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The first episode of the Documentary, series Modern Marvels season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 was released in 1998-07-27 by H2. The TV show was created by and directed by Bruce Nash. Actors in the cast include . The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

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Episode 1


air day: 1998-07-27

While a civilization’s greatness is mirrored within the achievements of architects and engineers, equally spectacular are spectacular acts of destruction all through historical past. The cycle of building and destruction displays the shifting values of any given period. We’ll hint the evolution of deliberate destruction from historic to modern-day.

Episode 2

The Atlantic Wall

air day: 1998-08-03

The Atlantic Wall explores the development of the shore fortifications constructed by the Nazis throughout World War II. We spotlight the logistics of building, forms of fortifications, weapons, and obstacles used within the wall. The Nazis tried to fortify three,000 miles of occupied European shoreline earlier than the Allies launched thier assault on occupied Europe. Finally the Allied D-Day invasion planning and execution, with its related propaganda and deception, are detailed.

Episode three

History of Tall Buildings

air day: 1998-08-24

A glance up on the image of the American Century–the skyscraper, the development of which is a triumph of engineering and capitalism. Climb to the highest of the Empire State Building, Chrysler Building, Sears Tower, and World Trade Center to see how ego, cash, and expertise joined to construct the tallest of synthetic buildings.

Episode four


air day: 1998-09-28

Public aquariums have undergone dramatic modifications since inception in mid-19th century. A collection of technological improvements has remodeled them into digital oceans with spectacular multi-million gallon shows. Examine the newest high-tech aquatic wonders and take a peek into their future.

Episode 5

Las Vegas Hotels.

air day: 1998-10-06

Out of the bleakness of an enormous desert arose a metropolis constructed on want success and indulgence. Unencumbered by custom or notions of excellent style, for 50 years Las Vegas has taken vacationers to the peak of their imaginations whereas reaching into their pockets. Visit 11 of the world’s largest lodges within the nation’s largest playground.

Episode 6

The Oakland Bay Bridge.

air day: 1998-10-12

San Francisco’s Oakland Bay Bridge stands as an unimaginable feat of engineering towards the practically unattainable. Once chosen as one of many seven engineering wonders of the fashionable world, it options an distinctive double suspension construction in its west finish. Join us as we cross this triumph of building, whereas we go to its previous and look to its future.

Episode 7

Monumental Statues

air day: 1998-10-28

What conjures up societies to create sculptures on a superhuman scale? We’ll study gigantic statues and the monumental dedication of time, cash, and expertise wanted to complete them. We’ll examine the Sphinx, Colossus of Rhodes, Statue of Liberty, Mount Rushmore, Brazil’s Christ the Redeemer, Russia’s Motherland and the Crazy Horse Memorial.

Episode eight

Antibiotics: The Wonder Drugs

air day: 1998-11-03

In 1941, penicillin was first used to save lots of human life. But now, micro organism has emerged resistant to each recognized antibiotic, and scientists have begun to concern that the period of the marvel medication is close to to its finish.

Episode 9

The Police Car

air day: 1998-11-09

More than the gun, greater than the billy membership, it’s the crucial weapon in legislation enforcement’s arsenal. But for many years, police have struggled to remain forward of well-equipped dangerous guys. Rare photographs and interviews inform the story of their battle for high-tech horsepower.

Episode 10


air day: 1998-11-23

Plastics are in all places–the house, the office, the automobile, the human physique, outer house, and most conspicuously, the rubbish heap and landfill. Artificially created test-tube materials, plastic can’t be returned to nature. Will we drown in a sea of plastic? Join us as we evaluate this protean substance’s previous and future.

Episode 11

Medical Imaging

air day: 1998-12-07

The story of medical imaging, the expertise that permits us to see contained in the human physique, is full of fantastic tales. Learn how X-rays had been found in 1895, utterly accidentally; how ultrasound was developed to find enemy submarines, and the way the CAT Scan may by no means have been constructed if it weren’t for The Beatles!

