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The first episode of the Animation, series Stargate Infinity season 1 was released in 2002-09-14 by Fox Broadcasting Company. The TV show was created by and directed by . Actors in the cast include Dale Wilson, Tifanie Christun, Kathleen Barr, Mark Hildreth, Mackenzie Gray, Mark Acheson, Jim Byrnes, Cathy Weseluck, Bettina Bush, Bettina Busch, Lee Tockar, Cusse Mankuma. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

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Episode 1


air day: 2002-09-14

A bunch of trainees and their chief, veteran gate traveller Gus Bonner, should assist an alien named Draga, who’s being pursued by each alien forces and bounty hunters from Earth, get again to her homeworld.

Episode 2

Double Duty

air day: 2002-09-21

The crew keep on a jungle planet, lower off by Nephestis who has framed Gus as a traitor. The native Thorn aliens are dying of a illness which Gus believes he left there on a earlier expedition. The others select to move out with the Ancient chrysalis however are ambushed by the Tlak’khan however escape…because the chrysalis hatches and the winged Ancient escapes. The Tlak’khan chief De’kyll takes the Thorn village hostage and Bonner surrenders however the Ancient intervenes and the cadets take them prisoner (besides De’kyll escapes). The Ancient learns English by means of Seattle and asks the crew for assist, and after being named Draga. Draga heals the ailing Thorn however is aware of nothing concerning the Stargates and stays with the crew.

Episode three

The Best World

air day: 2002-09-28

The crew arrives with a planet with a mysterious “”Guide”” stone which is instantly endangered by an earthquake. The crew helps the natives, the Mou’a’dash, to recuperate it. While Harrison offers with being “”owned”” by an area native that rescued him, the Tlak’khan launch an assault. Gus, Draaga, and Seattle get captured and brought by means of the Stargate together with the Guide, which they use to journey to the Ancients’ house planet. They find yourself in a hellworld entice set by the Ancients, the place the Stargate has no controls and they’re caught. Draga manages to make use of her powers to open the Stargate, leaving the Tlak’khan stranded. Gus realizes the Tlak’khan will need to have entry to his journey file by means of the traitor and heads off to a planet he hasn’t been on earlier than.

Episode four

Coming Home

air day: 2002-10-05

When the youthful crew members reminesce about birthday’s, Ec’co thinks again to his personal torn life. The crew convinces Gus to take Ec’co to his homeworld. An electrical storm shorts out their Stargate whereas Gus and Ec’co get taken into custody by the hostile Hrathi, who know of Gus’ alleged betrayal. The remainder of the crew rig a technique to recharge the Stargate utilizing lightning whereas the Tlak’khan launch an assault on the Hrathi. Gus helps to drive them off after which are taken to a cache of knowledge crystals. It seems the crystals are a pretend, however one of many Hrathi reveals he’s a shapeshifter. Gus and Ec’co cross the check and obtain the actual Tlak’khan knowledge crystal they want.

Episode 5


air day: 2002-10-12

The crew intervenes on a planet when one group of the locals, the Mystari, use high-tech weapons to assault one other faction – they meet up with Shepherd, a former Stargate crew member who skilled Gus. Shepherd claims the faction his males attacked are bandits however his followers worship him. Gus overlooks his obvious abuse till Stacey brings him round. Knowing Gus will act towards him, Shepherd summons the Tlak’khan however when he finds out they plan to kill the crew he and the locals aspect with Gus. Shepherd tells the Mystari to seek out their very own method after which takes off on his personal.

Episode 6

Hot Water

air day: 2002-10-19

Arriving on a waterworld, the crew makes for a close-by island after shedding one among their automobiles whereas Da’kyll stories to Hah’lak that he is aware of the place Draga is. The councilman sends a pair of bounty hunters after them behind Da’kyll’s again. Ec’co, Draga, and Seattle get captured by the native amphibious natives and take the remainder of the crew to satisfy them. The locals, the Su’ri, welcome them as soon as they’re positive of the “”landers””‘ motives. The bounty hunters negotiate with Sargall, one of many youthful members, to have him flip over the crew in return for medication. Driven by jealousy towards Harrison, Sargall helps the mercenaries by serving to them seize Seattle to lure in Draga after which challenges Harrison to a harmful race. While Gus tries to rescue R.J., Draga will get captured and Ec’co and Stacey give pursuit. Harrison rescues Sargall from a monster after which Gus leads the monster to the escaping mercenaries as they enter the Stargate with out their captives and it finally ends up attacking a ready Ha

