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The first episode of the Action & Adventure, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, series First Wave season 1, 2, 3 was released in 2000-09-13 by Syfy. The TV show was created by and directed by Chris Brancato. Actors in the cast include Rob LaBelle, Roger Cross, Traci Lords, Joe Pascual, Sebastian Spence. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

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Episode 1


air day: 2000-09-13

By now you all know the way shut the tip could possibly be. A large alien power referred to as the Gua are quietly getting ready to invade the Earth and snuff out humanity. Cade Foster and I had been attempting to cease the Gua earlier than it was too late, we have been determined, one thing needed to be carried out.

My identify is Eddie Nambulous. These are my journals. At least, now they’re. As devoted readers of this website that is the place Cade wrote in regards to the alien risk week after week. And you have been all there on the finish. Calling in your assist. You have been a part of the worldwide viewers who noticed Cade shot and killed on stay tv.

I pulled the set off.

And I do not know if I’ll ever be capable to clarify why. Not the best way I wish to.

But know this. Cade’s demise was not in useless. He’s a martyr to our trigger. And I’ve sworn to battle on.

With your whole assist in fact.

Things are a bit of out of whack. Kinda everywhere.

And there is a new alien on the town. His identify is Mabus. The third Anti-Christ predicted by our buddy Nostrad

Episode 2

Raven Nation

air day: 2000-09-20

Things are about to vary right here on Earth.

YOU are the hunted. You are Gua.

You do not know me. But I’m right here. We’re all right here. You assume we’re not prepared. You assume you are smarter. Quicker. Harder. You assume your self superior. Wrong once more. We are sturdy. Stronger than you possibly can presumably know.

And you created us. The power that can cease you. The power that can rise as much as destroy, to not be destroyed.

And we do not simply wish to ship you house. We need you to die.

And we would like it to HURT.

Afraid but? You ought to be.

There was one other who opposed you. Another you created. You know his identify. These are his journals. I do not write this for his supporters, I do not write it for many who observe his reminiscence now. Because he’ll at all times be certainly one of us. He will at all times be the person who uncovered your evil plans.

You known as him 117. But he has a reputation. It’s Cade Foster. And his demise solely strengthens our resolve.

I tackle you right here solely as a result of I do know you’ll learn this. It’s what you do. Putting us below a microsc

Episode 3

Comes a Horseman

air day: 2000-09-27

“”Quatrain 88, Century eight. In the arsenal of an emerald metropolis / the smallest of creation turns into nice / Horses 4 will trumpet the tip, born on the satan’s breath.””

The Emerald City is Seattle, the place a transformed armory housed the labs of Vio-Zor, an organization that specialised in microbiology. Mabus is the chief of the alien invasion right here on earth. If he is the satan referred to within the quatrain, then in some way Vio-Zor performs an element within the Gua’s plans for our destruction.

Eddie uploaded a pc bug into Vio-Zor’s software program. I went in to repair the issue, posing as Jay Rollins, a software program technician I deliberate to learn the way Vio-Zor is likely to be related to the aliens.

I entered by means of the hermetic seal and met Dr. Kelly, the Program Director of Vio-Zor and her employees, Dr. Jagger and Dr. Samuels. Seems a man they affectionately known as “”Tim the Rat-Boy”” was lacking. It was my first clue that one thing was up.

On our solution to the pc lab we handed by means of a decontamination chamber Kelly

Episode four


air day: 2000-10-04

Quatrain 83, Century 7. “”The traitor sits in a hidden world, ready for the person Twice Bless’d. Joined in determined moments, to push the rock over the height of time.””

I believed the traitor Nostradamus spoke of on this quatrain was Joshua, an alien who has helped my trigger on quite a few events. The Gua construct hidden worlds referred to as “”quantum pockets”” – Eddie’s realized to penetrate them. Recently, I busted right into a pocket, believed Joshua was to be discovered there and if he was alive, I needed to get him out.

Everything on this specific false actuality advised the aliens had been defeated, my wildest dream come to life. But I knew it wasn’t actual. Out in my world the alien chief named Mabus seeks to enslave humanity. The key to his defeat could possibly be Joshua.

Found my generally ally in a determined scenario. Joshua believed the aliens had launched a neutrino bomb towards earth – a closing determined transfer to cowl their humiliation at having been defeated by humanity. Joshua had the code to abort the mis

Episode 5

The Flight of Francis Jeffries

air day: 2000-10-11

Quatrain 73, Century 6: “”A daughter of struggle meets the gallows when darkness’ spirit takes flight. In the land of the Eye of the Stag, savior and satan come collectively as one.””

