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The first episode of the Animation, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, series Mew Mew Power season 1, 2 was released in 2002-10-05 by Fox Broadcasting Company. The TV show was created by and directed by . Actors in the cast include Veronica Taylor, Amanda Brown, Amy Palant, Andi Whaley, Andrew Rannells, Bella Hudson, Jason Griffith, Kerry Williams, Rachael Lillis, Scottie Ray, Sean Schemmel, Tom Wayland, Mollie Weaver, Sharon Feingold, Kether Donohue. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

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Episode 1

I Love You – Aoyama-kun’s Shocking Declaration

air day: 2002-10-05

Hours late, Ichigo arrives on the assembly place. At first, she thinks Masaya has left, however he seems close to her and tells her that he was ready for her and that he loves her. Ichigo’s cat ears come out, however she hides them with a handkerchief and tells him that she loves him too. The subsequent day, whereas Masaya is visiting the café, the aliens assault searching for the mew aqua rod. Ryou provides Masaya a sleeping drug to knock him out so the ladies can combat. Kish is ready to get the rod, however Keiichiro says the rod doesn’t have any mew aqua anymore anyway. After the aliens go away, everybody begins cleansing the café. Outside, Ichigo bends over the sleeping Masaya and thinks about kissing him. She will get excited and as a substitute of her ears and tail rising, she turns right into a small black cat.

Episode 2

Kitty Panic! The Key to the Mystery is Her Kiss

air day: 2002-10-12

As a cat, Ichigo will get misplaced whereas attempting to flee from a big amorous cat. She finds herself standing in entrance of Masaya’s home, the place he discovers her and takes her inside. That evening whereas he is asleep, she decides to kiss him, however by accident kisses his canine as a substitute. The kiss turns her again right into a human, however earlier than she will be able to escape out a window, the canine licks her and she modifies again right into a cat once more. Outside the home, the massive cat finds her once more, however she is rescued by a small gray cat carrying a inexperienced bandanna. Ichigo falls into the river, however the cat saves her once more and tells her his title is Alto earlier than she loses consciousness. She wakes up again on land and in her human type with Ryou bending over her and Alto gone. Ryou tells her that she should defeat the aliens as quickly as attainable if she desires to cease turning right into a cat. While taking her house, he apologizes to her although doesn’t say why.

Episode three

A Forbidden Love? I Can Understand Cats ~nya!

air day: 2002-10-19

Ichigo meets a cat on the practice station and discovers that, even in her human type, she will be able to perceive him. The cat, named Asano, later involves the café, and tells her that he’s looking for the cat he loves, a Lilac Point Siamese named Jacqueline whose proprietor moved away. The ladies agree to assist him discover her, however be taught that her proprietor has taken her to a cat truthful to seek out her a fiancé. Asano speaks to her there, however she says she can not go away her proprietor as a result of she is his most treasured reminiscence of his late spouse. When one of many different cats is become a chimera anima, Asano involves Jacqueline’s help. After the ladies defeat the monster, Jacqueline’s proprietor decides to permit the 2 cats to be collectively.

Episode four

Be Honest! Unspoken Love within the Crystal Ball

air day: 2002-10-26

Ichigo asks for recommendation on her relationship with Masaya from the college fortune-teller Mariko. At first, Mariko says Masaya is a foul individual, however then says he and Ichigo are good for one another so long as Ichigo is sincere together with her emotions. The subsequent day, Ichigo sees Mariko watching a soccer participant named Shunsuke. Later, Mariko tells him that he ought to confess his emotions to the individual he loves on Sunday within the park. Meanwhile, the aliens seek for Mariko’s crystal ball, believing it incorporates mew aqua. On Sunday, Ichigo sees Shunsuke within the park and geese behind a tree, the place Mariko can be hiding to see who he meets. Kish seems and tries to steal Mariko’s spirit, however Shunsuke’s jumps in entrance of her to guard her, so his spirit is stolen as a substitute and become a chimera anima. The different Mew Mews arrive, together with the Blue Knight, and so they defeat the monster, releasing Shunsuke’s spirit. Mariko’s crystal ball shatters, proving it was not mew aqua. Shunsuke tells Mariko that she is the one he was ready for.