Episode 7


air day: 2002-10-26

Arriving on a brand new planet, Stacey runs into an online and divulges she has an issue along with her worry of spiders. Naturally, the native civilization are spiders and Stacey apparently overreacts, injuring one among them and endangering relationships between the 2 teams. Stacey insists she acted in self-defense however is positioned on trial for her actions. Meanwhile, the Tlak’kahn warriors present up and assault. Stacey involves phrases with the spider she harmed, permitting it to heal. She and it crew as much as assist the crew convey down the Tlak’kahn and the crew departs.

Episode eight

Can I Keep It?

air day: 2002-11-02

After avoiding a flash flood, Seattle finds a kitten-like creature that she names Flotsam. It will get into their meals provides and grows considerably…and grows some extra. All efforts to coach him appear in useless and it seems to be just like the crew must go away him behind. Da’kyll and his Tlak’kahn mercenaries present up and Flotsam provides warning by enjoying “”fetch”” with a grenade. A simlar flash flood wipes out the Tlak’kahn and Seattle agrees to go away Flotsam behind.

Episode 9

Who Are You?

air day: 2002-11-09

Right after arriving on a brand new world Draga will get a way that one thing is watching them. Harrison finds a Mayan temple and returns to report he discovered the T’ak’khan and a captive human prisoner. However, Seattle and Stacey grow to be suspicious when Harrison acts otherwise. Gus decides to launch a solo rescue and finds the prisoner is Captain Arnold Grimes – then he will get captured and is thrown within the cell with the actual Harrison – they uncover a race of shapeshifters who’re reluctantly serving to the Tlak’khan. Gus places the items collectively and realizes how he was framed, then engineer an escape whereas the shapeshifters/Gus & Harrison lead the others right into a entice. They escape and go rescue the crew from a battle with the shapeshifters, seeing by means of the fakes. They are about to go away with Grimes when Draga says that she nonetheless senses a presence. Gus informed everybody to whisper their suspicions in his ear in order that he might discover out who it was. The solely one who accused another person was Grimes – f

Episode 10


air day: 2002-11-16

The crew arrive on a brand new planet and discover diamonds. The crew quickly begins arguing over the diamonds themselves – an idea which Draga has bother understanding. While Gus explains the idea of “”cash’ at nice size, a crew of bounty hunters closes in on the SG crew. Gus and Draga get captured however Gus turns the mercenaries towards one another by enjoying on their greed. The crew manages to beat their greed and get it collectively to assist out Gus and Draga however have to surrender the diamonds to the mercenaries to purchase their mates’ freedom.

Episode 11


air day: 2002-11-23

Arriving on a brand new planet, the crew meets with the Alteri, a martial society that practices ritual fight. After getting defeated a number of occasions, Stacey learns their methods and that sporting the “”Mandro stones”” enhances the wearer. As she dons them she begins to undergo unusual negative effects – paranoia, anger, addictive qualities, and bodily transformation. Stacey goes berserk and escapes for the Stargate. The crew manages to gradual her down sufficient so Gus can discuss her down and Draga can remodel her again to regular. Meanwhile, Draga has a imaginative and prescient of a star system after touching the stones which they imagine stands out as the house of the Ancients.

Episode 12


air day: 2002-11-30

Gus brings the gang to Brianna for some relaxation and leisure and so they’re caught in an earthquake. Harrison, separated from his jet pack, is rescued by Havave and helps him on his Kamuna initiation ceremony, whereas Ec’co discovers the volcano they’re close to will explode and destroy the native island. Harrison tries to persuade Havave to not give in to look strain whereas serving to him ship an egg to an area creature as a part of the ceremony, however they fail. He and Havene meet up with the others and the Akua, Havane’s individuals. The Akua initially refuse to go away however Havane’s actions persuade them and so they settle for him regardless of his failure. The crew handle to get to the Gate simply in time because the island is destroyed.