Even although I’m flying the Airstream solo lately I promised to maintain up Foster’s battle. So I’m doing the standard, scanning the quatrains and in search of matches in the actual world. Thought the “”Eye of the Stag”” seemed like Ohio, the Buckeye State. So I checked for odd tales within the place that is “”spherical on the ends and hello within the center.””

Came up with a woman named Lindsay Tilden, a cheerleader dealing with the demise penalty for murdering her dad, Alistaire. Death penalty. Gallows. The clues have been including up.

Spicing up the pot was the truth that Lindsay’s late Dad labored for Rocom Industries, a excessive tech weapons design agency and prime goal for the Gua. Could Lindsay be the “”daughter of struggle”” the Big N had talked about?

All indicators pointed that approach. So it was Eddie to the rescue. Solo.

Or so I believed.

Posing as Jack Reynolds from

Episode 6

Still At Large

air day: 2000-10-18

“”Quatrain 77, Century 9. Redemption is obtainable by a girl of scarlet, for the twice bless’d to hunt out. Enter the stomach of the beast and turn out to be one.””

There’s no extra cause to cover. The ruse is over. The approach I see it, we did not have a selection.

Eddie acquired a pc tip from a consumer identified solely as “”Red.”” She stated she knew in regards to the Gua and that she’d discovered the true file on Hannah’s homicide and that those learn at my trial have been a pretend. Traced the e-mail to a PD in Chicago, I had no selection however to go undercover.

A convicted killer strolling right into a cop station sounds loopy, particularly for a “”useless”” convicted killer. If I used to be acknowledged it will be feeding time on the zoo. I’m penning this now, so that is occurred. But I could not keep away, the prize was simply too large.

There was a secretary in Operations with pink hair who hadn’t been seen for just a few days – she was our greatest lead. I had just a few issues going for me there, for the reason that assassination of my clone on stay TV the cops weren’t look

Episode 7


air day: 2000-10-25

Quatrain 92, Century eight. “”The mighty shall be laid low, impaled on the superb honed sword of reality. A voice of justice is stilled, as nightmares take earthly type.””

Judge Carlton Levy was a revered district courtroom decide for 23 years, a real voice of justice earlier than sudden madness laid him low. Levy had been an everyday customer to the Paranoid Times web site, claiming to have details about the aliens who’ve infiltrated this planet. Was the decide actually mentally ailing, or did his nightmares merely “”take the earthly type”” of the Gua?

Time to go undercover to guard certainly one of our personal.

Posing as Lukas Johnson, Associate Director of Human Resources down on the courtroom I went to see Carlton’s spouse. Didn’t even want the false I.D., she wasn’t focused on speaking to me till I discussed aliens. Told her I needed to assist her husband, that I believed he spoke the reality.

Eddie did not imagine that Levy had snapped, felt answerable for certainly one of his readers who’d put his neck on the road for us. Now the Ju

Episode eight

Eyes of the Gua

air day: 2000-11-01

Quatrain 72, Century 5. “”Hallowed eyes burn by means of the road to the fifth in colonies of outdated. Malevolence awaits an ideal division, as 4 makes 5 for apocalypse.””

A killer struck twice in New England lately, a spot Eddie and I took for Nostradamus’ “”colonies of outdated.”” The police did their finest to maintain particulars confidential however reviews leaked. The victims have been stated to have their eyes burned out of their skulls. Malevolence could possibly be a reference to Mabus. Suspected the killer may have been Gua. Could the murders have one thing to do with the approaching apocalypse?

Cops had turned up brief on leads. Couldn’t cease me from beginning my very own investigation.

Posing as Lafayette County, Field Evidence Tech “”Fozen”” I checked out the second crime scene, claimed the detectives on the case wanted some new angles on the clues. Up on the ceiling close to the pipes I discovered an odd image É may’ve been written in blood.

Wasn’t the one one working the case for our facet. Eddie was on the native police

Episode 9


air day: 2000-11-08

Quatrain 28, Century 3. “”Tainted streams stream into fields of stone / As the vanguard rises from hope / On the trail of least obstruction / The evil one is topped.””

An operative for the Raven Nation, Alana MacAfee, disappeared whereas investigating an nameless posting to the Web website. It claimed that the aliens have been lively within the small mining city of Hope, Montana. Could’ve been the “”hope”” talked about within the quatrain. Always needed to see Big Sky nation.

