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The first episode of the Talk, Comedy, series Late Show with David Letterman season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22 was released in 1994-08-29 by CBS. The TV show was created by and directed by . Actors in the cast include David Letterman, Paul Shaffer. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

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Episode Guide

Episode 1

Show #zero220

air day: 1994-08-29

Episode 2

Show #0221

air day: 1994-08-30

Episode three

Show #0222

air day: 1994-08-31

Episode four

Show #0223

air day: 1994-09-01

Episode 5

Show #0224

air day: 1994-09-02

Episode 6

Show #0225

air day: 1994-09-05

Episode 7

Show #0226

air day: 1994-09-06

Throughout the night time, an viewers lady from Brooklyn kicks footballs.

Episode eight

Show #0227

air day: 1994-09-07

Episode 9

Show #0228

air day: 1994-09-08

Episode 10

Show #0229

air day: 1994-09-09

Episode 11

Show #0230

air day: 1994-09-12

Episode 12

Show #0231

air day: 1994-09-13

Episode 13

Show #0232

air day: 1994-09-14

Episode 14

Show #0233

air day: 1994-09-15

“”Dropping Stuff Off the eighth Floor Window”” consists of: champagne bottles, confetti, a TV monitor, presidential plates, fluorescent tubes, and bowling balls into a bath of pudding. The first two miss their mark; the third makes it however destroys the bathtub.

Episode 15

Show #0234

air day: 1994-09-16

Dave feedback on Robbie Kondor; a automotive alarm goes off outdoors the theater, so Dave goes outdoors and bombs the offending automotive; Chuck Berry sings “”Johnny B. Goode””; Zsa Zsa Gabor laments and spews profanities after discovering her automotive has been destroyed.

Episode 16

Show #0235

air day: 1994-09-19

Hal Gurnee harasses taxi drivers by posting their photographs on the Times Square jumbotron.

Episode 17

Show #0236

air day: 1994-09-20

Episode 18

Show #0237

air day: 1994-09-21

An viewers member provides Dave a tiny pair of pants; Gavin MacLeod pops in a number of occasions, interrupting the monologue and presenting the Top Ten.

Episode 19

Show #0238

air day: 1994-09-22

John Popper sits in with the band; Bill Murray excursions Broadway; Macaulay Culkin promotes “”Richie Rich.””

Episode 20

Show #0239

air day: 1994-09-23

Episode 21

Show #0240

air day: 1994-09-26

Episode 22

Show #0241

air day: 1994-09-27

Episode 23

Show #0242

air day: 1994-09-28

Episode 24

Show #0243

air day: 1994-09-29

Episode 25

Show #0244

air day: 1994-09-30

Episode 26

Show #0245

air day: 1994-10-03

Episode 27

Show #0246

air day: 1994-10-04

Episode 28

Show #0247

air day: 1994-10-05

Episode 29

Show #0248

air day: 1994-10-06

Episode 30

Show #0249

air day: 1994-10-07

Tim Allen promotes his bestselling ebook, Don’t Stand Too Close to a Naked Man.

Episode 31

Show #0250

air day: 1994-10-10

Episode 32

Show #0251

air day: 1994-10-11

Episode 33

Show #0252

air day: 1994-10-12

Episode 34

Show #0253

air day: 1994-10-13

Episode 35

Show #0254

air day: 1994-10-14

Episode 36

Show #0255

air day: 1994-10-24

Episode 37

Show #0256

air day: 1994-10-25

Episode 38

Show #0257

air day: 1994-10-26

Two standby viewers people named Jenya and Gary are despatched to take meals to Dan Rather, courtesy of Rupert. Later, Mike Judge discusses his hit MTV present “”Beavis & Butt-head.””

Episode 39

Show #0258

air day: 1994-10-27

Episode 40

Show #0259

air day: 1994-10-28

Episode 41

Show #0260

air day: 1994-10-31

Calvert goes trick-or-treating in Nutley, New Jersey (Martha Stewart’s hometown); Lauren Bacall plugs “”Pret-a-Porter”” (Ready to Wear).

Episode 42

Show #0261

air day: 1994-11-01

John Popper sits in; all through the night time, Mujibur and Sirajul seem as correspondents on Court TV; Elijah Wood plugs North.

Episode 43

Show #0262

air day: 1994-11-02

Episode 44

Show #0263

air day: 1994-11-03

Dave will get freshened up by a avenue sweeper; Rupert serves “”Bill Clinton Soup.””