Episode 5

Father’s Back – One-game Match for Ichigo!

air day: 2002-11-02

When Ichigo’s father finds out that she has a boyfriend, he doesn’t approve. He calls for that Masaya defeat him in a kendo match earlier than he’ll permit them to proceed courting. Ichigo complains to her mom, who explains that her father loves her and simply desires to guard her. Her mom additionally tells her that they too needed to combat to be collectively once they had been younger. Ichigo rushes to cease the combat, reminding her father of the previous and the way her mom did the identical factor for him. Though he doesn’t need to face that his “little girl” is rising up, he grudgingly provides his approval of the connection.

Episode 6

Princess Fight – The Hero Can’t be Bought For Money

air day: 2002-11-09

Mint surprises the opposite ladies by inviting them to a tea social gathering. When they arrive, they meet a spoiled, rich woman named Kanna, who declares that she is Mint’s “eternal rival.” A field arrives, containing one thing Mint wished to share with everybody. Watching close by, Kish believes it should be mew aqua and tries to take the field. Not realizing the hazard, Kanna takes the field again. Kish unleashes a chimera anima and Mint rescues the woman from the monster. The others remodel and combat the monster, however are dropping till the Blue Knight arrives and divulges its weak level permitting Mew Ichigo and Mew Mint to defeat the monster. Afterwards, Kanna admits she has all the time envied Mint. The field is opened to disclose that it’s a particular tea that Mint wished to share together with her associates. They invite Kanna to affix them, however she declines and guarantees to ask them to her home for even higher tea.

Episode 7

A Fiancé Appears – Pudding’s Fated Marriage?!

air day: 2002-11-16

While the Mew Mews are battling one in all Tart’s chimera animas, a younger man named Yuebin Ron seems and defeats it along with his naked palms. An apprentice of Pudding’s father, he has come to spend an evening competing with Pudding in order that he may be the successor of the household’s preventing fashion. He defeats Pudding, and tells her that she should additionally now turn out to be his fiancée. While speaking, he by accident knocks over Pudding’s photograph album and damages it. Upset, Pudding locks herself within the café the place Tart assaults her. While the opposite ladies are caught preventing Kish and defeat his chimera anima, Yuebin rescues Pudding. Afterwards, Yuebin goes to China to proceed his coaching so he may be robust sufficient to guard his future spouse.

Episode eight

The Most Important Matter – The Ability to Trust in Someone

air day: 2002-11-23

The ladies take part in an open market the place Lettuce sells a wide range of dolls that she made herself, that are widespread with the gang. The final doll is bought by well-known doll maker Ayano Uemura who invitations Lettuce to work together with her at her workshop. Lettuce fortunately accepts and so they make a doll collectively that Ayano takes to an exhibition. When the ladies go to see the doll, they uncover that Ayano took the entire credit score for making it and denies that Lettuce helped her. Kish seems and steals Ayano’s spirit to make a chimera anima. The ladies remodel and defeat the monster, returning Ayano to regular. Afterwards, Ayano confesses that she was envious of Lettuce’s expertise and had run out of recent concepts. Lettuce forgives her, and tells her she doesn’t care whose title is on the doll so long as it makes folks blissful.

Episode 9

Don’t Cry, Lonely Little Zakuro

air day: 2002-11-30

Ichigo meets a lonely woman named Momoka whose dad and mom are all the time busy. Ichigo learns she is a fan of Zakuro, so she tells Zakuro concerning the woman. Zakuro later runs into the woman at a restaurant. Momoka is upset at studying her dad and mom have cancelled their dinner plans, however Zakuro assures her that her dad and mom nonetheless love her and invitations the woman to have dinner together with her as a substitute. The subsequent day, Momoka’s dad and mom ship her a stupendous pendant that Kish believes is made from mew aqua. When the daycare holds a household picnic, Momoka’s dad and mom don’t present up and the upset woman runs off. Along the best way, she loses the handkerchief that Zakuro gave her. Kish affords to assist her, if she provides him her pendant. Zakuro arrives to assist her, however is entangled in some vines by Kish. After realizing the pendant incorporates no mew aqua, Kish leaves. Zakuro returns the handkerchief and pendant to Momoka. Her dad and mom arrive for the picnic, and Zakuro feels sure they won’t go away her alone once more.