Episode 13

The Mother of Invention

air day: 2002-12-07

Major Bonner’s crew arrives at a world destroyed by its inhabitants. Kreeda, the inventor, makes an attempt to save lots of what’s left of her civilisation—even when it means stealing and mendacity. Ec’co acquires a sympathy for her, however the subsequent day the crew finds their energy sources stolen. Kreeda is the apparent suspect. She needs to make up for her earlier actions and warns the crew about Tlak’kahn warriors close by—however will they pay attention?

Episode 14


air day: 2002-12-30

Gus and Seattle go into an alien VR system the place the actual society has deteriorated resulting from its preoccupation with the digital one.

Episode 15


air day: 2003-01-06

(from contributor Jared Prophet) The gang come by means of the Gate on the Great Wall of China…in a big museum. After exploring, and listening to Gus Bonner’s “”boring”” speeches about historical past, the group runs afool of each Julius Cesar’s and Napoleon’s robotic armies.

Episode 16

Us and Them

air day: 2003-01-13

The crew arrive on a planet the place the natives bear a extraordinarily sturdy resemblence to Draga. They are contemptous of “”rock crawlers”” however Draga is drawn to them. But when the Tlak’khan present up the native’s powers serve no good. The crew helps them and provides them a measure of understanding of different cultures.

Episode 17

The Face of Evil

air day: 2003-01-20

The crew arrives on an ice planet and intervenes in a combat between the Tlak’khan and the native Ursons. They win the day for the natives however start to suspect all is not because it appears. Seattle follows a younger Tlak’khan to a hidden metropolis whereas Gus interrogates the prisoners who it seems are farmer/refugees. The crew realizes the Ursons are within the incorrect and switch towards them to assist the Tlak’khan farmers.

Episode 18

The Key

air day: 2003-01-27

The crew arrives on a civilized high-tech planet, Rokari, the place they decide a comet is heading for the world they’re on with solely 60 hours to spare. The native authorities, the Commonality, do not imagine their warning and state they’ve outgrown written and recorded language. The crew get away a member of an underground resistance that distributes writing and leads them to a hidden library with information on how you can use the planet’s protection system. Harrison manages to determine the language and the crew prompts the protection system, the Commonality sees the worth of writing and the whole lot seems properly.

Episode 19

Chariot of the Sun

air day: 2003-02-03

The gang discover a mysterious ship emitting harmful power on an uninhabited planet. While Harrison and Seattle search for the homeowners the others break into the ship, a lot to Stacey’s concern. Gus insists on utilizing the ship to return to close by Earth, unaware that it is truly a Tlak’khan entice – the ship takes them to Ga’Harn, the Tlak’khan homeworld. Da’kyll captures all of them and holds them again from the Nax’kan Council by claiming Warrior Right of Capture. Hah’lak sends his personal operative, Gal’korn, to free first Gus after which the remainder of the SG crew and so they see by means of the deception. They get their automobiles and weapons and get to the closest Stargate to make their escape.

Episode 20

The Answer

air day: 2003-02-10

The crew arrive on Octasar the place a Dr. Carrie Mason of the SGC is working with an area scientist, Dr. Bri’sal, who’s engaged on a mission of common telepathy as a part of a scientific convention and believes the Tlak’khan will help him – they’re enjoying him, naturally, since Bri’sal’s fellow scientists do not help his mission. Stacey overhears them whereas the remainder of the crew convinces Mason they don’t seem to be traitors. Mason would not imagine them and when the mission succeeds the Tlak’khan take management. The crew launches an assault however the mind-controlled scientists are compelled to assault them, however Mason grabs Da’kyll’s system, releasing everybody and forcing the Tlak’khan to retreat.

Episode 21

The Look

air day: 2003-02-17

The crew arrive on a resort-type planet the place the locals are obsessive about vogue equipment to the purpose of endangering themselves. They befriend Rikell and the ladies and Harrison assist her to collect some ferns to make a vogue assertion and run afoul of the native wildlife, whereas a mercenary assaults the crew up above and grabs Draga. The others get clear with Harrison’s scientific data and catch as much as rescue Draga. The crew will get sufficient of the ferns from the service provider that helped out the mercenary to let Rikell make an outfit however she realizes she would not want a elaborate outfit.

