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The first episode of the Animation, Comedy, series Cooking Master Boy season 1 was released in 1997-04-27 by . The TV show was created by and directed by . Actors in the cast include Nobutoshi Canna, Maya Okamoto, Mayumi Tanaka, Houko Kuwashima, Yuri Amano, Satsuki Yukino, Yumi Touma. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

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Episode 1

Young Cooking Master

air day: 1997-04-27

Qing Dynasty, Imperial China, a small restraunt in Szechuan Province is tousled by a primary grade prepare dinner, Shouan.To defend his deceased mom’s restraunt, Liu Mao Tsing (‘Mao’) has a cooking match with Shouan, the choose being General Lee. The dish: fried rice.

Shouan cooks a seafood fried rice utilizing essentially the most yummy seafood whereas Mao cooks ‘golden pal rice’ which is mainly fried rice and egg yolk to make the rice a gold color. Lee finds Mao’s dish far superior to that of Shouan’s. Shouan, upset he had misplaced to a child declares a rematch. Lee agrees however solely on the idea that if he loses, he’ll lose his first grade degree and by no means be allowed to prepare dinner once more. Similarly if Mao loses he’ll lose the restraunt to Shouan. The two agree and Lee declares the dish to prepare dinner be ‘Five Flavour Ma Por’ tofu with an additional flavour they need to determine to place in.

Episode 2

Fantastic Mapo Tofu

air day: 1997-05-04

In the on-on-one cooking match Mao simply defeats Shouan. Shouan, shamed that he was overwhelmed by a bit boy, runs away from the restraunt. General Lee congratualtes Mao on his sensible considering in his cooking of ‘Ma Por’ tofu. Instead of utilizing beef, Mao substituted it with beans. This gave the stunning style General Lee remembered when he was only a soldier at warfare and there was no beef becasue all of the cows had died.

General Lee, seeing Mao’s expertise orders him to go to Guangzhou and construct up his abilities so he might enter the Special Grade Cooking take a look at.

Episode three

Super Chef

air day: 1997-05-11

Mao arrives at Guangzhou and goes to the Yang Spring Restraunt. At first he’s ignored by the grasp chef of the restraunt, Choyu. Mao reveals him the letter of advice from General Lee to which Choyu turns into a bit suprised however simply chucks the letter away and tells Mao to prepare dinner bakchoy (white chinese language cabbage) for the cooks to eat for lunch.

Mao cooks the bakchoy however the dish is turned down by all the opposite cooks. Later Choyu tells him that Guangzhou’s water incorporates numerous filth so when Mao cooked the bakchoy all of the filth flavour went into it. Mao, being the gifted prepare dinner he’s instantly goes to work discovering a technique to eliminate the filth style.

After simply someday, Mao works out easy methods to eliminate the filth style and begs Choyu to permit him to show his abilities. Mao cooks the bakchoy once more, this time utilizing an oil which prevents the cabbage from absorbing the filth style. Mao is congratualted by all of the cooks for his sensible considering and is accepted Choyu promotes him to’fourth grade chef’ for his achievement. Of course, this makes the opposite resident cooking grasp boy, Sanche, a bit jealous.

Episode four

Merciless Rules

air day: 1997-05-18

Sanche, additionally a younger chef in Yang’s Spring Restraunt, turns into jealous of Mao’s expertise and tries to spoil Mao’s cooking. However when Sanche is requested by Choyu to cut some greens, he’s unable to cut them finely (resulting from a tragic childhood the place he was taught to prepare dinner by his strict father) and so all the purchasers change into sad concerning the restraunt’s cooking. Choyu kicks Sanche out of the restraunt for his poor cooking capacity. Sanche runs away and tries to get on a ship to return to Shanghai. Mao stops him and gives to assist him in exhibiting his abilities to Choyu so he could be prepare dinner for the restraunt.

Episode 5

Destroy Old Tradition

air day: 1997-05-25

Mao, Sanche and Meili open up a retailer to draw prospects away from Yang’s Spring Restraunt. They make ‘stir fry capsicum and pork strips’, however wish to add one thing else to create a singular flavour. As the evening wears on, Meili will get pissed off and kicks a tree, making all of the ripe ‘chi’ (a sort of fruit) fall to the bottom. Mao will get an thought to make use of the ‘chi’ because the particular flavour they wanted.

The subsequent day, Yang’s Spring restraunt is empty due to the shop Mao and the gang made. Mao chops the greens, Sanche stir frys the dish and Meili serves it to prospects making them the last word crew. Choyu and Ruoh discover out about Mao’s retailer and goes to have a bit style take a look at. They are so amazed on the quick period of time they took to make this new scrumptious dish that they permit Sanche again into the restraunt.

Sanche, joyful Mao had helped him, bought his confidence again in chopping greens and once more leaves for Shanghai the place his father’s restraunt is. Mao tries to cease him after studying Sanche’s go away observe however is simply too late.