Episode 45

Show #0264

air day: 1994-11-04

Episode 46

Show #0265

air day: 1994-11-07

Episode 47

Show #0266

air day: 1994-11-09

Episode 48

Show #0267

air day: 1994-11-10

Episode 49

Show #0268

air day: 1994-11-11

Live by way of phone, Jerry Lewis pronounces the brand new governor’s identify “”Puh-tack-ee;”” “”Picket Fences”” star Fyvush Finkel sings “”If I Were a Rich Man;”” The Cranberries carry out “”Zombie.””

Episode 50

Show #0269

air day: 1994-11-14

Dave selects a lady from outdoors named Laurie Byrd to be his co-host tonight; Biff and George Clarke recreate a scene from the hit CBS miniseries “”Scarlett.””

Episode 51

Show #0270

air day: 1994-11-15

Episode 52

Show #0271

air day: 1994-11-16

Episode 53

Show #0272

air day: 1994-11-17

Episode 54

Show #0273

air day: 1994-11-18

Episode 55

Show #0274

air day: 1994-11-21

Episode 56

Show #0275

air day: 1994-11-22

Episode 57

Show #0276

air day: 1994-11-23

Episode 58

Show #0277

air day: 1994-11-24

Episode 59

Show #0278

air day: 1994-11-25

Episode 60

Show #0279

air day: 1994-11-28

The outdoors cam reveals that Dave’s image within the window of Joe G’s Pizza. Dave calls and distracts Joe whereas Paul steals the unflattering portrait; Jon Lovitz plugs North.

Episode 61

Show #0280

air day: 1994-11-29

Roseanne makes a uncommon political assertion; Dave’s accountant Fred Nigro takes a bow.

Episode 62

Show #0281

air day: 1994-11-30

Mujibur, Sirajul and Tony Randall take a photograph collectively; tonight’s celebrities within the viewers: Mia Farrow, Eddie Murphy and Sharon Stone.

Episode 63

Show #0282

air day: 1994-12-01

Episode 64

Show #0283

air day: 1994-12-02

One of tonight’s cue playing cards goes to a rubbish truck outdoors; within the newest version of “”Rupert and Me,”” Dave radios unusual feedback to Rupert, that are then repeated out loud to irritated passers-by; Nicholas Turturro sings “”My Way;”” Michael Keaton will get arrested for shoplifting at Hello Deli.

Episode 65

Show #0284

air day: 1994-12-12

Cold Opening: Jim Carrey and an unshaven Dave goof round. Later within the present, Mickey, the barber on the Wellington Hotel, shaves off Dave’s beard.

Episode 66

Show #0285

air day: 1994-12-13

Episode 67

Show #0286

air day: 1994-12-14

Episode 68

Show #0287

air day: 1994-12-15

Siskel and Ebert throw snowballs; Michael J. Fox walks onstage with a cow.

Episode 69

Show #0288

air day: 1994-12-16

Episode 70

Show #0289

air day: 1994-12-19

Episode 71

Show #0290

air day: 1994-12-20

Episode 72

Show #0291

air day: 1994-12-21

Episode 73

Show #0292

air day: 1994-12-22

Episode 74

Show #0293

air day: 1994-12-23

Episode 75

Show #0294

air day: 1994-12-26

Bad Religion carried out “”Infected””

Episode 76

Show #0295

air day: 1994-12-27

Episode 77

Show #0296

air day: 1994-12-28

During “”Charts and Graphs,”” Dave sends an viewers member down the road for copies of a chart. Also, Dave calls the mom of a special viewers member, however he finally ends up leaving a message on her machine.

Episode 78

Show #0297

air day: 1994-12-29

A buyer at Hello Deli reveals Dave her vacation photographs. Later, Dave checks his temperature (99.5 F).

Episode 79

Show #0298

air day: 1994-12-30

Dave ends the present early but once more, and Paul finds him sobbing on the Ricki Lake present; Biff has champagne popping out of his ears; Dick Clark presents the Top Ten; Dave and Richard Simmons go harassing individuals door-to-door in New Jersey.

Episode 80

Show #0299

air day: 1995-01-02

Episode 81

Show #zero300

air day: 1995-01-03

Episode 82

Show #0301

air day: 1995-01-04

Michael Buffer pronounces Phil Hartman’s entry onstage; a comely postal service distracts Dave.

Episode 83

Show #0302

air day: 1995-01-05

Episode 84

Show #0303

air day: 1995-01-06

Dave autographs a ham; Calvert (dressed as Newt Gingrich’s mom) presents the Top Ten.

