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The first episode of the Comedy, series Spliced season 1 was released in 2009-09-19 by Télétoon. The TV show was created by and directed by Joe Murray, Stephen Hillenburg, Nelvana. Actors in the cast include Rob Stefaniuk, Patrick McKenna, Joe Pingue, Grey Griffin, Candi Milo, Tom Kenny, Jeff Bennett, Carlos Alazraqui, Dan Castellaneta, Tara Strong, Maurice LaMarche, Katie Crown. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

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Episode 1

Bowled Over/Stuck Together

air day: 2009-09-19

Bowled Over – Peri desires to know what he is good at. After operating from Two-Legs Joe, Peri and Entrèe discover a secret room for bowling, Peri realizes that he was born to bowl. However, in making an attempt to show his bowling ball can be utilized for different actions, Peri is annoyed by the outcomes and throws the ball into the volcano. After this, an alien civilization, the Pinnians determine to take over the island and deal with the mutants like slaves. By realising these aliens have a kinship with bowling, Peri decides to confront them doing what he does greatest. Stuck Together – In search of enjoyable within the lab, Peri and Entrèe discover one of many physician’s journals, which supposedly tells what the aim of Peri is. The mates go to go to Mister Smarty Smarts hoping he can learn Peri’s function to them, but it surely seems he cannot learn. He lies and says Peri was created to be the perfect buddy of Entrèe.

Episode 2

No Play For Princess/Cleaning Up

air day: 2009-09-20

No Play For Princess – Peri and Entrèe are searching for somebody to hitch them in a sport of Bucket-Stick-Fruit-Ball, however no one desires to play. The terrifying Princess Pony Ape Hands is the one one who desires to play. However, she performs too tough so Peri and Entrèe rapidly attempt to ditch her. Princess throws a serious mood tantrum and decides to smash the outdated nuclear reactor. Cleaning Up – When Peri finds out he has small cratures residing in his fur, he desires to maintain them to allow them to have slightly society there, however when he begins to stink, everyone desires to wash him.

Episode three


air day: 2009-10-03

Outsmarted – Mister Smarty Smarts, uninterested in the incompetence and ineptitude of the inhabitants of the island, creates a tool to make everybody smarter. His utopia is quickly ruined when everybody’s intelligence goes well past his. After being handled like an fool, Smarts decides to make everybody unintelligent once more. Gordon – After escaping Princess Pony’s tickle assault, Peri and Entrèe discover an outdated golf cart. Entrèe repairs the automobile, changing the engine with the mind of an evil robotic. After naming it Gordon, Peri and Entrèe journey across the island with their new automobile. After a couple of days of driving, Peri and Entrèe do not wish to drive once more for some time. After they abandon Gordon within the jungle, he decides to trigger hassle.

Episode four

Fairly Odd Princess/Brothers in Farms

air day: 2009-10-10

Fairly Odd Princess – After Peri and Entrèe unintentionally shoot themselves into the sky with considered one of Fuzzy’s transportations, Entrèe makes use of his hen wings to cease him and Peri falling to their loss of life. However, he crashes by a constructing and loses management. After they crash by a make-up retailer, a clothesline and a wig store (utterly altering their look) they land within the tree home of Princess Pony, who believes they’re magical fairies. After studying she’ll give them every little thing they ask for in return for dances or fairy tales, Entrèe decides to make use of Princess to get every little thing he desires. Brothers in Farms – Peri and Entrèe discover a mustachioed Entrèe-like being frozen in a block of ice. The two mates thaw him out and be taught that his identify is Apéritif. Apéritif introduces himself to Entrèe’s “delicious” mates, who all admire him greater than Entrèe.

Episode 5

Roots/Two Arms Joe

air day: 2009-10-17

Roots – Entrèe is uninterested in strolling, working and shifting of any form and desires he might simply be lazy for the remainder of his life. While strolling by the jungle he meets Slouch Potato a lazy mutant who teaches Entrèe find out how to get a chump to do every little thing for him. After annoying Peri along with his laziness, Entrèe is left mendacity in the midst of city the place he begins to develop roots that stick him to the bottom. Two Arms Joe – Peri and Entrèe wish to thank Joe for every little thing he is executed for them and the island. After asking Compuhorse what they might do to make him joyful, they determine to offer him Peri’s arms for a day. Joe is happy however grows too keen on Peri’s arms and would not wish to give them again.