Episode 6

Dumpling Brothers

air day: 1997-06-01

The annual Guangzhou dumpling pageant is nearing, and this 12 months Yang’s Spring Restraunt is hoping to win once more. However a brand new challenger has arrived – the Chinese Dumpling Brothers! Choyu breaks his arm after one of many Dumpling Brothers knocks into him and it’s as much as Mao to win within the pageant!

Episode 7

Dirty Trap! Cornered Mao!

air day: 1997-06-08

The Guangzhou Dumpling Festival has arrived! The winner is the crew who has essentially the most eaten plates of dumplings. An outdated man desires to strive the great Dumpling Brother’s dumpling however is instructed to go away becasue he seemed like a beggar. Mao offers the outdated man dumplings and finds out the person was once the Emperor’s grasp chef. After this information, everybody flocks to Mao’s retailer to eat his dumplings.

When time was up, the plates had been counted! Mao and the Dumpling Brothers had been equal first with 1242 plates. The choose, beneath the outdated man’s recommendation, pronounces a rechallenge the subsequent day – But completely different dumplings should be made!

Episode eight

The Final Battle

air day: 1997-06-15

At evening, the stronger Dumpling Brother tries to sabotage Mao’s indgredients earlier than the dumpling problem however is fortunately stopped by Choyu. Meanwhile, the opposite brother is rapidly getting ready his personal components for the problem.

The dumpling rematch has new guidelines: every style tester will get two balls, a black one and a white one. After tasting every retailer’s meals (Mao and the Dumpling Brothers) they put both a white ball (for Mao) or a black ball (for the Dumpling Brothers) into giant pots the place they are going to be counted.

The Dumpling Brothers make an attractive prawn dumpling which seems like a dragon. Mao additionally makes a prawn dumpling which doesn’t look pretty much as good nevertheless it has one particular trick – It can elevate its physique up! – The ‘Rising Dragon’ dumpling’ You’ll have to observe the episode to know.After the match is over, the massive pots are smashed open and they’re fully full of white balls! Mao wins!

General Lee arrives and tells Mao that he’s now able to take the Special Grade Cooking Test in Guangzhou.

Episode 9

Challenging Dream – The Super Chef Exam

air day: 1997-06-22

Mao goes to the massive citadel which holds the Special Grade Cooking Tests. The assessments are held each 4 years and just one particular person will move the take a look at (very strict!). In the primary spherical, the primary 5 folks to have their dishes previous will go on to the subsequent spherical. The dish to be cooked is ramen (noodles) and the subject is ‘Ramen with out an equal’ (one thing alongside these strains!).

While the opposite cooks have already began, Mao remains to be considering of what the subject phrase means. Feiyi – one other younger gifted prepare dinner offers him a touch and right away Mao is aware of what to prepare dinner! Unfortunately Mao forgot an important ingredient and tells Meili to return to the restraunt to get it. Mao waits as time goes by quick….

Episode 10

Incomparable Noodles

air day: 1997-07-06

When Meili lastly comes again with the components, two folks has already completed the noodles and certified (three left!). Feiyi makes ‘dragon whisker’ noodles which shocks the judges and in addition passes (2 left!). Meanwhile Mao remains to be making the dough for his noodles and crushing up the key ingredient – a rock!. A mysterious inexperienced hair girl who makes a noodle with bats and scorpians additionally passes the take a look at. (1 left!). Finally Mao finishes his noodles which don’t want soup. He places his hand as much as say he’s completed, however one other chef beats him to it (as a result of Mao is simply too quick!).

Episode 11

The Last Battle! Taste Battle Stadium

air day: 1997-07-13

There is just one extra place left to enter the subsequent spherical and someone beats Mao in making the noodles. Luckily for Mao, the person’s noodles are rejected and so Mao’s noodles are tasted. Becasue Mao didn’t use regular water in getting ready the noodles or when kneading it, the noodles had been in a position to take in all of the components which Mao had put into the noodles. Also the rock he used was a particular rock which makes the noodles have a more energizing style. Mao passes the take a look at and thinks it’s over – however the true take a look at is within the Special Grade Cooking area contained in the citadel.

The judges are changed by a brand new choose, one of many best cooks in China and in addition a pal of Mao’s mom. The dish introduced is once more noodles! which is a shock for Mao and the brand new matter is ‘Not noodles’! (Of course it has to difficult! its the ultimate take a look at!)

In the sector, the freshest components from throughout China are current which makes it a headache for Mao to determine what to make. Again, whereas the opposite cooks have began Mao remains to be considering of what to make. Time is ticking away…

Episode 12

The Handsome Teenage Chef, Fei

air day: 1997-08-03

Mao decides to prepare dinner ‘namazu noodles’ (namazu is a sort of fish, seems like a catfish). He rapidly finishes and tells Meili to style it. Meili rejects to the noodles discovering them not contemporary sufficient and having not sufficient bounce. Mao tries to search out away to beat his downside and finds it! – In octopus! Time is sort of up!