Episode 85

Show #0304

air day: 1995-01-09

Episode 86

Show #0305

air day: 1995-01-10

Episode 87

Show #0306

air day: 1995-01-11

Episode 88

Show #0307

air day: 1995-01-12

An viewers member hangs out within the band part; Mujibur and Sirajul change into the newest witnesses to testify for O.J. Simpson.

Episode 89

Show #0308

air day: 1995-01-13

Al Green performs “”Let’s Stay Together.””

Episode 90

Show #0309

air day: 1995-01-16

Episode 91

Show #0310

air day: 1995-01-17

Episode 92

Show #0311

air day: 1995-01-18

Episode 93

Show #0312

air day: 1995-01-19

Episode 94

Show #0313

air day: 1995-01-20

Episode 95

Show #0314

air day: 1995-01-30

Episode 96

Show #0315

air day: 1995-01-31

Dave reveals a (bogus) Super Bowl advert starring himself; Gerard presents “”Top Ten Signs You’re Not the Sexiest Man Alive.””

Episode 97

Show #0316

air day: 1995-02-01

Episode 98

Show #0317

air day: 1995-02-02

Episode 99

Show #0318

air day: 1995-02-03

Episode 100

Show #0319

air day: 1995-02-06

Rosanne Cash performs “”I Count the Tears.””

Episode 101

Show #0320

air day: 1995-02-07

Episode 102

Show #0321

air day: 1995-02-08

Episode 103

Show #0322

air day: 1995-02-09

Episode 104

Show #0323

air day: 1995-02-10

Episode 105

Show #0324

air day: 1995-02-13

Episode 106

Show #0325

air day: 1995-02-14

Episode 107

Show #0326

air day: 1995-02-15

Episode 108

Show #0327

air day: 1995-02-16

Dave introduces the model new “”Late Show Dancers,”” who prance round all through the present. Also, 83-year-old Empire State Building worker Chico Chimone performs the piano.

Episode 109

Show #0328

air day: 1995-02-17

Episode 110

Show #0329

air day: 1995-02-20

Dave sends three members from the viewers to go to a close-by movie show to videotape some clips from Pulp Fiction. They return in time to indicate the footage throughout John Travolta’s visitor look to advertise the movie. Also, Mujibur and Sirajul report from yesterday’s Daytona 500.

Episode 111

Show #0330

air day: 1995-02-21

Episode 112

Show #0331

air day: 1995-02-22

Cybill Shepherd promotes her new sitcom; Gary Sinise brags in regards to the perks of being an Academy Award Nominee.

Episode 113

Show #0332

air day: 1995-02-23

Wayne Newton (stay by way of satellite tv for pc) presents the Top Ten; Michael McKean feedback on the latest troubles on the set of “”Saturday Night Live;”” David Byrne and the CBS Orchestra carry out “”You & Eye.””

Episode 114

Show #0333

air day: 1995-02-24

Episode 115

Show #0334

air day: 1995-02-27

Episode 116

Show #0335

air day: 1995-02-28

Episode 117

Show #0336

air day: 1995-03-01

Episode 118

Show #0337

air day: 1995-03-02

Bernie Worrell sits in; Al Roker does a climate forecast; Dave retrieves a blue card from “”Forrest Gump”” (Calvert); Jeff Goldblum faucet dances.

Episode 119

Show #0338

air day: 1995-03-03

Episode 120

Show #0339

air day: 1995-03-06

Dave sends the standby viewers to The Gap to buy and put on matching outfits earlier than they’re allowed to return to the theater. By the tip of the present, they’re all carrying similar sweaters and khakis. (right synopsis)

Episode 121

Show #0340

air day: 1995-03-07

On the primary Letterman present ever aired on this date, Bill Cosby, Tito Puente, and Dave climb a ladder as much as the balcony, and Luke Perry does a science experiment rather than bumped visitor Lee Marek.

Episode 122

Show #0341

air day: 1995-03-08

Episode 123

Show #0342

air day: 1995-03-09

Episode 124

Show #0343

air day: 1995-03-10

Dave sends the standby viewers to The Gap to buy and put on matching outfits earlier than they’re allowed to return to the theater. By the tip of the present, they’re all carrying similar sweaters and khakis.

Episode 125

Show #0344

air day: 1995-03-13

Episode 126

Show #0345

air day: 1995-03-14

Episode 127

Show #0346

air day: 1995-03-15

Episode 128

Show #0347

air day: 1995-03-20

Dave provides a woman within the viewers named Amy cash to purchase spring flowers, and later her boyfriend (additionally within the viewers) sings karaoke with Will Smith.