Episode 10

Shirogane’s Past: the Secret of the Mew Mews’ Birth!

air day: 2002-12-07

Ichigo tries to speak to Ryou concerning the issues attributable to her cat genes, however he ignores her. On the best way to highschool, Ichigo adjustments right into a cat once more and will get in bother, however is saved by Alto who additionally kisses her to alter her again to regular. Despite his struggling, Ichigo picks him up and is shocked when he all of a sudden adjustments into Ryou. After faculty, she goes to the café the place Keiichiro tells her the historical past of the Mew Project, which was began by Ryou’s father. After his dad and mom had been killed by an historic chimera anima, Ryou determined to proceed his father’s analysis. Wanting to make certain the merging course of was protected, he examined it by merging himself with cat genes. This gave him the flexibility to alter right into a cat at will, however just for 10 minutes at a time or he’ll stay a cat completely. Ichigo guarantees to do her greatest as a Mew Mew.

Episode 11

The Shining Tear: Celebrating Christmas with simply the Two of Us

air day: 2002-12-14

As Christmas approaches, Ichigo grows depressed as she thinks about how she is often mendacity to Masaya to cover her being a Mew Mew. Zakuro invitations her to buy groceries together with her and tells Ichigo that since she can not open her coronary heart, she ought to give Masaya one thing that displays her emotions. Ichigo chooses a necklace known as “Tears for Christmas.” She continues to be initially reluctant to face him, however lastly arranges to fulfill him on the large Christmas tree in Odaiba. While she is ready, the aliens assault. When Ichigo transforms, her feelings trigger mew aqua to materialize on the prime of the tree. Joined by the others, the Mew Mews put together to combat the aliens to amass it.

Episode 12

Miracle of the Holy Night – No Secrets Anymore

air day: 2002-12-21

The aliens add extra power to the mew aqua, placing the world in peril of being destroyed. The Mew Mews are in a position to scale back the facility of the explosion, nonetheless nobody had seen Masaya was close by. He is hit by one of many fragments of the mew aqua and knocked unconscious. At the hospital, Ichigo watches over him and talks to him, telling him she is sorry for hiding the reality from him. As she cries, the mew aqua reacts and it begins snowing. Masaya wakes up and so they return to the tree the place Ichigo tells Masaya the reality about her being a Mew Mew. Masaya tells her that he already knew, and that it doesn’t trouble him. He pretended to not know as a result of it was what she appeared to need. Ichigo provides him the necklace.

Episode 13

The Stolen Dream, Sweet Trap of the Lavender

air day: 2002-12-28

Pie creates a chimera anima able to manipulating goals. The monster places Ichigo to sleep and reforms itself into a reproduction of her to go to the café and ship the opposite 4 ladies into Ichigo’s goals. They remodel, however because the dream is being manipulated by the chimera anima, their assaults are despatched again at them. They understand that they need to wake Ichigo as much as win, however are unable to take action. Kish all of a sudden stops Pie from killing Ichigo and wakes her up, releasing the others. After they defeat the chimera anima, Kish tries to kill Mew Ichigo, however he’s nonetheless too injured from his final battle with the Blue Knight. Ichigo yells on the aliens, however they inform her they’re preventing for his or her associates. The Mew Mews understand that the aliens do have their very own emotions and one thing they’re attempting to guard, the identical as them.