Episode 13

The Decisive Catfish Noodles!!

air day: 1997-08-10

Mao finishes his noodles and is time is up! The judges should now style the meals….. But the choose tells the 5 cooks to style every others dishes! The inexperienced hair girl presents her dish first – black noodles. However she is disqualified for utilizing opium within the noodles which makes it addictive and in addition for utilizing acupuncture on Mao to cease him from making his noodles.

Next is the person with the ‘cat ears’ noodles. For the entire contest he had been doing pushups together with his thumb so he might make cat ear form noodles from the dough by flicking together with his thumbs! But his noodles are disqualified by the opposite cooks as a result of the ‘cat ears’ noodles was not within the form of noodles and so failed.

Finally, Feiyi, Mao, and one other man ‘Han’ is left. They style every others dishes and are then instructed to offer one another a rating out of 10. The choose pronounces the overall scores: Mao 9, Feiyi 9 and Han 10.

Episode 14

The Honorable Mark

air day: 1997-08-17

The scores are introduced, and Han believes that he had received. However the choose disqualifies him for utilizing soiled methods. Whereas Mao and Feiyi had judged one another pretty, Han solely gave them every a ‘1’ to decrease their scores so to win.

Finally the choose tells Feiyi and Mao to offer a rating for their very own dishes. This is in fact the hardest name a chef has to make. Mao offers himself a 10 as a result of he thinks its the most effective dish irrespective of who you’re. Feiyi additionally offers himself a 10.

After the choose discusses with different officers, she pronounces that each Mao and Feiyi move the take a look at and change into Special Grade cooks!

Mao returns to Yang’s Spring restraunt the place he’s greeted by General Lee who had heard of the nice information. Mao tells Lee he won’t return dwelling to be the grasp chef at his Szechuan restraunt nor will he keep and study extra at Yang’s Spring Restraunt. Instead Mao chooses to go round China studying new Chinese cuisines. Lee agrees and needs him luck. Meili is so distressed about this that she runs away crying.

Mao farewells his sister and the cooks at Yang’s Spring. One of the chef’s give Mao a handkerchief sewn by Meili since Meili could not see him off. On the ship, Mao is saddened to learn Meili’s goodbye letter. Luckily for him Meili sneaked on board as properly to acompany him on his journeys!

Episode 15

Fake Super Chef?

air day: 1997-08-24

Mao and Meili journey to Wunam province in China and alongside the way in which meet a boy who has fainted from hunger. Mao makes some meals for him utilizing igredients from the timber round him. When he’s properly, the boy tells him his identify is Siro and he’s a Special Grade Cook (which he is not!). Since Mao is hiding his Special Grade prepare dinner emblem, Mao turns into Siro’s disciple!

The group go to Siro’s village the place a extremely fats Official is placing cooks into jail for making meals he doesn’t like. Siro, whose household owns a restraunt within the village additionally tries to fulfill the Official. With Mao’s assist they make a fried rice with a bitter style which the Official greedily ate. Mao reveals he’s a Special Grade prepare dinner, to the suprise of Siro and everybody. Siro apologises for pretending to be a Special Grade prepare dinner and joins Mao’s journeys.

Episode 16

The Beauty Trap

air day: 1997-08-31

Mao and his pals go to Wu Nam province to hunt new Chinese cuisines. They enter a village the place they’re welcomed by an attractive feminine chef, Ang. Ang finds out Mao is a particular grade prepare dinner and seduces him to work out easy methods to use a big ball and chain cooking instrument Ang’s father had left to her. Mao nearly immediately goes to work (to the jealousy of Meirii) at it with Siro. When they lastly work out its makes use of, they inform Ang and he or she locks them up in a room. Ang then makes use of the ball and chain to create a dish* for the Official who has come.

*The dish Ang makes is one among Wu Nam’s specialties. It known as a ‘chicken’s nest’ and is made by frying taro powder in a form of a chicken’s nest. Inside the nest is normally some stir fry greens and meat. The one Ang makes an attempt to make is a sphere somewhat than a hemisphere like regular chicken’s nest.

Episode 17

Dream Singe Cuisine Revives

air day: 1997-09-14

Mao and Siro are discovered and untied by Meirii. Meanwhile the Official rejects Ang’s dish as a result of it doesn’t style like her father’s though it seems the identical. Mao seems and reveals Ang easy methods to actually use the ball and chain devices correctly. Ang thanks Mao and his pals and they’re off.

