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The first episode of the Comedy, Animation, series South Park season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 was released in 2001-06-20 by Comedy Central, Syndication. The TV show was created by and directed by Trey Parker, Matt Stone. Actors in the cast include April Stewart, Trey Parker, Matt Stone, Mona Marshall. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

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In ‘It Hits That the Fan’ a Renowned expletive Gets Ordinary Money Following an Abysmal Within an Unsuccessful Television police Play, However That Specific Curse Word is itself Murdered and Shortly Gets Got the Territory Merged with Black Death. ‘

Cripple Fight’ sees the Mom and Dad bracket a effort for Big Gay Al eliminated in the place Scout Chief. ‘ The Super Best Friends’ gets got the boys eventually become engaged together with all the menacing cult streak by magician David Blaine. ‘ Scott Tenorman Must Die’ finds Cartman performing his Very Best to Acquire his revenge over the diabolical Scott Tenorman. ‘ Terrance and Phillip: Behind that the Blow’ contains Cartman, Kyle and Stan discover the facts concerning Terrance and Phillip whenever they see that the Earth Day Brainwashing Festival. In ‘Cartmanland’ that the Big Boned kid Buys a motif playground ‘ Proper Condom Use’ sees that the parents ask that the college to Find gender instruction for their kids. ‘ Towelie’ gets got the boys befriend a stoned speaking towel known as Towelie. ‘ In ‘How into Eat With Your Butt’ Cartman has Kenny’s image printed to the milk carton as a portion of the lost baby. In ‘The Entity’ Kyle’s cousin Arrives to remain and Mr Garrison invents a fresh Technique of transport. ‘ Here Comes that the Neighborhood’ H AS Token invite additional wealthy Folks to develop Live-in South Park. ‘ Kenny Dies’ sees Cartman participate with stem cell search. Finally, at ‘Butters’ Very Own Episode’, ” Butters starts off spying on his daddy and finds that the older person has been a avid enthusiast of homosexual pornography and often visits adult men’s toilet homes.

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Episode inch

It Hits that the Fan

air evening: 2001-06-20

The youknowwhat strikes the supporter 162 days whenever the taxpayers of South Park listen to that the term “Sh*t” to the favorite series, “Cop Drama.” Boffo evaluations possess the executives in HBC plotting more usage of this curse-word, since the state is struck with a mysterious plague which ignites the early Knights of Standards and also Practices. Only Chef as well as also the boys may rescue South Park, as well as the whole world!)

Episode two

Cripple Fight

atmosphere evening: 2001-06-27

Big Gay Al yields to South Park, just to be trashed as Scoutmaster into the boys to being homosexual. The boys rally for his own shield, together with the assistance of this brand new “handi-capable” child, Jimmy. But there is just space for a wayward child in South Park, therefore Timmy and Jimmy toss away the gloves, together with both the crutches and wheel chair, at a all out slugfest to finish all slugfests. Stan realizes early that the Blainiacs usually are less fine since they believed. Stan needs to persuade Kyle, Kenny and Cartman they have been brainwashed… but can he reach them? Jesus features a number of tricks up his sleeve! Super Best Friends into the rescue!)

Episode 4)

Scott Tenorman Must Die

air evening: 2001-07-11

Cartman extends early on Scott Tenorman’s buttocks when ginger-haired Scott hints our tender hero right into purchasing his pubic hair to get £16. Radiohead guest celebrities and plays with a part in Cartman’s complicated plot for finding sweet revenge on his unsuspecting foe.

Episode 5

Terrance and Phillip: Behind that the Blow

atmosphere daily: 2001-07-18

In the expansive convention of Wham united kingdom, flatulant Canadian super-stars, Terrance and also Phillip, have divided over creative variations. The clock is ticking because the boys fight to go back that the fartastic duo( also amuse them punctually for South Park’s Earth Day celebrations.

Episode 6)


air day: 2001-07-25

Cartman inherits 1 million bucks out of his grandma, fulfilling his lifelong dream of possessing their or her own entertainment park, Cartmanland!) A hemorrhoid participates in Kyle’s buttocks if he sees of Cartman’s undeserved luck, which makes him wonder the presence of God, and if there exists an excuse to remain living at a universe where some one love Cartman is joyful.

Episode 7)

Proper Condom Use

air evening: 2001-08-01

Thanks into Stan’s “handy” function(the kids of South Park needs to survive gender instruction in the improbable duo of Mr. While that the 2 adults choose their own courses to center, the youngsters are abandoned fearful, misinformed, and equipped forces for conflict from the alternative gender.

Episode 8)


air day: 2001-08-08

The boys acquire yourself a brand new video game platform along with their aims to receive another 38 hrs would be to perform! Untill they detect Towelie, a govt solution, genetically designed towel which will get his particular forces out of gettin’ substantial. When the us government occupies Stan’s brand new Game Sphere that the boys will probably stop at almost nothing to receive it all backagain. Losing cherished gambling moment that they see Towelie and also start the battle of this century.

Episode 9

Osama bin Laden Has Farty Pants

air daytime: 2001-11-07

In the aftermath of this terrorist assault to earth United States, the boys are unintentionally shipped to Afghanistan, where by they fall upon their own Afghani counter parts and attempt to know the reason why they despise Americans. While they have been that they also choose the Taliban and Cartman pits his extra fat buttocks from Bin Laden himself.

Episode 10

How into Eat with Your Butt

atmosphere evening: 2001-11-14

Cartman has finally gone too much every time a prank calling Kenny’s sweet eyebrow contributes to him blowing off a “funny fuse.” After a photograph of Kenny’s far better unwanted discovers it’s way on the medial side of the milk carton, an odd pair arrives in South Park to maintain that their lost kid. Much buttocks kissing stinks.

Episode 11

The Entity

air evening: 2001-11-21

Kyle’s cousin arrives to city and afterwards Kyle sees the way stereo-typically Jewish his uncle Kyle is, he also worries concerning the way Cartman is about to respond when he matches him. Garrison invents another kind of transport which demands the rider to utilize greater than simply their fingers and thighs to better restrain it. Meanwhile, that the townspeople, stressing that their very little hamlet is quickly moving up the drain, and make an effort to conduct the brand new citizens from the town with no way needed. Meanwhile, Stan has difficulty coping with his pal’s impending death.

Episode 14

Butters’ Very Own Episode

air day: 2001-12-12

Butters realizes exactly what his daddy was as much as late through the night if his mum hears, she over reacts by attempting to destroy her child after which back herself in house. After coming dwelling along with For Giving her husband, ” she understands what she’s been doing for her child plus so they twist a narrative for the press to pay his or her paths. Meanwhile, Butters obsesses with coming home in order that they is able to combine his mother and father to get the anniversary supper in Bennigan’s.

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