Alana was certainly one of Jordan’s troopers, so she was taking this personally. We determined to make the infiltration a group effort. Jordan set off to take a look at an area motel, questioned the clerk there, a girl named Sheryl Nelson. Told Sheryl we have been a pair and have been purported to be hooking up with Alana to drive to Bozeman collectively later that day.

Sheryl informed us Alana had already checked out.

Jordan was antsy, hadn’t heard from Alana in three days however knew her agent had been onto one thing after they final talked. I informed her how a cop had tailed me

Episode 10

The Plan

air day: 2000-11-15

A faction of Gua generals, working with Joshua, search Foster’s assist in a plot to assasinate Mabus.

—– The prophet Nostradamus has foretold the arrival of an alien antichrist who will carry in regards to the apocalypse. He calls himself Mabus, and he is on the market proper now … someplace. The prophecies of Nostradamus information us and assist us battle the Gua, however we now have but to get near Mabus, we now have but to strike a blow that can cease the approaching invasion. Until then, we put together.

Call it a disaster of religion. Eddie was desperately looking the quatrains, attempting to get us nearer to Mabus however we have been operating out of angles. Jordan tried to bolster my spirits – informed me our plan was working. We would proceed to take the Gua down one after the other, every step bringing us nearer to discovering the Guahead. Jordan believed we have been gonna get him and win the struggle.

While sifting by means of quatrains, Eddie acquired an encrypted message from Joshua requesting a gathering to debate Mabus. He needed me to return alone. Eddi

Episode 11

Wednesday’s Child

air day: 2000-11-22

Quatrain 15, Century 5. “”The message precedes the messenger, a sudden hyperlink to darkness. Betwixt the glare and the chasm, the kid is freed with shadows behind.””

The Paranoid Times will get 1000’s of hits every week, all from the rising contingent of believers who know that aliens threaten our world. Most of those e-mails voice assist, however when one tipped us to a Gua bomb set exterior a United States Federal Office, we needed to test it out. That e-mail saved a whole bunch of human lives, however who despatched it? A disgruntled alien, a human with information of Gua plans?

The e-mail was traced to a residential tackle. With backup courtesy of Jordan’s Raven Nation, I got down to see if our mysterious cyber-tipper was actually a buddy … or presumably a foe.

Posing as Timothy Murray, a Compustar Internet Service worker I met Anne Berman, Aunt and guardian to Emily ­ the extreme little woman who lived on the home and the one one to ever use the pc. Made no headway, Anne stated Emily was sick and she or he wasn’

Episode 12


air day: 2000-11-29

Quatrain 17, Century four. “”Through the traditional north it shall go, ship to ship the ability of powers. All energy to those that unearth it, joined collectively will earth itself be consumed.””

A Gua intelligence communiquè intercepted by the Raven Nation talked about an omnipotent weapon the Gua have spent years trying to find, and now we have been near discovering it. A search of archeological dig websites turned up an excavation of a Viking settlement in Nova Scotia. Crossing the border into Canada was a danger, however one I used to be prepared to take.

The dig was stationed out of a bus graveyard. Yesterday’s settlement was in the present day’s dump. I needed to go in low profile – this time posing as Clyde the tow truck driver who wandered into the flawed place. But that is why I’ve Eddie and Jordan. Eddie posed as a big-shot archeologist named Dr. Charles Channing. His companion within the dig could be a person who made trying to find “”The Hammer of Thor”” his life’s ambition ­ an uptight, hefty man named Dr. Samuel Spiedel. Jordan was

Episode 13


air day: 2000-12-06

Quatrain 22, Century four. “”When twice three years and twice once more, discover secret talent in darkest hour. “”Tween Blessed and Cursed a Third will come, or world’s consumed in battle’s fireplace.””

Nightmares. They have been stealing my relaxation. Making it inconceivable for me to sleep. In them, I’m twelve years outdated, in a white room, strapped to a chair and there is a man there. He offers me a gun, instructions me to shoot. I do it. And then I get up.

And I’m terrified.

Don’t even wish to admit it. But Jordan and Eddie have been noticing and thought I wanted assist. Didn’t need me turning into a legal responsibility within the battle. Eddie keyed into the quatrain, thought Nostradamus was speaking about me all these years in the past. Even if the prophet was proper I figured the information was about sixteen years too late.

Jordan disagreed. Mentioned a Raven Nation regression therapist, thought I ought to examine him out – he may take me again, assist me relive my previous. But my childhood wasn’t any picnic – and dwelling it as soon as was sufficient. Wanted to let it go however th

Episode 14


air day: 2000-12-13

Quatrain 11, Century 9. “”Nobles collect on a midsummer’s eve / and the Raven grasps the curse of legacy. / Look to the traitor’s haven / because the beast prepares for Apocalypse.””