Episode 6

Honorary Freak/Come to the Dork Side

air day: 2009-10-24

Honorary Freak – Peri and Entrèe wish to know why Patricia is so upset and change into “The Smile Squad”, making an attempt to cheer her up in outlandish and fruitless methods. When that fails and so they make her much more upset, they determine to make use of a brainscan machine to look into her thoughts and see what she’s pondering. They discover out that Patricia feels lonely as a result of she’s the one none-mutant on the island. After some pondering, Peri comes up with the proper plan to make her really feel like considered one of them. Come to the Dork Side – Mister Smarty Smarts decides to make use of the facility of Peri and Entrèe to take management of the island.

Episode 7

Best Before Date/Stompabout

air day: 2009-10-31

Best Before Date – At the grocery store, Entrèe has a barcode on his butt scanned, and finds out that he’s two days away from his “best before date”, after which he’ll supposedly flip to mush. After a day of making an attempt desperately to “turn back the clock”, Entrèe switches locations with Peri, pretending that Peri is Entrèe, with solely a day to stay. Peri, shopping for the deception, decides to destroy all of “his” stuff, and tells his mates what he actually thinks of them, as learn in “his” diary. When the time lastly comes, Peri realises the reality, and Entrèe, as an alternative of turning to mush, good points a hair-like development of mould. Stompabout – When Peri and Entrèe unintentionally trigger a Whirrel to destroy half the city, Joe loses his mood, demolishing the opposite half. The different mutants inform Joe that he wants to manage his mood. Joe, harm, leaves, declaring Peri and Entrèe the brand new mayors. In solitude, Joe hears from the chicken on his again, Lord Wingus Eternum, who teaches him find out how to management his anger.

Episode eight


air day: 2009-11-07

Amazon – Patricia goes on trip, reluctantly leaving Peri and Entrèe as housesitters. Peri and Entrèe find yourself turning the home into an indoor jungle, and when Patricia will get again, she is captured by her pet Molesters, who’ve changed into a savage tribe by their new atmosphere. Peri and Entrèe mount a rescue try, however uncover that the Molesters have really made Patricia their queen. Juice – Entrèe turns into obsessive about getting everybody to love him. An accident with a pair of very tight denims makes him realise that the milk from his top-right udder, “Nugget”, may be very tasty. Everyone loves the “Nugget” milk, and Entrèe quickly turns into extremely well-liked, to the purpose the place he shuns Peri. However, everybody else then turns into hooked on the milk, and when “Nugget” runs dry, they chase after Entrèe.

Episode 9

Stupid Means Never Having To Say I’m Sorry/Cube Whacked

air day: 2009-11-14

Stupid Means Never Having To Say I’m Sorry – Entrèe’s fortunate stone goes lacking and Peri is decided to seek out out who took it. Cube Whacked – Compuhorse is boring. At least, that is what Peri and Entrèe suppose, till they uncover his built-in videogame, Cubewhacker.

Episode 10

Fuzzy’s Great Journey/Octocataclysm

air day: 2009-11-21

Fuzzy’s Great Journey – Peri and the others attempt to cheer Fuzzy up by making the island appear to be the lengthy sought objective in Fuzzy’s jungle journies. Octocataclysm – While Mister Smarty Smarts ponders the place he went flawed after one other plan resulted in defeat, Octocat appears to be like to hold out a plan of her personal.

Episode 11

Promises, Promises/There Will Be Stomp

air day: 2009-11-28

Promises, Promises – Entrèe makes guarantees to all his mates to get something he desires however has no intention to maintain the guarantees he makes. He quickly makes one promise he regrets. There Will Be Stomp – After a particulary exhausting day of stomping, Joe wakes as much as discover out that he can not stomp. Peri and Entrèe determine to assist Joe discover his stomp once more, by bringing him to his “happy place”. Meanwhile, Smarty Smarts capitalises on Joe’s lack of stomping by utilizing his “Cyber-Stomper” machine to terrorise the village.

Episode 12

Taste of Friendship/Sugar Low

air day: 2009-12-05

Taste of Friendship – Peri good points tremendous powers after licking a glowing rock within the lab and Entrèe grows very jealous of him consequently. Sugar Low – Peri begins to maneuver very quick from consuming the sugar merchandise obtained from doing favors for everyone. However, he quickly realizes his velocity comes with a worth.