Episode 14

Two Becoming Friends? Pudding in Imminent Danger!

air day: 2003-01-04

Masaya is having bizarre goals wherein an unidentified voice is telling him to get up. Meanwhile, Pudding is watching efficiency on the Tokyo Dome when an enormous gap opens within the flooring. She transforms and investigates, discovering Tart underneath the Dome. He tells her they will make the entire space collapse by having chimera animas dig holes underneath it, beginning with the Dome. While displaying off his monster, it goes uncontrolled and leaves, trapping Mew Pudding and Tart inside by falling particles. Mew Pudding is blissful, although, and tells Tart that since they’re each trapped, they don’t have to combat. She provides him some sweet and begins calling him “Taru-taru.” Outside, the opposite Mew Mews defeat the chimera anima then use their powers to maintain the dome from collapsing whereas it’s evacuated. Tart decides it might be boring if Pudding died, so makes use of his powers to make bushes develop across the Dome so the roots help it. He teleports Pudding to the floor and she or he says they’re associates now. He yells at her and leaves, however smiles whereas trying on the sweet she gave him.

Episode 15

The Winds Brings Happiness – A Heartfelt Prayer

air day: 2003-01-11

The aliens determine to make use of particular chimera animas to launch pollution into Tokyo Bay. The Mew Mews arrive, sans Lettuce, and discover themselves having to combat quite a few smaller chimera animas constituted of fish. Mew Lettuce and Ryou arrive by boat, however the bigger monster destroys it and they’re thrown into the water. While the others defeat the fish monsters by combining Mint and Pudding’s assaults, Lettuce tries to save lots of the drowning Ryou. Her feelings activate the mew aqua round his neck, inflicting her legs change to a porpoise fin and simply deliver Ryou again to the floor. The mew aqua weakens the remaining chimera anima, enabling them to defeat it.

Episode 16

Zakuro’s Dilemma: Only Four Mew Mews Now?

air day: 2003-01-18

Zakuro is obtainable a number one position in a film in Hollywood, however this might require her to maneuver to America. She has not determined whether or not to take the job or not, however she tells Ichigo that the ladies nonetheless know nothing about saving the Earth and that she is dropping endurance with them. Meanwhile, Kish learns that the circumstances on his planet have gotten worse and that he should hurry to seek out the mew aqua so he can save his folks. The ladies additionally renew their seek for mew aqua, nonetheless when the aliens seem, Zakuro refuses to rework. Mew Mint is harm whereas defending Zakuro, however Zakuro does nothing. After the battle on the café, Ichigo complains to Ryou who acts detached. The ladies determine to confront Zakuro about her conduct. Masha leads them to a church the place they discover Zakuro with Kish.

Episode 17

Friend or Foe? Fight, Oneesama!

air day: 2003-01-25

Kish tells the ladies that Zakuro has betrayed them, after which invitations Zakuro to affix them. Ichigo yells at Kish, and he tells her extra about Deep Blue, their “god” and that the mew aqua is required to assist him awaken, earlier than teleporting away with Zakuro. Ryou calls the remainder of the Mew Mews to a fowl sanctuary, the place they consider a swan is holding the mew aqua. As they fight to determine methods to discover the swan, the entire birds within the space collect close to, realizing Mint can perceive them. As the swan is about to deliver them the mew aqua, the aliens assault however Mint refuses to rework. The swan flies as much as her and honks at her, however Mint refuses to pay attention. It absorbs the mew aqua and flies away. Afterwards, she explains the birds had been crying for assist. Ichigo nonetheless believes Zakuro has not betrayed them; Mint says folks change. That evening on the café, Ryou reveals that Zakuro informed him she felt they had been nonetheless little ladies, and never the true warriors they might must be to guard the Earth. The ladies rush off to the sanctuary to cease Mew Zakuro and Mew Mint, who’ve begun preventing each other. As Mew Ichigo tries to calm Mint down, a tornado created by the alien seems that sucks in all of the birds. Mew Mint flies into the tornado and retrieves the mew aqua from the swan. Mew Ichigo makes use of its energy to cease the tornado and the aliens retreat. Zakuro apologizes and explains that she was bothered the ladies had been listening to rumors as a substitute of believing in each other.

Episode 18

The City Turns right into a Forest! What Protects Ichigo’s Smile

air day: 2003-02-01

Ryou and Keiichiro be taught that mew aqua might have been made by the aliens once they inhabited Earth. A wierd kind of power begins rising in Tokyo and bushes develop uncontrolled, turning town right into a forest. The Mew Mews discover one thing that seems to be a big mew aqua in a tree however earlier than they acquire it, Tart arrives and turns the tree right into a chimera anima. During the combat, Mew Ichigo realizes that Ryou can’t be the Blue Knight as they each seem on the battle to assist her. The Mew Mews defeat the monster, however they’re unable to determine what triggered the forest to look within the first place.