Episode 129

Show #0348

air day: 1995-03-21

A girl within the viewers bakes cookies for everybody; Conan O’Brien seems in Dave’s newest Oscar-related dream; Dave will get his toupee dry-cleaned.

Episode 130

Show #0349

air day: 1995-03-22

Throughout the night time, Dave practices giving out Oscars, awarding achievements by Tony Randall, Doc Severinson (who’s sitting in), Tony Mendez, a hi-ho lady, and Sirajul Islam (Mujibur was sick). Also, Dave chats with a person whose canine ran away, then discovered his pet on the other aspect of the nation.

Episode 131

Show #0350

air day: 1995-04-03

John Mayall sits in; Dave feedback on his much-scrutinized efficiency as host of final week’s Academy Awards.

Episode 132

Show #0351

air day: 1995-04-04

Throughout the night time, the legendary Ashton Family acrobats carry out their biggest stunts outdoors on 53rd Street.

Episode 133

Show #0352

air day: 1995-04-05

Dave spells Uma and Oprah with sizzling canine wieners, whereas Creepy Dave lurks within the backdrop throughout his interview with Bryant Gumbel.

Episode 134

Show #0353

air day: 1995-04-06

At the tip of tonight’s “”New Books”” section, Dave provides one of many phony manuscripts to a woman within the viewers. Also, for no obvious motive, Gerard dances round onstage in a solar costume.

Episode 135

Show #0354

air day: 1995-04-07

Two babes within the viewers are noticed with “”Marry Us Dave”” T-shirts; Dave, Calvert, and Biff sit round and do nothing for 3 minutes; Dave asks cab drivers what they considered his efficiency on the Oscars.

Episode 136

Show #0355

air day: 1995-04-10

Dave invitations the stand-by viewers to his workplace and watch the present from there. Later, they’re joined by Faye Dunaway and chef Wolfgang Puck.

Episode 137

Show #0356

air day: 1995-04-11

Throughout the night time, varied staffers stroll onstage to offer Dave “”dramatic pressure,”” whereas Robert Pastorelli explains his departure from the hit comedy Murphy Brown.

Episode 138

Show #0357

air day: 1995-04-12

Mayor Guiliani and Dave conform to disagree on the brand new slogan for the New York Tourism Board; Drew Barrymore provides Dave a birthday shock.

Episode 139

Show #0358

air day: 1995-04-13

The New York Daily News, having headlined their paper with final night time’s Guiliani-chosen slogan, distributes miniature buttons to the viewers studying “”We Can Kick Your City’s Ass”” commemorating the headline. Also, Bela Fleck sits in with the band on banjo.

Episode 140

Show #0359

air day: 1995-04-14

Two days after NYC’s new slogan, “”We Can Kick Your City’s Ass,”” reaches past the Hudson, Dave hears from mayors of different cities; Slash of Guns n’ Roses fame sits in; a skit involving jelly beans bursting out of Biff’s ears is botched when the wiring would not work correctly.

Episode 141

Show #0360

air day: 1995-04-17

Live Remote: Dave annoys each an H&R Block tax accountant and his mortified buyer, who prefers to cover her face.

Episode 142

Show #0361

air day: 1995-04-18

Dave selects 5 guys from the viewers to compete in a basketball match outdoors on 53rd Street with 5 (alleged) New York Knicks. By the tip of the present, the ultimate rating is Audience 108, Knicks 107.

Episode 143

Show #0362

air day: 1995-04-19

Dave complains that the cue-card Tony is holding is simply too small, so Inky replaces it with a large banner; ten mayors of different cities current the Top Ten; a blue card is lacking and shortly discovered taped to Sandra Bullock’s bottom.

Episode 144

Show #0363

air day: 1995-04-20

An viewers expertise present is interrupted by Helen Reddy, who pops up a number of occasions all through the present; later, she groups up with Blues Traveler to carry out “”Hook.””

Episode 145

Show #0364

air day: 1995-04-21

Tony Randall drops by to announce who tomorrow’s friends will likely be, and Dave squirts him with a fireplace extinguisher. Later, Biff Henderson and Pat Farmer carry Tony outdoors and right into a taxi. Also, Dolly Parton presents the Top Ten.

Episode 146

Show #0365

air day: 1995-04-24

After phrase spreads to the media that he is shedding his rankings edge over Leno, Dave needs to seek out out if individuals are nonetheless watching the present, so he shows his desk telephone quantity on the Times Square Jumbotron. The solely individuals who name are CBS workers who’ve entry to a stay feed of their workplaces. Frustrated, Dave dips the receiver into his espresso.

