is unintentionally thrusted into Syberspace, inside one of many Sybersquad’s automobiles! As if that weren’t sufficient, there’s one other virus on the free, so will probably be a protracted day for Servo….

Episode 29

Love Me Don’t

air day: 1994-11-01

Malcolm revamps the Plexton virus and sends him into Sam’s blow-dryer. After water is dumped on his head, Sam is pressured to make use of the dryer, solely to have it flip his hair into an entire messy subject of static electrical energy!

Episode 30

Syberteria Combat

air day: 1994-11-03

Malcolm creates a virus for the intent of altering the highschool college students’ new schedules to undesirable courses, in addition to placing him in all the identical courses as Jennifer.

Episode 31

Hide and Servo

air day: 1994-11-04

Kilokahn sends out a world taunt (by way of tv) to Servo with a purpose to struggle in syberspace (in opposition to the revamped Hock virus, now the Hockinator), or else all tv stations around the globe could be shut down completely. How would Sam/Servo reply to this taunt?

Episode 32

Hasta la Virus, Baby

air day: 1994-11-07

A virus is distributed into Tanker’s walkman and headphones, whereas Tanker is utilizing them, inflicting him to go insane and make obscure quotes, thus distracting him from regular life and the hazard in Syberspace.

Episode 33

Give ‘Til It Megahertz

air day: 1994-11-08

Malcolm sends a virus right into a music field, hoping that when Jennifer have been to open it, she would fall in love with the primary particular person she’d see – Malcolm! Sam may be very offended when he feels that Jennifer is hoping to dump him for Malcolm. Unfortunately for Malcolm, nonetheless, it isn’t Jennifer who opens the field – it is Mrs. Starkey! She then falls for an unwilling Malcolm, and a reluctant Sam should destroy the virus with a purpose to break the horrid love spell.

Episode 34

The President’s a Frink!

air day: 1994-11-09

Malcolm resurrects the Manfu virus to create a barrier round the highschool, which imprisons the gang, who’s staying after faculty. Tensions fly for a bit because the gang, from being imprisoned, begins verbally attacking each other.

Episode 35

Beep My, Beep My Baby

air day: 1994-11-10

A virus is distributed into Jennifer’s pager, which causes Jennifer to dislike Sam and love Malcolm.

Episode 36

Forget You!

air day: 1994-11-11

Kilokahn has a plan to flee into our on-line world and it includes utilizing malcom to have everybody put up extra christmas lights. however when kilokahn succeeds malcolm should be part of forces with sam with a purpose to cease kilokahn from destroying cyber-space it doesn’t matter what the associated fee is.

Episode 37

Loose Lips Sink Microchips

air day: 1994-11-14

Episode 38

It’s Magic

air day: 1994-11-15

An influence surge is created in syberspace, and when Sam makes use of the pc to research, he, as Servo, is thrust by way of syberspace in a speedy, infinite, and uncontrollable flight! Throughout the day, Sydney retains listening to his requires assist all over the place she is, although Tanker and Amp do not imagine her at first. Until that’s, they hear it too and examine. If Servo is to flee, Plexton awaits him.

Episode 39

Pratchert’s Radical Departure

air day: 1994-11-16

As the Kord virus runs amok in syberspace, Kilokahn places Principal Pratchert and the remainder of the highschool (minus the Team Samurai gang) below his energy to do what he orders, by way of a tv display within the cafeteria.

Episode 40

Foreign Languages

air day: 1994-11-17

Amp is supposedly in bother and gone from faculty, and the gang (and Yolanda and Jennifer) recall previous experiences with Amp. It’s revealed that Amp is again in house on the finish (and actually was an area cadet!), and later, the gang witnesses the arrival of surfer Lucky London, who would turn into the most recent member of Team Samurai.

Episode 41

Truant False

air day: 1994-11-18

Malcolm resurrects the Kord virus and makes use of him to show the surface world right into a bunch of overly beneficiant folks, together with the gang of Team Samurai.

Episode 42

To Protect and Servo

air day: 1994-11-21

Malcolm makes use of the Skorn virus with a purpose to win the coed physique presidential election over Yolanda Pratchert.

Episode 43


air day: 1994-11-22

A virus is distributed into Jennifer’s pager, which causes Jennifer to dislike Sam and love Malcolm.

Episode 44

Samurize Guys

air day: 1994-11-23

A virus is created that causes everybody affected to overlook all the things – even who they’re.

Episode 45

Over the River & Through the Grid

air day: 1994-11-24

Malcolm resurrects Skorn and sends him into Sam’s radio present in school, inflicting the present to apparently reveal embarrassing secrets and techniques about folks, together with Sydney and Tanker’s secrets and techniques! Sam should face his outdated pal Skorn and cease him as soon as extra with a purpose to cease the leak on the station!

Episode 46

Lucky’s Unlucky Adventure

air day: 1994-11-25

Lucky decides to include the idea of Sam disappearing into syberspace (behind a curtain) as part of his magic act in school. Unfortunately, after the primary a part of the trick works, the second half does not, since Sam, as Servo, is caught combating the Chronic virus once more.

Episode 47

What Rad Universe

air day: 1994-11-28

Malcolm decides to make use of a virus with a purpose to mentally deliver Principal Pratchert again to his hippie days, a lot to Lucky’s pleasure.

Episode 48


air day: 1994-11-29

A virus is created for the aim that, each time Servo is combating him, nobody will have the ability to hear Servo’s requires assist if he will get right into a jam.

Episode 50

Do Not Reboot ‘Til Christmas

air day: 1994-12-19

Kilokahn has a plan to flee into our on-line world and it includes utilizing malcom to have everybody put up extra christmas lights. however when kilokahn succeeds malcolm should be part of forces with sam with a purpose to cease kilokahn from destroying cyber-space it doesn’t matter what the associated fee is.

Episode 51

Kilokahn Is Coming to Town

air day: 1994-12-20

An influence surge in syberspace sends Sam into an alternate universe, the place everybody he is aware of is means completely different than from the universe he is aware of – for instance, Yolanda is evil and creates viruses for Kilokahn, and Malcolm is a good-spirted man who likes to assist folks. Sam should destroy the Hockinator virus within the alternate universe and discover a means again dwelling earlier than it is too late.

Episode 52

Little Ditch, Big Glitch

air day: 1995-07-14

Sam, Tanker and Lucky attempt to get basketball famous person High Jump to come back to their faculty earlier than a giant recreation tonight by telling him there’s a charity occasion. Surely sufficient, when he arrives, High Jump finds out that it’s all a rip-off, however sadly, he (and the blokes) cannot go away the varsity due to the Krono virus which created a barrier across the faculty. Because of this he’ll seemingly miss the sport, until Sam, with the assistance of Tanker and Lucky, and the unlikely assist of High Jump, can defeat the virus with a purpose to ship High Jump on his means.

Episode 53

Take a Hike

air day: 1994-11-30

When Hock is distributed into the varsity laptop with a purpose to tamper with the summer time faculty program information, the varsity sends an anti-virus system to destroy him. Then Kilokahn alters the anti-virus to seem like Manfu – and switch him evil – to get Servo to attempt to destroy it, not figuring out what penalties would lie in wait ought to the anti-virus be destroyed….it might imply summer time faculty eternally!

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