When Jordan obtained an invite to a midsummer bash at a mansion owned by her late mother and father, Eddie linked the occasion to the phrases of Nostradamus. Did this “”curse of legacy”” consult with the Radcliffe household? Could the traitor presumably be Jordan’s father, a person she each cherished and revered? Jordan would not relaxation till she knew the reality.

Neither would I. If “”the beast”” was Mabus, then I needed to do my half to learn the way the Radcliffes match into his preparations for the Apocalypse and I needed to cease him. We knew of a secret vault throughout the mansion, so whereas Jordan made a grand entrance to hitch the wealthy and well-known, I used to be breaking in upstairs to crack a protected.

Some issues by no means modified.

Had to be robust for Jordan. Once the Gua enter your life it adjustments perpetually. I’d lived it, and so had she. But Jordan was good at placing

Episode 15

The Edge

air day: 2000-12-20

The Raven Nation is a military of believers from each stroll of life: cops, lecturers, salesman, mother and father, and scientists – all touched by the deadly hand of the Gua. Dr. Pierce Malcolm was a extremely famend geneticist earlier than the Gua killed his solely son. Soon after, he joined the Raven Nation and introduced his genetic experience to our battle. I’m often inspired by the dedication proven by individuals like Dr. Malcolm to beat the Gua. So why did I’ve such a nasty feeling in regards to the Doc and the lab he’d invited Jordan, Eddie and I to go to?

Maybe it was as a result of it will be the positioning of our newest trial – an actual nightmare.

Jordan gave Malcolm one mandate: to search out weapons that may give us a bonus over the aliens. The Doc claimed we now had that benefit. He did a check on some blood samples, one human, one Gua – from a prisoner Malcolm had in his lab. He modified the Gua pattern inexperienced – made it distinguishable from the human pattern. It was an indeniable methodology for telling who was Gua and the

Episode 16

The Vessel

air day: 2000-12-27

Quatrain 41, Century four. “”At the inception of the millennium / machines of the brand new age ship devastation in struggle. / From a throne below 13 faceless warriors / the invader king wields energy.””

“”Inception OS”” is an working system utilized by nearly each pc within the nation — “”the machines of the brand new age.”” Max Stareman is president of the software program empire who deliberate to launch this system to an enormous media and shopper blitz. If Inception software program was the weapon that “”delivered devastation”” then we needed to cease it.

And first we needed to get to Max Stareman.

Eddie figured tapping into Stareman’s house base pc certified him as nuts and who was I to argue — Eddie’d at all times known as himself “”loopy,”” my plan helped validate the identify. Way I noticed it, the world’s prime pc programmers labored for Stareman, and any certainly one of them may’ve been Gua — even the billionaire himself.

Wondered what the Gua needed with an working system anyway? Eddie figured the reply was simple: management. Most of the wo

Episode 17


air day: 2001-01-03

Quatrain 26, Century 9: “”As the Apocalypse attracts close to the adherents are summoned. Down to the catacombs they flee, pursued by an enemy none can see.””

We needed to warn the Raven Nation. But they weren’t about to imagine something they learn on-line — not one thing this vital. Using data Jordan shared with solely a trusted few I might ship a top-level misery sign – it will set off a failsafe plan. The Raven Nation would assemble.

They’d expect struggle. Probably would’ve been simpler information to ship.

Mabus was dwelling inside Jordan, controlling her physique and thoughts. There was no approach of understanding what he deliberate to do. The Code 13 was despatched.

As a part of Jordan’s self-designed safety measures the 4 prime Generals of the RN did not know one another. They did not even know what the others appeared like. The one factor they did know was the key roster of militia of their zone. Four Generals with 4 separate cells, it was an excellent approach to verify nobody may cripple their ranks. But I

Episode 18


air day: 2001-01-10

The Gua have struck onerous. Mabus has entered the physique of Jordan and brought over. The military of the Raven Nation has fallen. Its generals are useless, the survivors scattered. Even after every part we have labored for, I can not anticipate defeat. I select to imagine sooner or later. In spite of every part, we are able to nonetheless win this battle.

I’ve to imagine it. They’re the phrases I posted proper earlier than we have been attacked. The total Airstream was taken down in a hail of bullets and I used to be instantly on my solution to a specifically deliberate visitation with my one time companion and buddy – Jordan Radcliffe. A lady we now name Mabus.