Episode 12

Extreme Sports Gadgets

air day: 1998-12-16

To run sooner, soar greater, and play longer–the last word aim of all athletes. But when coaching runs its course, science and expertise soar in. Explore the historical past and technological advances in all the things from athletic sneakers to soccer gear. And leap right into a future stuffed with radar-enhanced baseballs and virtual-reality stadiums.

Episode 13


air day: 1998-12-23

Bombs…probably the most feared and highly effective weapon in any nation’s arsenal. What started as incendiary gadgets within the seventh century has advanced into weapons that may actually blow the human race off the face of the earth! From using diseased carcasses flung over citadel partitions to Greek Fire to at the moment’s good bombs, we evaluate the evolution of bombs.

Episode 14


air day: 1998-12-28

From the earliest recorded account of an amputation and subsequent prosthesis in historic Hindu writings, to a 16th-century absolutely articulated synthetic hand managed by an intricate geared mechanism, to at the moment’s use of plastics and space-age supplies, we chronicle the lengthy historical past of prosthetic gadgets.

Episode 15

Weather Prediction

air day: 1999-01-01

A examine of the discoveries, innovations, and technological advances which have helped us perceive and predict climate precisely. From easy observations made by early people, to early devices akin to thermometers and barometers, to Doppler radar and satellite tv for pc imaging, we’ll see how man has tried to harness climate.

Episode 16


air day: 1999-01-25

The skill to transmit sound in stereo remodeled the music of life right into a wealthy symphony of sound. For over 100 years, lovers and scientists have labored to create the best listening expertise. From Thomas Edison’s early phonograph to at the moment’s digital revolution, we study this multi-billion greenback enterprise.

Episode 17

Mail Delivery

air day: 1999-02-08

Through rain, snow, warmth, or gloom of evening, we anticipate postmen to ship the mail. The U.S. Post Office handles over 603-million items of mail each day. Yet it represents solely 43% of the world’s whole mail quantity. From historic Sumerians to Pony Express, from airmail to E-mail, we comply with the lengthy journey of mail.

Episode 18


air day: 1999-02-22

Does anyone actually know what time it’s? Set your clocks as we discover the relativity of time from antiquity–when man tried to chart time with strategies starting from shadows, candles, and water–to at the moment’s atomic clock system–correct to inside one second each two-million years.

Episode 19


air day: 1999-03-09

First there have been balloons and blimps. Then, visionaries enlarged, bolstered, and motorized them and the airship was born. The largest plane ever flown, they continue to be probably the most romantic aerial creations. In all, 161 inflexible airships had been constructed earlier than spectacular crashes, together with the EM Hindenburg /EM , put an finish to the period.

Episode 20

Physical Fitness

air day: 1999-03-15

Meet the Strong Men and Women who transcend mere health to pursue main muscle mass–from historic Greeks, to performers within the 1800s astounding audiences with feats of power, to the physique builders of California’s Muscle Beach! Lou Ferrigno and different stars share tales of the pursuit of muscle. Also appears to be like on the impact of steroids.

Episode 21

Engineering Disasters

air day: 1999-03-30

Throughout historical past, the builders and engineers who paved our manner out of the caves and into the fashionable world have additionally prompted a few of our worst disasters. What occurs when their calculations show fallacious and all of it comes tumbling down? From Hammurabi’s days, when the primary constructing legal guidelines had been instituted, to at the moment’s potential nuclear or chemical disasters that may spell dying for hundreds, we’ll take a harrowing 2-hour tour by a few of historical past’s best engineering errors.

Episode 22

City Parks

air day: 1999-04-26

Even in historic instances, metropolis dwellers wanted a scenic break from the city panorama. But parks play a extra essential function than mere aid from stress–additionally they hold temperatures down and provide much-needed oxygen in congested cities. Come alongside for a stroll by New York City’s Central Park and L.A.’s Griffith Park.

Episode 23

Spy Technology

air day: 1999-05-01

Espionage has been used for a minimum of the final four,000 years. And the place there are spies, you discover devices! We concentrate on the final 100 years of cloak and dagger expertise–from early code-breaking computer systems to satellite tv for pc reconnaissance–and try the James Bond-type devices of the Cold War.