Episode 19

The Riddle Dissolves! The Truth concerning the Blue Knight

air day: 2003-02-08

For Valentine’s Day Ichigo decides to make chocolate for Masaya, with assist from Keiichiro. On her strategy to meet him, she is attacked by Kish who knocks away her transformation pendant. Masaya senses that Ichigo is hazard and involves her rescue. After Kish injures him, Masaya begins glowing and transforms into the Blue Knight, nonetheless with the damage he’s unable to combat at his full power. Just as Kish is about to kill him, Ichigo grabs her pendant and runs in entrance Masaya to dam the assault utilizing a protect from the pendant. Ichigo rejects Kish and he leaves. Later, as Masaya enjoys the goodies from Ichigo, Kish wonders who or what Masaya and the Blue Knight actually are.

Episode 20

New Reinforcement! Protect the Earth Together

air day: 2003-02-15

Masaya begins having prophetic goals, together with one the place he’s invited to affix the workforce and one the place he sees Ichigo crying. The subsequent day, his first dream comes true, in opposition to Ryou’s protests and Zakuro’s considerations, and he turns into a member of the Mew Project. The group goes to research a wierd gentle being emitted from a river to find out whether it is mew aqua. The aliens additionally go to the river. As the 2 teams battle, Mew Pudding and Tart each bounce into the river to search for the mew aqua, ultimately discovering there may be none. After Mew Ichigo makes use of her assault to extend the Blue Knight’s sword’s energy, he destroys the various chimera animas being utilized by Pie. The gentle disappears and the aliens go away because the Mew Mew surprise what’s going on.

Episode 21

The Power of Love! I’ll defend Aoyama-kun!!

air day: 2003-02-22

Deep Blue orders the aliens to destroy the Blue Knight. They determine to kidnap Mew Ichigo with a view to draw him out. Meanwhile, Ichigo is blissful to have Masaya now working on the Cafe Mew Mew. The subsequent day, the aliens assault with a chimera anima that resembles a big octopus. Masaya, because the Blue Knight, joins the Mew Mews within the battle. The creature captures the Mew Mews and the Blue Knight is compelled to drop his sword when Pie and Tart threaten to kill Ichigo. It is ready to seize the Mew Mews, together with Ichigo, in its arms. Pie and Tart power the Blue Knight to kill Ichigo. The aliens then repeatedly assault him, however earlier than they’ll kill him, Mew Ichigo all of a sudden breaks free and assaults the aliens with an unbelievable new energy. As Pie and Tart flee, the close by Kish wonders the place the facility got here from, as he’s sure it didn’t come from Ichigo.

Episode 22

The Labyrinth of the Alternate Dimension! Kish’s Gamble!!

air day: 2003-03-01

The group is looking for mew aqua round a big rock formation within the forest when the ladies and Masaya get separated. Something unusual begins occurring and everybody transforms. Masaya transforms into the Blue Knight, however falls from the rock and returns to regular. Kish confronts him and divulges that he can not preserve his Blue Knight type if he isn’t defending Ichigo. The alien strikes to kill Masaya, however Mew Ichigo transports and seems between them. Masaya is knocked unconscious as Kish tries to kill Ichigo. This triggers Masaya’s transformation, however his powers go uncontrolled resulting from his rage at Kish. The different Mew Mews teleport to Mew Ichigo simply in time to place up a protect round her because the rock explodes from the Blue Knight’s energy. Masaya returns to regular, seemingly unhurt. Kish tells Pie and Tart that the Blue Knight is the one who can save them.