Episode 147

Show #0366

air day: 1995-04-25

In tonight’s stay distant, Dave annoys prospects down the road on the Sam Ash music retailer and invitations Marcia to sit down in with the band on alto sax.

Episode 148

Show #0367

air day: 1995-04-26

David Sanborn sits in but once more; varied New York Yankees current the Top Ten; Dave loses a blue card, then finds it at McDonald’s.

Episode 149

Show #0368

air day: 1995-04-27

The Flying Rat is launched on the present throughout a section referred to as “”What’s New for Spring””; in the identical section a small military of clowns assault Mujibur and Sirajul, then storm the Late Show stage; Dave chats with “”Buddy, the Sleepy Lifeguard.””

Episode 150

Show #0369

air day: 1995-04-28

Dave and Paul go away the present early to go over to Madison Square Garden for the circus, the place they run into an acrobat bearing a powerful resemblance to Calvert; the flying rat assaults Dan Rather, and is later seen as a visitor on Nightline; Dave and Felecia waltz.

Episode 151

Show #0370

air day: 1995-05-01

All of tonight’s friends (Marilu Henner, Kris Kristofferson, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, and Mario Van Peebles) are at Rupert’s taking part in spin the bottle. Also, the flying rat demonstrates its supremacy of the New York skyline by swallowing a large hen complete.

Episode 152

Show #0371

air day: 1995-05-02

The Giant Flying Rat is launched by way of lasers and particular results simply after being interviewed by Tom Snyder.

Episode 153

Show #0372

air day: 1995-05-03

(Supposed) Audience requests are fulfilled in tonight’s “”Who Asked For It?”” whereas Harry Connick Jr. promotes his new album.

Episode 154

Show #0373

air day: 1995-05-04

Pete Fatovich makes an attempt to kiss Paul once more; the large flying rat delivers the Top Ten checklist; Jake Johanssen discusses a latest journey to the grocery store.

Episode 155

Show #0374

air day: 1995-05-05

The big flying rat dons a sombrero; Dave leaves the present early to marry Drew Barrymore; a person will get kicked within the face by a racehorse; Dave and Paul go grocery store buying.

Episode 156

Show #0375

air day: 1995-05-08

Dave sends viewers members Nico and Ingrid Van Eenennaan to London (to advertise the present’s go to subsequent week) with a camcorder, root beer, and the Giant Flying Rat. Neither are seen or heard from once more.

Episode 157

Show #0376

air day: 1995-05-09

Jimmy Smits, a visitor the night time earlier than, is seen in his resort room bare, doing push-ups and watching TV in mattress. Also, Paul quits to change into an expert boxer, however he provides up and comes again to the present.

Episode 158

Show #0377

air day: 1995-05-10

The Dutch husband and spouse from final night time resurface for a short second; Paul wears a prime hat and a tuxedo; Bruce Willis will get his head scrubbed.

Episode 159

Show #0378

air day: 1995-05-11

Paul decides to have cosmetic surgery, then wakes up from the process with a conehead; Dave reveals a clip of Pakistan’s #1 sitcom, “”Seinjibur””; Hugh Grant promotes Nine Months.

Episode 160

Show #0379

air day: 1995-05-12

Calvert mimics the Giant Flying Rat; Dave feedback on preparations for subsequent week’s journey to London; Julianna Marguiles promotes the much-hyped season finale of ER.

Episode 161

Show #0380

air day: 1995-05-15

The Late Show begins its week broadcasting from London. Ten London Guards carry Dave out onstage; Dave and Paul wreck havoc within the metropolis; Elton John reacts to William Shatner’s videotaped rendition of “”Rocket Man,”” then performs “”Made in England.””

Episode 162

Show #0381

air day: 1995-05-16

London, Day 2: The new James Bond, Remington Steele star Pierce Brosnan, enters backstage with fashions and martinis; Little Richard and Chuck Berry sit in; Dave’s mother studies from a pub. (right synopsis)

Episode 163

Show #0382

air day: 1995-05-17

London, Day three: “”London Souvenirs”” embody a Prince Charles Ketchup Dispenser, a Bobby Helmet Bra, and a Tea Cannon, introduced out by faux London guards. Also, Peter O’Toole enters driving a camel, and Van Morrison barely remembers the phrases to his personal music “”Have I Told You Lately”” in a efficiency with Sinead O’Connor and the Chieftains. (right synopsis)

Episode 164

Show #0383

air day: 1995-05-18

London, Day four: Dave and Paul play soccer (or ought to I say soccer?) at Wembley Stadium; stay by way of satellite tv for pc from New York, Tony Randall trashes the theater; John Cleese presents the Top Ten. (right synopsis)

Episode 165

Show #0384

air day: 1995-05-19

London, Day 5: Dave repeats a monologue joke in a British accent; Salman Rushdie palms the Top Ten to Dave, and is offered by ten bobbies; Dorothy drops by to touch upon her week of sightseeing.