Episode 18

Haunted House Experience

air day: 1997-09-21

Mao is break up up from Meirii and Siro in a forest at evening. When they regroup they discover a big home the place they’re served a really good meal by the chef there. The sickly house owners nonetheless solely wish to have pink congee. Mao and gang attempt to discover the secrets and techniques of this addictive congee and discover it’s comprised of a toxic pink mushroom. Also they discover out the chef wished to make use of this addictive pink congee to pressure the proprietor’s to signal a contract to offer all their cash and their daughter to him. And so Mao creates a natural ‘5 color’ congee which he offers to the house owners. This cures their addictiveness for pink congee and the chef is compelled to depart.

Episode 19

Galaxy Noodles

air day: 1997-10-26

Mao, Meili and Shilou are consuming in a restaurant, however after they had been about to pay, they came upon that Shilou misplaced all their cash. They had been thrown out by the top chef, Harry and his thugs, however a sure Igle, a third-grade chef stopped them. A struggle ensued and it was stopped as a result of the proprietor of the restaurant arrived together with his daughter, Laia. Mao then requested the proprietor to allow them to work the debt off by working for the restaurant. It was additionally came upon that Laia is engaged to Harry, they usually had been to be married the subsequent day.

Igle in the meantime carves a phoenix out of ice as a present to Laia, then left the restaurant. While strolling he discovered Harry (with two women at his aspect!) planning to make the restaurant right into a bar after he’s married to Laia. Igle was mad however Harry’s pals outnumbered him.

Mao discovered Igle mendacity on the filth, and determined to assist him and thwart Harry. During the marriage, Mao used subtlety by making a galaxy soup, a totally black soup that kinda sparkles, (like the celebrities within the black sky) and tells everyone of Harry’s plans. Mao then confirmed Laia the pearl bangle that Igle promised her. Then they confirmed the ice carving Igle made. Laia ran off to search out Igle on the bridge the place they professed their love.

Episode 20

The Bad Luck Dark Chicken

air day: 1997-11-02

Mao’s get together keep at ‘Chicken Town’ a village in south west china. This village is the biggest supplier of chickens in China. After Mao spends all their cash on cooking books, the proprietor of the Black Wing restraunt, Tia, offers them meals and shelter. In return and after listening to Tia’s tragic story of how her brother’s breeding of black chickens led to his dying, Mao competes within the annual hen cooking contest held in Chicken Town, utilizing black chickens.

Episode 21

Yang Spring Restaurant`s Challenge

air day: 1997-11-16

Mao simply returned from his journey and he’s given a key for Yosen Shuka as a result of Master Luo & Chouyu went to attend the chef alliance’s assembly for 2 weeks.

When they had been already closing, a stranger compelled his manner inside and ordered a stir-fry. Since Mao is out performing some errand, Shilou made the stir-fry, however forgot to dip it in oil. This made ths stranger sad and demanded for the supervisor. Mao confronted him and requested for one more probability, something the stranger desires and Mao will prepare dinner it. The stranger requested for an egg dish, however not an unusual egg dish. Mao should use three completely different sort of eggs that has unity however on the identical time the tastes of the three eggs should be distinct. Mao is to do that in solely 15 minutes.

In half the time, Mao produced the egg dish, a siumai dish. The stranger claims that he’s fairly strict with siu mai and even with out tasting the dish, he already knew what two of the three eggs are. When he tasted the siu mai, he came upon the third and he exclaimed that the dish could be very scrumptious! He then introduced himself as Shell, the youngest dim sum grasp chef. Because of the thrill of discovering an individual that’s equal or is perhaps higher than him close to cooking siu mai, he challenges mao right into a siu mai battle!!!

Episode 22

The Battle of Two Chef

air day: 1997-11-30

Mao was chosen to carry the restaurant key. Then, when he needed to go away the restaurant for some pick-me-ups, he left the restaurant to Meirii and Siro’s care. Now, when Meirii was about to shut the restaurant, Shel (regardless that his identify isnt talked about but), demanded to be let in and ordered for some stir-fry veggies. Siro, considering that he can be some assist, determined to fry the stir-fry as a substitute. Shel was outraged to style such a disgusting dish and demanded for the prepare dinner. Mao instantly took duty and thus, Shel noticed the material wrapped over Mao’s ‘Super’ badge. Shel then confirmed Mao the celebrities he earned when defeating different good cooks and Mao is stunned (naturally).

Shel challenges Mao for a siu mai battle however Mao refuses as he has to handle Yosen Shuuka. Shel, outraged, makes use of his persist with destroy the place. Ruoh and Choyu got here again when Mao lastly accepted the problem and Meirii is uncertain about this. By that point, Shel had found that Mao is a ‘Tokyu Jiushin’ or Super chef.

Episode 23

Big Universe Pork Dumpling

air day: 1997-12-07

Mao doesnt imagine that Shell has chosen the identical components as him and stolen his thought! Mao sits on the ground, cursing himself and excited about one thing else. There is lower than one hour for the battle to final.