Episode 24

Battlefield Medicine

air day: 1999-05-25

“He who would become a surgeon should join the army and follow it,” Hippocrates endorsed practically 2,500 years in the past. In this historical past of medication underneath fireplace, we see how a small military of medics, nurses, surgeons, stretcher-bearers, and ambulance drivers, races to maintain tempo with the lethal advances of struggle.

Episode 25

U.S. Mints: Money Machines

air day: 1999-06-21

Whether it jingles in our pockets or folds in our wallets, it flows by the billions from authorities factories which have mastered the artwork of constructing it.

Episode 26

Rescue Equipment

air day: 1999-07-06

Avalanches, earthquakes, hurricanes, bombings–all imply human tragedy except rescuers reply inside a second’s discover of catastrophe. Here are the newest advances in rescue expertise, together with: a Searchcam system that locates buried victims, and the Jaws of Life that may extricate an individual from a crushed automobile in seconds.

Episode 27

Scuba And Deep Sea Diving

air day: 1999-07-12

In antiquity, a hole reed served as an underwater hyperlink to oxygen. As in days of outdated, people nonetheless want self-contained respiratory gear for quite a lot of causes–food-gathering, industrial, leisure, army, and scientific. Dive with the perfect as we check scuba diving’s previous, and look to a way forward for mechanical gills.

Episode 28

Offshore Oil Drilling

air day: 1999-07-19

Offshore drilling is among the greaest technological dances mankind has ever tried. From the very starting of oil discovery, the oceans and their huge reserves turned the last word frontier. For these prepared to take the chance, the oceans provide unprecedented success and unimaginable failure.

Episode 29


air day: 1999-07-20

Join us for a extremely charged hour as we see why Alfred Nobel’s invention of dynamite took on earthshattering dimensions as his product blasted out the pure sources that constructed our trendy world. We additionally study its affect on building of the roads, tunnels, and dams that present us with vitality and transportation.

Episode 30

Hoover Dam.

air day: 1999-08-02

The process was monumental: Build the world’s largest dam in the midst of the desert, and tame the river that carved the Grand Canyon–all in seven years! When the Hoover Dam was accomplished in 1935, it was the biggest dam on the earth. We’ll reveal how this engineering marvel of the world was conceived and constructed.

Episode 31

Baseball Parks

air day: 1999-08-09

Step as much as the plate and play ball as we take you on a tour of these superb edifices of the nationwide pastime–baseball stadiums! From the sandlots and wood ballparks of the 1800 and 1900s to the monolithic multipurpose stadiums of at the moment, baseball parks have grown into technological wonders that pull in and price hundreds of thousands.

Episode 32

New York Bridges

air day: 1999-08-23

Much of New York City’s historical past might be considered through its bridges–all 18 that join Manhattan Island to its neighbors. Join us for a have a look at these architectural masterpieces from the age of iron and metal; and, see how they’ve modified destinies, linking some to alternative, others to wreck.

Episode 33

Crash Testing

air day: 1999-08-31

Delves into the little-known, vastly essential, multi-billion-dollar trade of product testing–the place wrinkles get ironed out and items are stripped of promoting and hype to see in the event that they work. Meet product testers who function fact squads in an eccentric world of machines devised to “sneeze” at tissue paper and “sleep” on mattresses.

Episode 34


air day: 1999-09-06

The concept of floating to earth from nice heights dates again centuries, and from the start parachutes mixed leisure with life-saving utility. The parachute has additionally performed an important function in trendy warfare since WWI. We’ll see how parachute expertise has made the world safer, and extra enjoyable!

Episode 35


air day: 1999-09-13

Tracks the technological improvements that made newspapers what they’re at the moment, whereas exploring the tales of the publishing tycoons who turned among the strongest males of the 20th century. From the invention of the printing press within the 15th century to computerized newsrooms to the Internet, we study the historical past of the information.

Episode 36


air day: 1999-09-27

Since the invention of gunpowder, fireworks have thrilled audiences around the globe. We’ll view highlights of fireworks exhibitions all through historical past, and go behind the scenes to discover how science and artwork mingle on this distinctive, historic craft. The world’s preeminent fireworks households clarify how they create their spectacles.