Episode 166

Show #0385

air day: 1995-05-22

Cold opening: Dave belatedly thanks Drew Barrymore for her birthday “”present”” final month. Also, Dave pays Mujibur and Sirajul to pummel Paul.

Episode 167

Show #0386

air day: 1995-05-23

It’s the debut of “”May We Turn Your Pants Into Shorts?”” Dave cuts up his personal slacks earlier than shredding the pants of Paul and Mel Gibson.

Episode 168

Show #0387

air day: 1995-05-24

Episode 169

Show #0388

air day: 1995-05-25

Clint Black sits in; sweet is thrown on the viewers; the Top Ten Office is relocated to an viewers member’s hometown of Glenn’s Falls, New York; in honor of Ringo Starr, Paul, Dave, and the viewers attempt to recreate Beatlemania.

Episode 170

Show #0389

air day: 1995-05-26

Dave takes a bunch of sailors to a neighborhood watering gap; Mujibur and Sirajul go to Dorothy in Indianapolis; Dave bids farewell to longtime director Hal Gurnee by inserting a plaque on the management room door.

Episode 171

Show #0390

air day: 1995-06-05

Cold Opening: Nicole Kidman asks Dave if he is drunk. Also, displayed by the window of an promoting company throughout the road from the Ed Sullivan Theater is a big toothbrush and tooth; Dave invitations the employees from that window to carry the gadgets into the theater after which presents them with the Crest Pledge.

Episode 172

Show #0391

air day: 1995-06-06

Indianapolis 500 champion Jacque Vileneuve races a NYC cab across the theater block in competitors with NYC cabbie Buke Kadikiran; Dave reveals (doctored) footage of Dan Rather changing his CBS Evening News co-host Connie Chung with… Dan Rather.

Episode 173

Show #0392

air day: 1995-06-07

Biff delivers Dave in a golf cart; Dave and an viewers member named Hal assist select the community’s new slogan; a pyrotechnic exhibition is held within the backdrop.

Episode 174

Show #0393

air day: 1995-06-08

It’s time for a studio viewers expertise present, with mates and family members of the performers swamping the backdrop. Shortly after his interview, Mike Myers joins the group.

Episode 175

Show #0394

air day: 1995-06-09

Dave tells Rupert to hassle individuals at a neighborhood bistro with his hidden mic; Dave chats with a lady that lately received $87,000,000 within the state lottery; head CBS executives “”Les Moonves”” and “”Peter Lund”” sing Bob Seger’s “”Like a Rock.””

Episode 176

Show #0395

air day: 1995-06-12

Dave chooses an individual off the road to inform their life story; the Top Ten Home Office strikes to Grand Rapids, Michigan; Chris O’Donnell plugs Batman Forever.

Episode 177

Show #0396

air day: 1995-06-13

Stephen Stills sits in; Dave “”attends”” a latest President Clinton press convention; basketball star/occasion animal Dennis Rodman feedback on his latest antics.

Episode 178

Show #0397

air day: 1995-06-14

Travis, a five-year-old golden retriever, has the “”Dog Cam”” hooked up to his head; John Turturro attire up as Batman, then palms Dave the Top Ten checklist; Dan Rather talks about Connie Chung’s departure from CBS, then promotes his exercise video “”Old Train Songs to Sweat By.””

Episode 179

Show #0398

air day: 1995-06-15

Dave arrives on the theater in a police automotive; all through the night time, spelling bee winner Justin Carroll comes out to spell varied ten-cent phrases; Dave chats with Robert Horry of the NBA Champion Houston Rockets.

Episode 180

Show #0399

air day: 1995-06-16

Travis and the Dog Cam return; Englebert Humperdinck serenades Rupert; ten kindergarteners write and current the Top Ten.

Episode 181

Show #zero400

air day: 1995-06-19

Dave pronounces that that is present quantity 4000, however later admits he is off by a zero; John Denver performs the theme music to “”Supermarket Finds””; Alan King gloats over his grandkids.