Shel nonetheless thinks that Mao has given up and he’s the winner. Siro, being clumsy and anxious about Mao’s scenario, knocks over a basket of eggs. Meirii scolds Siro for being careless and Mao out of the blue has an thought. He kneads the dough like he did earlier on (see The Challenger! Mao was chosen to Fight!). He goes outdoors and makes use of centriferal pressure to spin the dough and calls Meirii and Siro to convey him the most important steamer within the restaurant. Then, Siro orders everybody to go in whereas he, Meirii and Mao keep outdoors to complete the siu mai.

Then, Choyu checks his hand watch and sees that point is up. He calls Mao out to current his siu mai. Mao then calls Meirii and Siro to convey the steamer in. Ruoh muses at seeing Mao taking the massive steamer ut of storage. Mao offers the O.Ok sign to Siro and Meirii they usually elevate up the duvet. When the steam is cleared, they see an enormous siu mai in it.

Shel nonetheless is aware of that huge siu mai wouldnt be cooked correctly within the insides. Mao invitations Ruoh to style his siu mai. Ruoh takes out some siu mai formed like a small siu mai and eats it. A wave of cooking style engulfs him as he eats it. He goes to the opposite elements of the siu mai advert tastes them. A burst of universe engulfs him, making him assume like an entire of one thing is in there. Therefore, Mao pronounces that his siu mai is Big Bang Siu Mai!

Shel is bewildred to see such wonderful act and sputters that how the entire meat is cooked via. Ruoh requires his cattle bane sword and somebody will get it for him. Ruoh then jumps and cuts the siu mai into quarters. Shel is shocked to see the insides all marblelized.

Mao explains the method of cooking and everybody oohed and aahed on the technique. Shel admits defeat after Choyu pronounces that Mao has received fingers down. Choyu seems on the Big Bang Siu Mai and Shel’s 50 orders of siu mai and orders Meirii to open the door to let everybody in to eat. Choyu nonetheless tells Siro that as punishment for cooking as an errand boy, Siro has to therapeutic massage Ruoh’s again. Shel leaves the restaurant, predicting that they might meet once more quickly.

Episode 24

Mysterious Invitation, The lure of the masked Chef

air day: 1997-12-14

It was an attractive morning within the Yosen Shuka, and it was damaged by an arrow hitting a wall with a observe tied round it.

Mao gave flowers to Mei Li and he or she feedback that they’re lovely and her mom will prefer it too. It seems that it was Mei Li’s mom’s dying anniversary. Their dialog was damaged when Shilou arrived and instructed them what Chouyu was making. They had been amazed after they noticed an enormous ice sculpture of a dragon going as much as the sky and that it reveals the complete mastery of Chouyu together with his abilities. Then, as Mao and Mei Li determine to return, Shilou began teasing Mei Li which resulted in a chase. Shilou first noticed the arrow and instructed Mao and Mei Li about it. They learn the observe and it’s a dinner invitation for Chouyu and Mei Li to the Sea Bell Park, an deserted mansion. They confirmed it to Chouyu who found an emblem of “compulsory obedience”. They determined to go, however Mei Li wished Mao to go together with her. Master Luo agrees, however he denies Shilou’s request to go along with them.

At the mansion, they had been welcomed by a creepy fellow and inside they noticed the representatives of the Guangzhou Cooking World. The creepy fellow mentioned that the grasp chef has ready a really particular meal for them. They got good meals, till the principle course arrived. The creepy man mentioned it was pigeon. They began consuming it, however Mao and Chouyu instantly realized that it’s not pigeon, however pink frog’s meat. Mei Li and the opposite who’ve already swallowed the meals have already fainted, after which the chef revealed himself, behind an armour and a masks.

The chef instantly sees Mei Li’s mother in her. Chouyu asks who he’s, and he taunts him in saying that he forgot already. Chouyu lastly realized who the masked chef is and asks why he’s doing this, the masked chef it was revenge. The masked chef gave an ultimatum: Chouyu has to win two out of three in a lobster contest, the identical as earlier than, with a purpose to save the poisoned folks with the antidote. Chouyu agrees, and each blindfolded themselves for the primary battle, however as Chouyu was slicing, he was stung by a scorpion and fainted.

Mao accused him of dishonest and the masked chef revealed that Chouyu did the identical factor years in the past. When the masked chef claimed victory by default, Mao challenged him and revealed that he’s worthy as a result of he’s a Super Chef…to be continued…

Episode 25

Western Style Blood Match

air day: 1997-12-21

The masked chef rejected Mao’s problem, however Mao insisted.

The subsequent scene, we see Shilou working within the restaurant cleansing the dishes when all of the lights went out. He was very scared when he noticed some shadows after which he realized it was Master Luo. Master Luo reminded Shilou of the ice sculpture, and that it will soften within the rain, so that they determined to convey it inside. But simply as they had been about to do it, the lightning hit the sculpture, destroying it. Master Luo feedback that it’s a signal of unhealthy luck.