Episode 37


air day: 1999-10-11

Though “simulations” date again to cave work, gadgets for interacting with “synthetic realities” are a current invention. See how simulators are used as coaching instruments for practically each occupation at the moment the place hands-on expertise is just too expensive or harmful–from the 1929 Link Pilot Trainer to simulated digital realities.

Episode 38

The Tool Bench: Power Tools

air day: 1999-10-12

The historical past of civilization may simply be measured when it comes to our skill to make, use, and enhance instruments–an exercise that’s a minimum of four million years outdated! At the tip of our toolmaking timeline are energy instruments. We’ll study at the moment’s energy instrument trade, which is booming because of extra highly effective, lighter, and quieter cordless instruments.

Episode 39

The Tool Bench: Hand Tools

air day: 1999-10-13

Well over two million years earlier than the evolution of recent man, his primitive ancestors had been making instruments. The use of instruments is considered one of many keys to human evolution itself and it permeates practically each facet of historical past. We even measure historical past in accordance with our skill to craft instruments; the Stone Age, the Bronze Age, the Iron Age.

Episode 40

More Earthmovers.

air day: 1999-10-18

Join us for a second have a look at the massive earth-moving machines used to sort out probably the most difficult jobs on, underneath, and off Earth! We’ll experience on specialised behemoth dump vans, delve under sea degree to view dredging gear, and go away the planet altogether to discover earthmoving gear in house.

Episode 41


air day: 1999-10-25

The artwork of fortification advanced together with man’s have to defend his territory from assault. There was no different purpose. From hills surrounded by branches and crude fences to intricate walled cities, to impenetrable castles – the strongholds of the previous echo the historical past of nice battles for territorial management.

Episode 42

Emergency Room

air day: 1999-11-08

Emergency room drugs has solely been a acknowledged specialty since 1989, and it took shut to 2 millennia to get so far. We’ll study advances that led to the fashionable emergency room–from the Byzantine’s institution of the primary hospitals round 1050 A.D. to at the moment’s telemedicine. The prognosis for its future appears to be like good.

Episode 43


air day: 1999-11-15

Set the sedan’s security brake and hop in your “hog” for a 2-hour high-speed historical past of the motorbike–from the 1868 “steam velocipede” to the early 20th century, after they had been a low-cost different to cars; from Harley-Davidsons most well-liked by Hell’s Angels and police to motocross riders who take bikes into the air and onto the grime. We additionally look to the motorbike’s future, that includes Jay Leno’s jet-propelled Y2K sportbike and Erik Buell’s bike-without-a-gas-tank creation.

Episode 44

Security Systems

air day: 1999-11-16

Since civilization’s earliest days, man has sought safety from those that would rob him of riches, data, and even life. This is the story of the evolving programs designed to safeguard our most treasured possessions, and of the enduring psychological struggle between protectors and thieves, every intent on outfoxing the opposite.

Episode 45

More Engineering Disasters.

air day: 1999-11-29

Throughout historical past the identical builders and engineers that paved man’s path out of the caves and into the fashionable world additionally prompted a few of mankind’s worst disasters. Often an enormous calamity is traced again to a tiny trigger, insignificant in itself, however triggering a domino impact. We’ll revisit notable disasters and seek for possible causes.

Episode 46

Niagara Power

air day: 1999-12-08

An exploration of the wealthy historical past of one of many world’s best technological achievements–the harnessing of energy from Niagara Falls. From the “War of the Currents”, a battle between geniuses Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla, to the Robert Moses Plant, primed to take the powerhouse into the 21st century, we spotlight its story.

Episode 47

Casino Technology

air day: 1999-12-13

Place your bets and be part of us for an thrilling spin by the historical past of the on line casino. We’ll go behind the neon lights, free drinks, and 24-hour playing to see how the gaming trade has advanced from a easy home of playing cards to a high-tech multi-billion greenback trade.

Episode 48

Lost Marvels

air day: 1999-12-14

The very spirit that drives man to dream up ever extra unbelievable creations may conceive modifications that destroy outdated treasures. We have a look at nice creative and engineering feats that fell prey to the ravages of nature, the wastes of struggle, and the indifference of booming metropolises.

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