Episode 22

Feet of Clay

air day: 2003-02-24

The crew discover themselves on a plant of locals who worship and emulate the Tlak’khan however are affected by a plague. Draga cures as many as she will be able to however the chief, Mek’rod, insists they’re the Tlak’khan and comply with their methods, however finally acknowledges the Tlak’khan merely present them with assist. Ec’co comes up with a remedy for the plague whereas the Mar’dan elders summon Da’kyll and his males who inform the Mar’dan to obey them and lure the crew right into a entice. The Tlak’khan abandon the Mar’dan to the plague and Mek’rod turns towards them. The crew breaks free solely to enter a entice, however the Mar’dan flip towards the Tlak’khan and drive them off.

Episode 23

The Natural

air day: 2003-03-03

After escaping the Tlak’khan on a jungle world because of Harrison’s flying abilities (type of), the crew arrives on a sulphur-covered planet and bat-like inhabitants, the Har’un. With his jetpack broken Harrison accepts an invite to fly with the locals however would not achieve this properly. Determined, Harrison retains attempting however is the one one within the group who cannot handle. The planet is polluted because of the Tlak’khan’s efforts and so they ship a crew to assault – Harrison has to mount as much as warn the others and manages to get the hold of it. the Tlak’khan refuse to be taught from their errors and fall sufferer to the Har’un’s gasoline bombs.

Episode 24

Big Mistake

air day: 2003-03-10

The crew arrive on a desert planet in the course of a sandstorm and meet Mashuma of the Mo’Tai individuals and his tribe. Seattle leads the group in serving to the Mo’Tai discover buried water after which finds an irradiated rock that could possibly be used to energy the pumps however Seattle quickly turns into impatient to assist and makes use of full energy, setting off a quake however discovering an enormous power rock and a power sphere that unleashes reminiscences for Seattle of how her father refused to confess his mistake in shifting away from their house to the town. Seattle continues and is injured throughout an excavation however is extra decided then ever. Another power sphere escapes and heads for the village and Ec’co figures out how you can entice it lengthy sufficient for Draga to determine communication with the creature and decide its wish to return house to the energy-rocks. Without the rocks, the crew comes up with a method to make use of windmills to run the pumps.

Episode 25

The Illustrated Stacey

air day: 2003-03-17

The crew arrives on a planet and helps the native Ner’alds towards a energized dragon-creature, a late arriving Harrison manages to knock it out. Stacey and Seattle admire the locals’ markings and the blokes find yourself teasing Stacey into getting a marking. It seems that the paint is fabricated from microbes and so they begin spreading on Stacey. They’re not poisonous, however will cowl her whole physique. They want a stream with mud to make a removing salve however one other energy-resistant creature assaults – Gus takes Stacey whereas the others maintain off the monster. Avoiding a wide range of risks, Gus and Stacey make it simply in time however the stream has dried up. A persistent bug creature that has been following them lastly latches on to Stacey and sucks off the microbe.

Episode 26

The Long Haul

air day: 2003-03-24

After being chased by creatures and visiting an ice planet, the crew begins to surprise if they’re on a pointless quest. Draga opens a gate to “”the place they want to go”” and so they find yourself on Earth within the Yucatan, the place an area professor working for a Horace Van Gelder reveals she found the brand new gate. The shapeshifter Nephestus, disguised as Grimes, is working with Van Gelder and will get phrase the crew is current after they contact Stargate Command. Disguised as Stoneman, Nephestus welcomes them and claims he’ll assist them clear their names, then summons Da’kyll and his Tlak’khan. Draga suspects one thing as Stoneman sends the cadets into Cancun – in actual fact it is an ambush however they flip round and return. Gus and Draga catch on and make their escape whereas the others return in simply in time to rescue them. The crew is compelled to flee by means of the Gate and go on the run as soon as extra earlier than they will clear their names, and the Tlak’khan and Nephestus depart with Van Gelder as Nephestus takes his place to

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