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The first episode of the Animation, Comedy, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, series Ojamajo Doremi season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 was released in 1999-02-07 by TV Asahi. The TV show was created by and directed by . Actors in the cast include Tomoko Akiya, Yuki Matsuoka, Chiemi Chiba, Rumi Shishido, Nami Miyahara, Megumi Takamura, Naomi Nagasawa, Sawa Ishige, Ai Nagano, Chigusa Ikeda, Mari Adachi, Kyôko Dônowaki, Tomoko Hiratsuji, Oma Ichimura, Yuka Imai, Nanaho Katsuragi, Yuuko Kawasaki, Reiko Kiuchi, Hiroko Konishi, Hyo-sei, Mari Maeda, Ginzo Matsuo, 野島 健児, Tomo Saeki, Yuko Saito, Yuka Shino, Yuka Tokumitsu, Kyousei Tsukui, Jun Mizuki, Rumi Shishido, Nami Miyahara, Nami Miyahara, Sawa Ishige. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

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Episode Guide

Episode 1

I’m Doremi! Becoming an Apprentice Witch!!

air day: 1999-02-07

Episode 2

I Become Hazuki-chan!

air day: 1999-02-14

Doremi and her best friend Hazuki Fujiwara want to swap lives for a day, as they both feel that the other is luckier. However, this leads to a few consequences.

Episode 3

The Transfer Student From Naniwa! Aiko Appears

air day: 1999-02-21

A new girl named Aiko Senōō from Osaka transfers to Doremi’s class and unintentionally upsets Doremi and Hazuki at first. Once Doremi gets to know her, she befriends her and tries to find ways to cheer her up on Parents’ Day at school.

Episode 4

Everyone’s a Witch, So There’s Nothing to Fear

air day: 1999-02-28

Episode 5

Grand Re-Opening! MAHO-dou

air day: 1999-03-07

Episode 6

A Lie is the Beginning of Friendship

air day: 1999-03-14

Episode 7

Aim for Level 9! Witch Exam

air day: 1999-03-21

The three girls prepare to take their first witch exam, but Doremi must spend the day supervising her younger sister Pop. Pop wants to go to her grandparent’s house by train by herself. When it comes to exam time, Hazuki and Aiko earn fairies for passing the exam. Doremi fails the exam, so she doesn’t get a fairy.

Episode 8

Going to the Witch World!!

air day: 1999-03-28

After failing to pass the level 9 exam, Doremi is given another chance. Her goal is to find medicine for Motamota. Luckily, Doremi passes and gets her fairy, but she does it with the help of Aiko and Hazuki, who come to see her out of worry.

Episode 9

Where Did You Go!? Fairy Dodo

air day: 1999-04-04

Doremi’s fairy Dodo runs off after being scolded, so the girls use their new magic spell, Magical Stage, to try and find her.

Episode 10

In a Pinch! The Teachers Found Out!!

air day: 1999-04-11

Miss Seki and the vice principal drop by the magic shop after photos of the girls working there arise.

Episode 11

Early Rising Girl Marina and Heart’s Bouquet

air day: 1999-04-18

Episode 12

Wishes of the Beloved Shirt

air day: 1999-04-25

Episode 13

Everyone Fails!? Level 8 Exam

air day: 1999-05-02

The girls take the Level 8 Exam in which they have three hours to clear three obstacles unknowingly chosen beforehand.

Episode 14

If You Laugh, Will You Forgive Me!?

air day: 1999-05-09

Episode 15

Majorika Goes to Kindergarten

air day: 1999-05-16

Majorika gets purchased by Pop. Pop treats Majorika like a plush toy and she takes her to school one day.

Episode 16

Love Will Be Hooked

air day: 1999-05-23

Episode 17

Yada-kun is an Elementary School Delinquent!?

air day: 1999-05-30

Episode 18

Don’t Do It! Forbidden Magic

air day: 1999-06-06

Episode 19

Hazuki-chan is Kidnapped!

air day: 1999-06-13

On the last day without magic for breaking the laws of the Witch World, Hazuki is kidnapped by two conmen and only Doremi and Aiko can rescue her.

Episode 20

A Rival Appears! The MAHO-dou’s Big Pinch!!

air day: 1999-06-20

Episode 21

Majoruka’s Goods Are Full of Danger

air day: 1999-06-27

Episode 22

The Road to Level 6 Ojamajo is Far Away!?

air day: 1999-07-04

Episode 23

Big Change!? The Ojamajos Test

air day: 1999-07-11

Episode 24

Majorika Versus Level 6 Ojamajo!

air day: 1999-07-18

Episode 25

Ojamajo Poppu Appears!?

air day: 1999-07-25

Episode 26

We’re Pureleine!

air day: 1999-08-01

Episode 27

Oyajiide Has Arrived!?

air day: 1999-08-08

Episode 28

Love is a Windy Ride Over a Plateau

air day: 1999-08-15

Doremi comes across a cute tennis player named Yutaka Kashiwag at Hazuki’s summer house and falls head over heels for him, but her snobby classmate Reika Tamaki also has an eye on him.

Episode 29

The Tap Disappears at the Summer Festival!

air day: 1999-08-22

Episode 30

I Want to See a Ghost!

air day: 1999-08-29

Episode 31

The Present from Mongolia

air day: 1999-09-05

Episode 32

Overthrow Tamaki! The Class Representative Election

air day: 1999-09-12

Episode 33

The Sports Festival Full of Panic!

air day: 1999-09-19

Episode 34

I Want to See My Mother!

air day: 1999-09-26

Aiko’s mother comes to visit, but she is unable to face her daughter. Upon finding out, Aiko heads to her mother’s house in Hannan City to meet her.

Episode 35

The Transfer Student is an Apprentice Witch!?

air day: 1999-10-03

Episode 36

Level 4 Exam is DO DO DO DO DO-!

air day: 1999-10-10

Episode 37

There’s a Lot of Witch-Frogs!

air day: 1999-10-17

Episode 38

Ryouta and the Midnight Monster

air day: 1999-10-24

Episode 39

Doremi’s Boyfriend is in Junior High!

air day: 1999-10-31

Episode 40

Doremi Quits? Level 3 Exam

air day: 1999-11-14

Episode 41

Father and Child – Moving to Victory!

air day: 1999-11-21

Episode 42

The Ojamajo Fight for Justice!?

air day: 1999-11-28

Kōta Amano, a boy obsessed with hero shows, is challenged to a fight by an upperclassman, who mistakenly believes he is dating Onpu.

Episode 43

Papa, Fireworks, and Tearful Memories

air day: 1999-12-05

Episode 44

I Want to Be a Female Pro-Wrestler!

air day: 1999-12-12

Mutsumi Kudō, the strongest fighter in class, looks up to professional wrestler Candy Itō but becomes disappointed when she announces a possible retirement.

Episode 45

Save Santa!

air day: 1999-12-19

Episode 46

Hiding the Witches’ Conference!

air day: 1999-12-26

Episode 47

Father’s Coorespondance

air day: 2000-01-02

Episode 48

Onpu’s Mail is a Love Letter?

air day: 2000-01-09

Gōji Nakata becomes one of the many victims of a prank e-mail sent by Hehe asking for a date with Onpu.

Episode 49

Meeting Papa! Dream Placed on Limited Express

air day: 2000-01-16

Episode 50

The Last Witch Apprentice Exam

air day: 2000-01-23

The Level 1 Exam gives the girls the task of using magic to help someone and receiving thanks. However, things take a turn for the worse when their secret is discovered and spread around town.

Episode 51

Good-bye MAHO-dou

air day: 2000-01-30

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