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The first episode of the Family, Animation, Comedy, series Littlest Pet Shop season 1, 2, 3, 4 was released in 2013-11-02 by Hub Network, Discovery Family. The TV show was created by and directed by Julie McNally Cahill, Tim Cahill. Actors in the cast include Ashleigh Ball, Sam Vincent, Tabitha St. Germain, Kira Tozer, Nicole Oliver, Peter New, Kyle Rideout, Kathleen Barr, Shannon Chan-Kent, Michael Kopsa, Jocelyne Loewen. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

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Blythe along with her very best pals are straight back to get a few more intriguing experiences inside the Littlest Pet Shop!) Blythe starts off a style fad if an bird nest lands atop her mind, Sunil will become a online occurrence, Vinnie be-friends some dance lizards as well as also the Pet Shop welcomes a juvenile alligator in their center! All of the experiences and much more implanted at such five crazy episodes of The Littlest Pet Shop!)

Episode Guide

Episode inch

Missing Blythe

atmosphere evening: 2013-11-02

Several months go as Blythe abandoned on the summertime schedule( however her fantasy faculty isn’t quite as stimulating because she considered it’d be if all of the campus speaks around is manner. Meanwhile, aching to watch in person back, the critters produce a strategy to go to Blythe whilst she’s off at trend camp to the summertimemonths.

atmosphere afternoon: 2013-11-02

Blythe inadvertently starts off a brand new fashion fad along together with her rampant “Nest Hat”, motivated by means of a nest which lands on her mind. To her jolt, she discovers that an unhatched egg putting interior of it. The animals have been preferred to manage the freshly hatched chick with their bestial instincts, ” though Blythe attempts to come across the chick’s mum. However, her aims fall at the palms of this Biskit twins, keeping her hostage whilst attempting to harness her newfound fame.

Episode 3

Eight Arms into Hold You

air evening: 2013-11-09

Russell turns into thrilled because he assesses the options due to his very first slumber party even though using Blythe in your daytime camp.) Jealous which they aren’t encouraged, Sunil and Vinnie create strategies to wreck their celebration. Twombly finds her skills are all increasingly being absorbed with some thing, and jokingly cites a poltergeist since the origin of this, which divides Russell’s superstitions to a phantom he examine through to. Later, Sunil and Vinnie’s effort by to split into your puppy shop sends the metropolis with out energy, inducing Russell into hallucinate a octopus-like monster attempting to devour him.

Episode 4)

Heart of Parkness

air day: 2013-11-16

An compromised noun of cobra flows from inside a furry friend store of Fisher Biskit, following locating a prospective buyer to this. Meanwhile, following about three consecutive days of rainfall, the critters move to a stroll with Blythe for their own general playground. Sunil breaks off from your bunch, also finds himself one of a set of tribal raccoons, together with being a pigeon who is able to know them. There, they see the escaped cobra, also Sunil conserves them later facing it with his own primal instincts. They observe, and also the raccoons induce Sunil to remain together forever since their own king. Twombly is motivated to establish a stall to get a high-value puppy psychic from the title Finola, afterwards she shows her mind-reading to your critters by describing their characters (though becoming them completely incorrect). However, her forecasts to additional client’s pets violate the lender to get Mrs. Twombly; all of her prognoses revolve round your furry friend needing a new pet food items. Meanwhile, that the critters suffer though wanting to form themselves Finola’s persona readings, ” trying in order to prevent interrupting her venture together with Mrs. When Blythe sees exactly what exactly is taking place, Finola’s pet sugar glider, Sweet Cheeks, can be the response for Blythe in regards from exactly what exactly his proprietor firm actually is. Twombly of buried treasure found under Littlest Pet Shop, belonging into a few of the own ancestors. Their initiatives at excavation instantly grow to be the foundation of aggravation for Blythe whenever they commence resulting in land injury, and also the way to obtain outrage to get Pepper, that chooses the team’s map to reveal to your critters. There, the origins of Littlest Pet Shop have been discovered, and also the narrative of Henrietta Twombly is instructed in the sort of flashbacks.

air afternoon: 2013-12-07

On nail-clipping trip to your daytime camp, Sunil will become apprehensive about staying trimmed and cowers in fear facing of Blythe’s buddies) Jasper, who discovers out his stressed facial saying adorable, has a snapshot of him together with his telephone along with translating it in a graphic macro. Soon later he arranges the macro on the Internet, Sunil as well as your daytime camp brings media policy from the other side of the world. His care gets the foundation of jealousy to get Zoe, as well as also the dressing table of those Biskit twins, that create a audio video clip of these at a effort to turn into uncontrollable.