Back on the mansion, Mao insists on persevering with the battle for Chouyu, believing that Chouyu couldn’t cheat within the match. The masked chef nonetheless rejects Mao. To make the masked chef settle for the problem, Mao completed the primary battle, cooking and slicing lobster blindfolded. The masked chef was intrigued and impressed, he accepted the problem. He tells Mao that the second spherical can be complete deep fry. The situation is whoever finishes the dish first, a complete deep fry, would be the winner.

Shilou determined to go after Mao working within the rain, however after some time he will get misplaced for some time, lastly he reaches the mansion. Meanwhile, again on the mansion, the second spherical continues and the masked chef thinks that Mao is healthier than he thought. While the masked chef is making the sauce, Mao pronounces that he’s finished. The masked chef’s dish is the Phoenix Tail Lobster, lobster coated with nuts, however for the reason that sauce isn’t completed, Mao refused to style it as a result of the meal was incomplete. Mao then reveals his dish, and the masked chef tells him that it’s only a deep fry dish, and he claims that it’s additionally incomplete. Mao says it’s complete, if he’ll simply take a chunk. The masked chef did take a chunk and he was stunned as a result of the sauce that he’s been in search of in Mao’s dish is contained in the lobster and that it’s superb. Mao explains why the sauce didn’t seep out when it fries, it’s the bean curd pores and skin wrapped across the lobster. The masked chef realizes the approach and expertise in Mao and that he actually is a pupil of Chouyu. The masked artificial one other ultimatum, if he stops the battle, Mao will get spared however Chouyu and Mei Li will die. If Mao wins he’ll get the antidote, but when he loses, he’ll take the poison. Mao decides to struggle for Chouyu and Mei Li.

Episode 26

The Strongest Ace

air day: 1998-01-18

The third spherical begins, and it is going to be a cooking in a pot. Mao has a selection of the freshest components, whereas the Masked Chef goes to make use of the seafood components that he has saved for a very long time and instructed Mao that he’ll complete his revenge. Mao instructed the Masked chef to cease calling Chouyu a cheater, as a result of he isn’t one, till the Masked Chef instructed his previous.

In the previous (he wasn’t a Masked Chef but, that is only a identify for his character), the Masked Chef was working with the identical restaurant that Meika (apparently, Mei Li’s mom) and he’s in love together with her. He instructed Mao that his ardour for cooking is his ardour for Meika. But then, Meika’s father introduced that her husband can be chosen by a cooking match, towards the Masked Chef’s rival from his old fashioned: Chouyu. The match was additionally a three-round lobster match. The Masked Chef even instructed Meika that he’ll make Meika joyful. The match started, however then when the Masked Chef reached in for a lobster, he was stung by a needle. He began to get dizzy, however he didn’t wish to lose Meika so he continued to prepare dinner. But as he put it: “The first two rounds are utter defeat.” And the winner was already chosen.

Because of this, he determined to go to the underground (Mao was stunned and when he heard of the cooking underground). He skilled actually exhausting and adjusted his complete character so he can have revenge on Chouyu who cheated him of Meika. And that now he returned. He additionally instructed Mao that he was utilizing the identical components he hadn’t used the final time and now it was preserved and Mao knew that when it’s soaked within the water the style will come out.

Mao was having a tough time excited about what to make use of, considering that no seafood might beat the Masked Chef’s components. Then, Fei flashed into his thoughts, the one when he took the Super Chef Exams, telling him to stay to his roots. Mao lastly gathered all “mountain” components he might discover and began cooking. The Masked Chef noticed what he was doing and famous that Mao made a mistake: lye is forming within the cooking, and it is going to be troublesome to take away with such a small period of time. Mao mentioned that he knew all about lye and he’ll begin to present his actual abilities. The Masked Chef requested Mao if he’s nonetheless holding again. Then, Mao pulled out an outdated cookbook and began tearing out the pages.

All whereas that is occurring, Shilou who’s already close to the mansion, was taken captive.

Both cooks completed their pot: Mao’s in black and the Masked Chef’s in white. Mao then requested the Chef to do the judging, however then the Masked Chef mentioned that there’s going to be a 3rd get together and it seems to be Shilou! If Shilou picks Mao’s bowl, all can be saved. But if not, Mao will die too. But they wouldn’t inform Shilou who cooked which bowl. Shilou can’t take the stress, figuring out that Chouyu, Mei Li and the opposite’s lives are in his fingers…

Episode 27

The Secret of the Masked Chef

air day: 1998-01-25

Shilou was having a tough time selecting the bowl, as a result of he knew that every one the lives trusted his judgment. Mao then tells Shilou to not attempt to decide his bowl, simply decide the one which tastes higher and that can be his. Shilou lastly began tasting each dishes. The Masked Chef was already gloating in victory, as a result of he believed he’ll win as a result of the collected style of his marine delicacies. Shilou lastly determined: he mentioned that he didn’t know which is Mao’s bowl, however he’ll decide the one he really felt is scrumptious. It’s the black bowl!