Episode 13

Compu Peri/Marzipan Meadows

air day:

Compu Peri – Peri will get a brand new pet, Pistachio the buppy. When Pistachio runs away, Peri is heartbroken. After visiting Compuhorse, Peri decides to not really feel any feelings anymore, turning into “Compu Peri”. His mates determine to try to snap him out of it. Marzipan Meadows and the Kingdom of Adventure – While engaged on her novel, “Marzipan Meadows and the Kingdom of Adventure”, Patricia is continually distracted by the antics of the opposite islanders. She rapidly loses her mood, threatening to beat everybody up if they do not let her work in peace. When Patricia tries to maneuver on along with her story, she experiences author’s block, and realises that her mates loopy antics really gave her inspiration.

Episode 14

The Mutants Who Cried Monster/Pink

air day:

The Mutants Who Cried Monster – After their mates snigger at them for crying monster, Peri and Entrèe attempt to make a monster of a cute little mutant known as Melvin. Pink – Peri wakes up at some point and finds he has turned utterly pink however would not know find out how to deal with the brand new look.

Episode 15

Livin’ La Vida Lava/Mo’ Mayo, Mo’ Problems

air day:

Livin’ La Vida Lava- Peri and Entrèe discover a distant that may management a neighborhood volcano. However, their taking part in with the distant drains the volcano of lava and results in issues. Mo Mayo, Mo’ Problems – Entrèe decides to go on a mayonnaise solely weight-reduction plan and this leads to him bringing a jar of mayonnaise to life.

Episode 16

Walkie-Talkie Spinie-Suckie/My Fair Shark Bunny

air day:

Walkie-Talkie Spinie-Suckie- While looking for batteries for a “Mr. Jigglesworth” toy, Peri and Entree discover a pair of walkie-talkies, and use them to drag pranks on the opposite mutants. Soon after, although, Entree begins utilizing his walkie-talkie to ask Peri for assist with every little thing, inflicting Peri to discard his in anger. My Fair Shark Bunny – Being chased by Wunny Sharbit, Peri manages to lure him in a glass tube, which he finds out has a translator machine that enables Wunny to talk. Putting the translator round Wunny’s neck, Peri takes it upon himself to show Wunny the distinction between mates and meals.

Episode 17

Pork Chop/Same Difference

air day:

Pork Chop- Entree, determined for respect, finds a helmet within the Doctor’s lab, which teaches him kung fu. Entree is rapidly corrupted by his new-found expertise, and takes over the whole city, beating up anybody who challenges him. Peri makes use of the helmet to learn to make ballon shapes, utilizing this ability to defeat Entree. Same Difference – After being suffering from Peri and Entree, Smarty Smarts and Joe go to their “happy place”, solely to seek out out that it’s the identical place. Realising that they share a mutual dislike of the annoying duo. The two change into mates, pooling their assets to deflect Peri and Entree’s antics, and pulling a couple of pranks of personal.

Episode 18

Follow your Dreamworms/Of Minions and Masters

air day:

Follow your Dreamworms- After Entrèe laughs at Fuzzy Snuggums’ newest try at exploring, Peri tells him that it is Fuzzy’s dream. He exhibits Entrèe that Patricia and Joe have desires too, however Entrèe scoffs, saying his solely dream is to eat one thing scrumptious. After consuming a pickled egg from the Doctor’s fridge, Entrèe passes out. After waking up, he begins to listen to a voice in his head telling him to do issues.

Episode 19

Yetis Don’t Care ‘Bout Nothin’/ Clones Don’t Care ’bout Nothin’ Either

air day:

Yetis Don’t Care About Nothin’- Entree is bored and decides to have enjoyable on the island. Peri, Joe and Patricia cease him and he accuses them as enjoyable wreckers. The subsequent morning Entree jet-skis the island to Antarctica and the island is attacked by Yetis. Entree sees that Yetis can do no matter they need and decides to hitch them. Clones Don’t Care ‘Bout Nothin’ Either- When Peri and Entree determine that they’ve too many issues to do, they use one of many Doctor’s outdated machines to make themselves some clones (Ponie and Underpants) to assist them get issues executed. However, the 2 clones determine to take over Peri and Entree’s lives ceaselessly.