Episode 182

Show #0401

air day: 1995-06-20

Dave invitations each a cabbie and an viewers member to leap right into a rooftop swimming pool. They’re later joined by two NYC cops and Bob Saget.

Episode 183

Show #0402

air day: 1995-06-21

Shortly after a “”What’s New for Summer”” section, Dave palms hamsicles (or, if you’ll, chilly ham on a stick) to the viewers. Also, “”Batman”” (Calvert) palms Dave the Top Ten checklist, whereas Tony Bennett performs “”My Love Went to London.””

Episode 184

Show #0403

air day: 1995-06-22

Cold Opening: “”ER”” star Anthony Edwards refuses to offer Dave a bodily. Also, Jonathan Katz does standup and promotes Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist.

Episode 185

Show #0404

air day: 1995-06-23

Dave celebrates the fifteenth anniversary of the debut of The David Letterman Show by displaying clips of the primary broadcast; Biff interrupts Dave in order that Corey Pavin (winner of the 1995 U. S. Open) can drop by; varied staffers take their mothers to the Russian Tea Room.

Episode 186

Show #0405

air day: 1995-06-26

Bernie Kopell storms out of the theater after “”The Love Boat”” is someway talked about twice in a Top Ten List about Hockey. Later, Dave chats with “”Coach”” star Jerry Van Dyke, whereas Warren Zevon performs “”Mutineer,”” a music he would later carry out in his final TV look in 2002.

Episode 187

Show #0406

air day: 1995-06-27

Dave invitations a standby viewers member to play “”Will You Eat the Meatloaf?”” Later within the present, Dave chats with Pete, the dishwasher at Hello Deli.

Episode 188

Show #0407

air day: 1995-06-28

In an experimental comedy bit referred to as “”Letters to the Editor,”” Dave reads a (bogus) notice from Al Gore telling The New Yorker that he loves their cartoons.

Episode 189

Show #0408

air day: 1995-06-29

Dave reveals the viewers an outdated picture of Morty with an afro, after which later reveals a doctored picture of himself with a head-bush. Also, Dave helps Tom Hanks shave a beard he grew on trip.

Episode 190

Show #0409

air day: 1995-06-30

In a distant, Dave asks condominium dwellers, “”What’s the Coolest Thing In Your Apartment?””

Episode 191

Show #0410

air day: 1995-07-10

Jim Carrey, Andre Agassi, and Tom and Roseanne Arnold miraculously seem within the viewers, Tom being each on stage and within the viewers concurrently. Also, Dave orders pancakes from the Fashion Cafe for Christy Turlington and a heavyset viewers member.

Episode 192

Show #0411

air day: 1995-07-11

Dave says hiya to viewers in France and Italy of their respective native tongues; throughout “”May We See Your Photos, Please?”” Dave calls for to see photographs of meat or nudity; Penn and Teller carry out one in every of their trademark harmful stunts.

Episode 193

Show #0412

air day: 1995-07-12

Charles Grodin promotes his new cable discuss present.

Episode 194

Show #0413

air day: 1995-07-13

A small military of cyclists rush throughout the stage, whereas Dave and Pete Sampras play a pickup spherical of tennis out on 53rd Street.

Episode 195

Show #0414

air day: 1995-07-14

After an admittedly lame distant on a “”Day In The Life”” of producer Robert Morton, he jumps into a large bowl of pudding, adopted by Dave. Later within the present, Paul, Laurie Diamond, and the members of White Zombie take part.

Episode 196

Show #0415

air day: 1995-07-17

Dave flashes again to how he stayed cool over the weekend by stuffing popsicles in his pants; a lady who picks up one of many pay telephones on the kiosk outdoors the theater is chosen as an honorary visitor host; Alicia Silverstone promotes Clueless; Dave and Pam the telephone girl swap jackets.

Episode 197

Show #0416

air day: 1995-07-18

Dan Rather presents the Top Ten; Chevy Chase plugs Man of the House and talks tennis.

Episode 198

Show #0417

air day: 1995-07-19

Ed Sullivan Theater Building Engineer George Clarke begins his “”Quest for Corn”” all through the Midwest. He’s off to Illinois.

Episode 199

Show #0418

air day: 1995-07-20

Dave demonstrates a triple pencil flip; Rupert finds one in every of Dave’s blue playing cards hooked up to Mary Tyler Moore’s bottom; Dave reveals outdated footage of Andy Kaufman dancing with a large snake.