I’d been hit within the assault on the trailer however a Gua Empiricist healed me. Couldn’t determine it out, Mabus needed me useless, so why have been they fixing me up … even I knew the reality — I used to be on my solution to hell. The reply got here from the Guahead himself — my journey had come full circle. He needed to have the pleasure of breaking me. It was the conclusion of the identical human will experiment that had sta

Episode 19

Black Box

air day: 2001-01-17

Omega Quatrain 2. “”In the west, close to the rock mount, a load stone pulls opposing sides nearer. The fallen indicators struggle and steerage for the approaching maelstrom.””

A loadstone is a magnet, which can hook up with a robust magnetic anomaly Eddie detected in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. We suspect it is the supply of a number of mysterious satellite tv for pc blackouts which were baffling authorities. Could the loadstone be a Gua weapon designed to disable earth’s defenses?

I used to be beginning to have doubts, till one thing dropped out of the sky. Had a sense “”the fallen”” that “”indicators struggle”” simply made its first look.

With Eddie complaining all the best way, we hiked deep into the mountains. Found a tool placing out high-magnetic readings however nobody operating it. Left the system and headed within the path of the crash website.

Found a fireplace, one thing had crashed, may have been a satellite tv for pc or possibly a ship? Couldn’t inform which but. And we discovered one thing … or somebody, too.

Joshua — nothing like a bit of dest

Episode 20

Beneath The Black Sky

air day: 2001-01-24

Joshua stated it finest – we would have liked to grasp the extent of Mabus’ fist strike and the clock was counting right down to the Second Wave. Checked out a lead that did not pan out. Searched the woods at nighttime, however it was a entice — the Gua got here after us – a fleet of assassins concentrating on us with laser tags. We break up up, misplaced Joshua at nighttime. Eddie fell behind me after which there was a blinding flash of sunshine.

And instantly, I wasn’t in Kansas anymore – it was some sort of void, howling snarls echoed all through the place. Walls of crystal, possibly ice. Could hear Eddie calling for my assist in the space after which instantly there was “”one other me.””

That similar “”different Cade”” who rescued me from the Gua as a toddler – the primary time they messed with my head. The quatrain which lead us to that discovery stated “”When twice three years and twice once more, discover secret talent in darkest hour. ‘Tween bless’d and cursed, a 3rd will come, or worlds consumed in battles fireplace.”” This different Cade appeared as my “”grownup self”” t

Episode 21

Terminal City

air day: 2001-01-31

Final Omega Quatrain. Eddie known as it the final probability. “”Into the void should go the Twice Bless’d Man. Seek the hammer, because the seeker has sought earlier than. In the braveness to finish, discover the start, or demise and darkness befall mankind.””

The hammer is the final word Gua weapon, capable of transfer matter by means of a vortex in time and area. It may ship an alien military to our doorstep in a heartbeat. Our solely salvation was that the hammer had been misplaced in a vortex, past Mabus’ grasp.

Or so we thought.

Joshua intercepted a Gua transport carrying a locator, a tool meant to assist the Gua find the lacking hammer. Our solely hope was discovering the weapon earlier than Mabus did. Eddie and Joshua rigged a tool to get me into the vortex; as soon as inside, the locator would lock onto the vitality of the hammer and information me towards it. Downside: There was no approach again. Only the hammer may carry me house. It was succeed or die.

And if Mabus obtained there first, there would not be a lot to return house to. Joshua requested me if I wa

Episode 22

Twice Bless’d

air day: 2001-02-07

Would every part finish the place it begins?

That’s what I used to be questioning within the closing hours. Stuck in a psychiatric ward, built-in by medical doctors who believed I used to be loopy. I believed they have been human, in the event that they weren’t I might have been useless. Not that it mattered, the invasion was upon us and humanity did not wish to know a factor about it.

One factor was for certain; they’d know when the struggle was upon us.

Kept telling the Shrinks that 19 million individuals would die on the primary day and that we have been all screwed. Told a brand new Doc in regards to the alien anti-Christ named Mabus. She needed to know the way I’d survived my fights with the demon if he was actually so omnipotent? I did not have a solution – that they had me speaking in circles.

Were doing the identical factor to Jordan, attempting to persuade her the Raven Nation did not exist. Telling her she’d been manipulated by me, pulled into some grand lie.

They informed Joshua he wasn’t an alien in any respect. Said he was a employees sergeant for the U.S. Marines, informed him he had children.

Eddie was simply pl

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