Episode 20

Whirrel Call/Nightmare on Condemmed Street

air day:

Whirrel Call – While selecting on a Whirrel named Ed, Entree and his sufferer fall off a cliff. The touchdown causes their brains to come out and rebound into every others’ heads. Entree rapidly enjoys his new life as a Whirrel, and the unassuming Peri enjoys Ed’s nice angle. Entree is then ordered by a gaggle of Whirrels to kill himself for his crimes in opposition to Whirrel-kind. Nightmare on Condemmed Street – After a collection of unhealthy nightmares, Peri decides to make use of one of many Doctor’s dream machines to enter his subconcious and confront his nightmare monster. However, as soon as inside, he discovers that the toaster-headed monster is not such a foul man in any case. Together with Entree and Patricia, they change into “Dream Gladiators”, defending the desires of all of the mutants on the island.

Episode 21

Nobody’s Cult But Mine/Stomach on Strike

air day:

Nobody’s Cult But Mine – After experiencing painful itching, Peri turns into a chrysalis, rising to disclose a good looking pair of butterfly wings, which entrance anybody who appears to be like at them. Entree takes benefit of this by charging the opposite mutants meals to take a look at Peri’s wings. Mister Smarty Smarts tells Peri that Entree is utilizing him, convinces him to banish Entree, and begins utilizing him for his personal nefarious targets. Stomach on Strike – Sick of the fixed abuse Entree heaps upon them, his abdomen, coronary heart and mind out of the blue soar out of his physique, abandoning him. Entree then ingests Peri, having him fulfill the roles of his AWOL organs. After a couple of false begins, the association turns into passable for each of them. However, Entree’s organs return, having outstayed their welcome by annoying everone else on the island.

Episode 22

Living Hellp/Sgt. Snuggums

air day:

Living Hellp – After a busy day of serving to the opposite mutants, Patricia creates “Mrs. Motherly”, a pc system designed to assist everybody on the island with every little thing. Mrs. Motherly’s drones go off to assist, however they quickly begin doing every little thing for the mutants. Tired of this, Patricia, Entree and Peri crew as much as shut down Mrs. Motherly. Sgt. Snuggums- Peri and Entree torment Fuzzy with a pranking sport known as “Island Fools”, inflicting him to show right into a musclebound brawler, who sees each different mutant as a robotic to be smashed. Knowing that solely one other super-soldier can beat a super-soldier, Joe tries to persuade Octocat to struggle Fuzzy.

Episode 23

Helen/The Count of Pinchy Crabbo

air day:

Helen- When Peri and Entree fall in love with a pancake, they begin to struggle one another over it. The Count of Pinchy Crabbo- After being chased by the Wunny Sharbit, Peri and Entree get caught up a tree. Entree makes a hanglider out of his hen wings and guarantees to come back again for Peri. But when a mysterious mutant hangs round city and turns into mates with Entree he forgets about Peri. After a while nonetheless, the brand new man begins to torture Entree with a sport known as “you have betrayed me and now I will have my revenge”.

Episode 24

Jetpackin’/Mole-sters within the Mist

air day:

Jetpackin- Entrèe may be very bored and decides a jetpack may remedy his boredom. Mole-sters In The Mist- After Entrèe will get right into a struggle with a Mole-Ster named Sid, Peri takes care of it. After plenty of days Sid leaves. Meanwhile, Mister Smarty Smarts has developed a shrink ray, which he makes use of to shrink all of the city members. Peri and Entrèe determine to ask the Mole-Sters for assist.

Episode 25

Mr Wrinkles in Time/Bite, Shuffle and Moan

air day:

Mr Wrinkles in Time- Entree time travels with Patricia and Peri to seek out out why Two-Legs Joe would not like him. Bite, Shuffle and Moan- Peri is feeling underneath the climate and his refusal to remain in mattress result in issues for everybody round him when his sickness worsens.

Episode 26

One Joe Wingus/Poosh and the Quest for the Bargy Parble

air day:

Poosh and the Quest for the Bargy Parble- After Peri discovers that saying ‘Poosh’ could make Entrèe do something he desires him to, he works him to exhaustion. When Patricia and Two-Legs Joe discover out, they determine to ship Peri on a quest for the Blagy Parble to offer Entrèe time to relaxation.

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