Episode 8)

The Big, Feathered Parade

air evening: 2013-12-14

When Blythe’s moves her apparel layouts to its The Big, Feathered Parade in the parade’s most warehouse, and she’s instantly denied because of age limits. There, she’s around Ramon (voiced by Colin Murdock), ” the top programmer of this parade, along with also his Common Myna, Desi (given by Brian Drummond). Ramon gets impressed with visiting her layouts, also makes the decision to throw them by shifting her portfolio using his indistinguishable one. Blythe finds the alternative, also if she sees her new layouts being applied to every component of the parade the following day, she lays off to regain possession of those. Meanwhile, if Vinnie pairs with Zoe to overthrow his obsession, Bruce that the iguana (also voiced by Murdock), he fights to obtain a drinking water jar big adequate for Bruce.

Episode 9

A Day in the Museum

air evening: 2013-12-21

After shedding a chunk whilst enjoying capturing, Minka and also Penny Ling decide to try to regain it if it rolls in to a organic history museum. Blythe strives to recover the 2 without sacrificing all of one additional critters, however, discovers that the memorial disallows creatures. She hides the others inside her baggage and back pack, however since she places both who have been overlooking, Zoe flees in her luggage up on scrutiny contrary to the museum’s own security shield. Now together with each of those critters overlooking, Blythe has to figure out how to detect all of them, finally reducing the others from the method: Sunil and Vinnie at the taxidermy department, also Russell at a distribution cupboard.

Episode 10

Alligators and Handbags

air evening: 2013-12-28

Roger shows to Blythe that he’s got only filed Blythe’s pet back pack into Mona Autumn, a boxer to its most notable style journal, Très Blasé. Knowing who Autumn’s dangereux are famously unpleasant, ” she starts conversing about her meeting, dismissing your furry friend’s trouble using a brand new guest, Wiggles McSunbask (voiced by Colin Murdock), also a juvenile alligator who so on takes through your daytime camp. When Blythe’s layouts have been reversed by Mona, as dreaded, also proposes that she peruses the following livelihood, she develops gloomy, substantially for the despair of Roger as well as the generosity of those critters. Meanwhile, Roger’s air line launches a “Pet Jet” support, with all the critters deploying it to establish just one of these largest dreams nonetheless. Twombly to take a business to get Littlest Pet Shop.

Episode 14

To Paris With Zoe

air evening: 2014-01-25

When Blythe awakens set to Zoe’s proprietors and also follows her into your pet series in Paris, they unexpectedly see themselves smitten; Blythe using the town and Zoe using a mime artist canine termed Philippe.

Episode 15

Super Sunil

air evening: 2014-02-01

Penny Ling determines to contribute Sunil a superhero ensemble and also create the both of these a superhero duo as a way to simply help Sunil over come his anxieties. Sunil dared to rescue his own pals, that gets a challenge if he considers he actually has super-powers. Meanwhile, using the assistance of both Russell along with Sugar Sprinkles, Blythe will help Youngmee along with also her aunt Christie discover an perfect parking area to your own Sweet Delights truck, and simply to contend for it contrary to the Biskit Twins.

Episode 16

Sweet Pepper

air evening: 2014-02-08

Blythe need to baby-sit Buttercream though attempting to complete scanning a publication at the same time, although Pepper struggles to interact using a guest into this day camp where she sees herself smitten with. Twombly because originator of all Kung Fu Quilting, Penny Ling is reunited with loved ones she never realized she’d. Meanwhile that the critters undergo some Chinese monster dancing to defend against spirits.

Episode 18


air daytime: 2014-02-22

The consequences of DNA screening for all those critters cause anxiety at your daytime camp.) Meanwhile, Roger is put off from his occupation for being a pilot, also presumes the function of this Biskit twin’s individual helper and chauffeur as an alternative.

Episode 19

Inside Job

air evening: 2014-03-01

The animals have been driven into insanity wanting to recognize a more hum resonating from in the store, and whereas Blythe conducts for class president from the Biskits.

air daytime: 2014-03-08

An older nemesis turns as much as conquer Blythe as well as also the critters competing at the Carnival parade in Rio.

Episode 21

Littlest Bigfoot

air evening: 2014-03-15

Roger requires Blythe as well as also the pets into your camping journey in hunt for Bigfoot.

Episode 22

Sunil’s Sick Day

air day: 2014-03-22

Russell attempts to reestablish Sunil and also Vinnie’s friendship right after a mental falling out in clumps sparks in between these.

Episode 24

Standup Stinker

air evening: 2014-04-05

The animals decide to try and persuade Minka that she actually is your very first fighter to property on Mars, and Pepper inquires Blythe for enter on the rapid-fire humor action.

Episode 25

The Expo Factor (inch)

air day: 2014-04-12

Blythe pressures on the coming International Pet Fashion Expo if she’s requested to perform a photo shoot for Très Blasé. At the ending, ” the Pets and Blythe have the ability to recoup her materials and also displays that the Biskits’ sabotage. The Biskits’ butler admits they left him participate in these own scheme. They stopped their butler. The butler turned into a photographer. The Biskits are ashamed and expose to their offense. Pets captured their faces in the publication.

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