The Masked Chef is livid. He couldn’t imagine that with all that lye, the dish tasted superb. Mao was about to take the antidote, when the Masked Chef accused Mao of giving Shilou an indication and requested for a proof. Shilou defined that the opposite marine delicacies overwhelmed the style of the lobster, however Mao’s dish has all of the mountain components flowing collectively to convey out the style of the lobster. The Masked Chef nonetheless isn’t satisfied, he requested concerning the lye. Mao then threw him the key…a paper bowl. The paper bowl was comprised of the papers he ripped out from the cookbook. He confirmed the masked chef how he used it. Mao boiled the components within the paper bowl, then the lye began showing, however the paper bowl retains on absorbing the lye, thus the dish is so clear. The Masked Chef admitted defeat and gave the antidote and Mao and Shilou began giving it to Chouyu, Mei Li and the others.

Everyone awoke, in addition to Chouyu and Mei Li. Then Chouyu gave the Masked Chef a punch. The Masked chef lastly admitted that he can’t complete his revenge due to Mao, however he’ll always remember Chouyu for stealing Meika. Mao began accusing the Masked Chef of poisoning Chouyu, when Chouyu stopped Mao. He began explaining.

Sixteen years in the past, Meika and Chouyu have promised themselves to one another. The Masked Chef couldn’t imagine it at first. He lastly realized that Chouyu is telling the reality. But Meika’s father wished to check Chouyu if he can handle her, so the match was set, and the Masked Chef entered the competition. Meika wished to be with Chouyu a lot, that she was the one who put the sting needle within the Masked Chef’s lobsters to make sure Chouyu’s victory. The Masked Chef couldn’t imagine it, Meika wouldn’t have finished it to him. He additionally instructed Chouyu if that’s the reality, then why didn’t he inform him. Chouyu reasoned that the Masked Chef’s emotions for Meika had been real and he didn’t need Meika to be ruined in his eyes. Chouyu felt that he ought to bear all his anger. Chouyu additionally instructed the Masked Chef that when Meika was dying, she made him promise that after they see one another, she was asking for forgiveness. The Masked Chef lastly realized every thing and mentioned that he was solely competing with himself. He revealed himself, and his face was full of scars. He instructed them concerning the underground cooking society, and the way the society is merciless. He began falling down, as a result of he took the poison.

Chouyu went over to Lien (the masked chef) and requested why he drank the poison. Lien answered that it’s the future of somebody who offered his soul to the underground. Then smoke crammed the air, and hearth burst from the steps. Lien pushed Chouyu away and went contained in the flames. He lastly requested Chouyu one final query: Did Meika dwell a cheerful life. Chouyu answered sure. And this appears to be sufficient for Lien as he was engulfed by the flames. Mao was shouting Lien’s identify.

They had been outdoors, it was raining and Chouyu vowed to Lien that he’ll make Mao the primary prepare dinner in China. Mao vowed that he won’t be defeated by anybody from the underworld. Then, the outdated man who was serving the meals earlier than determined to report what has occurred to the underground.

The subsequent day, Mei Li, Mao and Shilou had been visiting her mom’s grave and thought that she didn’t know that this sort of factor occurred between her mother and father, that her father has a…

Episode 28

Wilderness Cooking

air day: 1998-01-25

Yosen Shuka was closed and the staff of the restaurant had a picnic and a fishing match. The prize who caught the most important fish can be a ladle. Everyone is having a good time and Master Luo is teasing Chouyu that an important chef is a good angler. While Master Luo bought one other fish, Chouyu bought one other log. Then, when Chouyu was about to catch a big fish, Master Luo threw a rock at it and introduced that he’s drunk once more, to everybody’s chagrin. Mei Li thought it was unfair.

Meanwhile, to win, Mao, Shilou and Mei Li went to a different a part of the lake to catch bigger fish. But Shilou tripped and fell, Mao caught him, however they had been additionally dragged down.

Back along side the lake, everyone seems to be already consuming, when Chouyu was remembering what Lien (the masked chef) had mentioned to him, that the Underground can be focusing on him and Mao subsequent.

Mao, Shilou and Mei Li had been shifting their manner in direction of the crops after they hear sounds. At first they thought it was a bear, however ultimately it was Shell. He’s nonetheless on his journey and was considering on going again to Yosen Shuka. Since everybody hasn’t eaten, Shell used his metal stick as a fishing rod. Mei Li seen that there are extra marks on his metal stick, however there’s a black star. It was his defeat from Mao and he instructed Mao to be prepared subsequent time as a result of he’s going to vary it to a victory mark.