Episode 200

Show #0419

air day: 1995-07-21

Clarence Clemons of the E Street Band sits in; Dave provides an viewers man with an unruly beard $300 to shave it; Talent Assistant Zoe Friedham will get a tattoo; Dave provides the newly-shaven man $400.

Episode 201

Show #0420

air day: 1995-07-24

A “”Dumb Ads”” section introduces Canadian filling station attendent Dick Assman. The complete North American viewers instantly catches “”Dick Assmania.”” Later, a monkey within the inexperienced room throws fruit, whereas The Quest for Corn hits Omaha, Nebraska.

Episode 202

Show #0421

air day: 1995-07-25

Dave calls up Dick Assman; Ray Liotta arrives onstage driving a child elephant, and later he makes a (bogus) look with Paul within the controversial new film Kids.

Episode 203

Show #0422

air day: 1995-07-26

Dave and Tony swap locations for a couple of minutes; David Schwimmer is reunited with the monkey who performed Marcel on Friends; Dave pronounces that “”Dick Assmania”” has formally swept the japanese seaboard.

Episode 204

Show #0423

air day: 1995-07-27

During a section referred to as “”Ask the Mayor,”” somebody from the viewers asks Rudy Guiliani, “”Is that an actual hair piece?”” Also, a half-awake viewers member opens himself to the female wiles of Sandra Bullock.

Episode 205

Show #0424

air day: 1995-07-28

George Clarke’s “”Quest for Corn”” finds him in Indianapolis with Dave’s mother: 5 ears. Later, Nick Turturro and Dennis Franz stand within the inexperienced room with their pants down, whereas Paul and Bruce Hornsby play “”Chopsticks”” on the keyboard.

Episode 206

Show #0425

air day: 1995-07-31

Dave provides $100 to an viewers member after a monologue joke bombs; the present is interrupted for a “”Dick Assman Update””; father and son viewers members Jim and JJ McMichael wave from the highest of the Empire State Building.

Episode 207

Show #0426

air day: 1995-08-01

Dave pronounces that CBS has simply been purchased by Westinghouse, then spends the remainder of the present joking about it.

Episode 208

Show #0427

air day: 1995-08-02

Dave chats with Mary Ann Dennis, whose canine stopped a person that attempted to mug her.

Episode 209

Show #0428

air day: 1995-08-03

During “”Stupid Pet Tricks,”” a small fish eats a worm complete. Meanwhile, Dave goes right into a Westinghouse washer in spin cycle.

Episode 210

Show #0429

air day: 1995-08-04

The ultimate installment of “”George Clarke’s Quest for Corn”” finds our hero at Hello Deli (5 ears). Afterwards, George distributes an ear of corn to everybody within the viewers.

Episode 211

Show #0430

air day: 1995-08-07

Dave pronounces it is “”Christmas in August,”” with Glen Campbell singing a medley of vacation requirements at Hello Deli.

Episode 212

Show #0431

air day: 1995-08-08

Junior Brown sits in with the band; baseball star John Kruk talks about his latest retirement; Dave hectors a person on the road in a recreation referred to as “”May I Taste Your Dinner, Please?””

Episode 213

Show #0432

air day: 1995-08-09

The “”Dick Assman Update”” reveals that his recognition has hit fever pitch. Later, Christopher Walken promotes three new motion pictures which are popping out inside a month of one another.

Episode 214

Show #0433

air day: 1995-08-10

Dave reveals a “”spotlight”” of final night time’s present: Dan Rather fondling Dave’s butt.

Episode 215

Show #0434

air day: 1995-08-11

In honor of an incident that resulted in a forfeit within the earlier night time’s Dodgers-Cardinals recreation, viewers members throw baseballs at Dave.

Episode 216

Show #0435

air day: 1995-08-14

All night time lengthy, Rupert touches meat and is joined later by Kelsey Grammer, his then-fiancee, and a priest from the viewers.

Episode 217

Show #0436

air day: 1995-08-15

Dave claims that the chairman of Westinghouse has agreed to battle him. Later, Sonny Bono indicators to Calvert’s upstart file firm.

Episode 218

Show #0437

air day: 1995-08-16

During an interview with Isabella Rosselini, a man on fireplace runs across the stage. Later, Bjork and the CBS Orchestra performs “”It’s Oh So Quiet.””

Episode 219

Show #0438

air day: 1995-08-17

Paul is launched as “”Johnny Lavaggi;”” Dave reveals a (doctored) clip of Monica Seles grunting; David Brenner does arise.

Episode 220

Show #0439

air day: 1995-08-18

Dave bids a fond farewell to his announcer, whereas Dick Assman additionally makes one final look.

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