Episode 23

The Awakening of Blue – Another Appearance!

air day: 2003-03-08

Ryou and Keiichiro inform the ladies to take a trip, feeling the ultimate battle is approaching and wanting them to be refreshed. Ichigo, nonetheless, can not discover Masaya to benefit from the downtime with. Meanwhile, Kish tells Pie and Tart that he’s going to make use of the Blue Knight’s powers moderately than ready for Deep Blue to awaken. Pie disagrees, however Tart is satisfied. They launch all of the chimera animas they’ve with a view to distract the Mew Mews and the Blue Knight, whereas the aliens seek for Masaya. Ryou realizes it’s a entice and sends the Mew Mews to seek out Masaya as nicely. When the ladies ultimately discover him, he’s mendacity unconscious. Mew Ichigo approaches him, however he transforms into the Blue Knight. All of the unusual power within the metropolis gathers round him and he transforms once more, into Deep Blue.

Episode 24

Ichigo’s Trial! I’m a Mew Mew

air day: 2003-03-15

As Ichigo stands in disbelief that Masaya is Deep Blue, Pie explains why they’ve been ready for him. Ichigo tries to succeed in Masaya, displaying him the bell collar, however it’s ineffective. Unable to combat him, the opposite Mew Mews rush to guard Ichigo because the alien assaults her, ultimately being wounded sufficient that they’re compelled again into their human types. When Deep Blue makes use of his sword to destroy Tokyo, Ichigo lastly realizes he isn’t Masaya anymore and assaults, however he’s too robust. Ryou arrives and protects her from his assault, then tells her that the whole lot is simply because the Earth wished it to be, that the planet selected her and the opposite Mew Mews to guard it. Her willpower renewed, the ultimate battle begins.

Episode 25

The Final Battle! I Believe in Your Smile

air day: 2003-03-22

Deep Blue teleports to his base, the place Keiichiro detects the ultimate mew aqua. Pie creates a chimera anima just like the one which killed Ryou’s dad and mom. As the Mew Mew’s battle, Mew Ichigo tries to succeed in Deep Blue’s base. Pie goes after her, however Tart protects her and is killed by Pie. Ichigo reaches the room with the mew aqua simply as Deep Blue does and he assaults. Kish seems and pretends he’s going to kill Mew Ichigo, however as a substitute teleports proper in entrance of Deep Blue and tries to assault. Deep Blue dodges the assault and kills him. Kish dies in Ichigo’s arms as she cries, mirroring Masaya’s prophetic dream. Deep Blue begins screaming and releasing large quantities of power. It knocks Ichigo unconscious and destroys the entire chimera animas and the whole lot else across the base. Pie makes use of his followers to guard the Mew Mews, at the price of his personal life. Inside the bottom, Mew Ichigo involves and finds Deep Blue standing in entrance of her. He drops his sword and calls her by title, revealing Masaya has regained management of the physique.

Episode 26

For the Earth’s Future, We’ll Serve You ~Nyan!

air day: 2003-03-29

Masaya and Ichigo understand that the ultimate mew aqua is inside his physique. Deep Blue’s spirit remerges, regardless of Masaya’s makes an attempt to regain management. Eventually, Deep Blue wins and claims to have destroyed Masaya fully. He goes to activate the mew aqua so he can destroy the Earth. Masaya’s spirit emerges from his physique, pulling Deep Blue’s spirit out as nicely. He tells Ichigo to assault, understanding it’s going to kill each of them. Before he dies, he tells Ichigo he wished to save lots of the Earth and that he loves her. With Deep Blue’s demise, the mew aqua is launched, therapeutic the destroyed metropolis, the Mew Mews’ wounds, and reviving the useless aliens. Masaya’s physique is returned to regular. Unwilling to let him die, Ichigo kisses him and offers him all of her energy. Masaya awakens to seek out Ichigo mendacity beside him, useless. The different Mew Mews teleport into the bottom and start crying over her demise. They all of a sudden return to their regular types as the bottom begins to collapse. Kish seems with the final of the mew aqua. Pie and Tart additionally come and so they thank the ladies earlier than teleporting them safely to the bottom. The three aliens destroy the bottom to stop it from falling on town, then go away to return to their very own world. Masaya kisses Ichigo. She detransforms and wakes up, to everybody’s delight. The ladies consider that they’ve misplaced their powers completely, however uncover that they solely pale briefly and are informed that they’ve a brand new enemy.

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