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The first episode of the Animation, series Robotboy season 1, 2, 3, 4 was released in 2006-02-27 by Cartoon Network (uk). The TV show was created by and directed by Jan Van Rijsselberge. Actors in the cast include Rupert Degas, Lorraine Pilkington, Mark DeCarlo, Charlie Schlatter, Tara Strong, Togo Igawa, Megan Cavanagh. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

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Robotman / The Tale of Two Evil Geniuses

atmosphere evening: 2006-02-27

Robotboy will get substituted using a super-large, cool-looking robot plus he will get jealous and makes the decision to abandon Tommy. / / Kamikazi and General Yakitoshi take to and catch Robotboy at a contest to find out who would be your ideal supervillian. Meanwhile, Robotboy kills Gus… nonetheless again. Kamikazi makes Stevie, that a large boar to catch Robotboy, however, the boar works out calls and kind Kamikazi that his ‘Dada’. Kamikazi disguises himself as Moshimo and claims that Robotboy has to be came back for him personally, or even.

Episode 3

Kintergarden Kaos/ Robotgirl

air day: 2006-03-01

Tommy and also Gus need to become novel friends to get a whole lot of infants, however they prove to function as Kazi’s Klones. / Moshimo makes Robotgirl, a cunning girl edition of Robotboy and that falls deeply in love with her.

Episode 4)

Bambi-Bot/ Double Tommy

air day: 2006-03-02

Kamikazi creates a Bambi-Bot to fool Tommy to falling into love, however, also the robot allows it to slide… / Kamikazi works Agent 17 to a Tommy lookalike to deceive Robotboy in to believing he will be him.

Episode 5)

Tether Tommy/ The Tune Up

atmosphere evening: 2006-03-03

Dwight convinces Tommy to contend at the Tetherball finals and utilizes Robotboy to acquire. But afterward he’s to perform against Kamikazi… / Gus utilizes Robotboy to pirate a match that helps make Robotboy thinks you will find aliens round!)

Episode 6)

Shelf Life/The Babysitter

air: 2006-03-06

Princess Justine orders Donnie to grab Robotboy on the. Donnie, deeply in deep love with her (along with her income), takes. But may Donnie get it done? / Kamikazi transmits around a russian villain celebrity to feign to become Tommy’s adolescent therefore that she could grab Robotboy!) Meanwhile, Kamikazi utilizes Gus’s drool to generate a military of Gus-such as creatures. / / Kamikazi, Constantine, Bjorn and Kurt’s Dad elect to encourage themselves to Donnie’s birthday-party in order that they are able to mess it.

Episode 10

Kamispazi/ Kami Kameleon

air: 2006-03-14

Gus in some way receives an intelligant tape worm implanted into his stomach that causes him more slimmer. He does not have any concept it really is Kamikazi’s notion even though! / / At per Valentine’s Day Themepark, Robotboy drops inlove with Gus, Lola has duped in to riding on the Tunnel of Love with Kamikazi and also Tommy believes Bambi really wants to function as his own valentine!)

Episode 11

Wrestling With Gus/ Soothsayer

air day: 2006-03-15

Robotboy works by using a innovation to greatly help Tommy battle the bully, Kurt, to get Bambi’s Love. But so on Robotboy can not support anty for a longer time! / When Constantine will work being a fatty-food earning fighter at Tommy’s facultythat he drops inlove with all the headmistress. Tommy provide shis mum a absolutely free visit into a health spa since something special, however instead that it has an idea setup by Dr. / Kamikazi disguises all of his mutants to create sure they are seem just like educators Kameleon masks.) Meanwhile, Gus has their own robot!)

Episode 13

Wrestling with Gus / The Soothsayer

atmosphere evening: 2006-03-08

Gus sets up a wrestling court docket in Tommy’s straight back backyard to showcase just how tough he’s and also to stay healthy. / Gus utilizes Robotboy to call his or her good friend’s futures, however if viewing it he sees out some thing dreadful!

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