While catching fish, Shell instructed Mao he heard the information about Mao having a match with the Underworld. Mao affirmed the information, and Shell warned Mao that this won’t be the final. Meanwhile, Shilou and Mei Li are arguing, saying that he’s very hungry and he desires to return. Mei Li blamed Shilou about going too far than was ordered. Then, Shilou requested if they may prepare dinner the fish that Shell caught. Shell mentioned that it could actually’t occur as a result of the fish is carp and it’ll take them half a day simply to scrub the fish. Shilou mentioned that he can’t wait that lengthy and that he’ll die in starvation. Shell commented that even Mao can’t do something about it. Then, little yellow leafs began floating about and Mao had an thought. He requested Shell for flour and ordered Mei Li to collect some rape blossoms (the little yellow leafs). Mao and Shell began cooking. Mei Li got here again with the rape blossoms and Mao requested her to place the flowers contained in the pot. It was used to erase the scent of carp. Then, Mei Li commented that the fireplace isn’t sufficient to boil the carp. But boiling longer will smash the style, so Mao put boiled stones contained in the pot, and it immediately boiled. The completed product, was the skin delicacies of friendship, the water dumplings!

Shilou, then again, is making a dish of his personal. He’s making smoked carps. But he wanted extra smoke to burn correctly, he bought one thing, like a rag, and put it inside the fireplace. Shell realized what it’s. It was the bag the place he put all his cash inside. All his touring cash is gone!

Back within the restaurant, Shell made Shilou assist him in gaining his a reimbursement by promoting siu mai. Shilou got here dwelling very drained, complaining. Mei Li then handled Mao and Shilou to a meal. Shell, now drunk, got here dwelling, bringing buns. He went to Yosen Shuka when somebody appeared and acknowledged Shell. The man mentioned that he doesn’t wish to stick with him, he desires to see the chef that beat Lien, however he’ll take away Shell’s metal stick. A struggle ensued, and ultimately the person bought Shell’s metal stick. The man commented chef’s cooking utensil is his life and soul, subsequently Shell is ineffective. Shell acknowledged the tattoo on his hand as the person disappeared once more.

Mao, Mei Li and Shilou are already getting back from consuming, after they seen Shell mendacity outdoors, considering he was drunk, till he revealed that he encountered somebody from the Underworld that took his metal stick. Shell mentioned that that they had unfold their manner into Guangzhou.

Episode 29

Darkness Society`s Assassin! Cold Blooded Genius Leon

air day: 1998-02-01

Mao was getting ready a dish, and the staff on the restaurant are all fascinated together with his knife abilities. Luo arrived and requested Mao to organize a particular dish for a particular visitor. They went outdoors, they usually noticed a giant buffalo. Master Luo mentioned that that is the particular dish that they will put together for the particular visitor. While they had been slicing the buffalo, a stranger began slicing the buffalo in fast straightforward strokes. Then he put a pink paper on the buffalo’s brow. Suddenly, the buffalo was reduce completely! Everyone was questioning who he’s, after which Mei Li one way or the other acknowledged it. Mao acknowledged the reduce and mentioned that it was a transfer taught solely within the underground. Shell went over to the stranger and raised his hand, there was a tattoo of the underground on it!

Shell began accusing the stranger of taking his stick, when the stranger mentioned that he’s by no means seen Shell in his life. The stranger acknowledged Mao, and mentioned he’s the one who defeated Len from the underground. They had been about to beat him up when Mei Li lastly acknowledged him. It was Leon a genius cooking boy that’s pretty much as good as Mao and was coaching at Yosen Shuuka. Mei Li remembers that Leon could be very kind-hearted, that generally he cries when he has to kill an animal with a purpose to prepare dinner. He then went on a journey to be a greater prepare dinner, and now he returned. Mei Li requested what occurred to Leon, and Leon pushed Mei Li. They can’t imagine this was the kind-hearted Leon they knew from the previous.

Then, Chouyu and Master Luo arrived and noticed Leon sitting on the chair together with his toes up in a desk. It was revealed that Leon was the particular visitor. Leon reminded Luo of a promise, that Luo give Leon the legendary cooking instruments. Shell defined the instruments. There are cooking instruments in China that has mysterious energy. Shell was adamant, saying that Leon stole his stick and that somebody from the underground shouldn’t obtain the legendary cooking instruments. Chouyu thought in any other case. His talent in slicing is proof. But Chouyu mentioned that he should show himself in receiving the software. It was saved in a Daisen Temple in a closed room. Luo agreed with Chouyu. Luo wished to see Leon’s actual expertise and acknowledged that Seven Star Knife that Leon carries. Leon requested who will battle him. It was going to be Mao.

Leon was mad. He thinks it was a joke saying that Mao can beat a man like Len however not him. Chouyu remembered Lien and what he mentioned about Mao. Chouyu instructed Mao to point out Leon his true energy. Chouyu requested Luo for the competition and Luo mentioned that the competition can be tomorrow on the Daisen Temple. The battle is on!

Episode 30

Sharpness of Evil. Seven Star Knife

air day: 1998-02-22

Mei Li goes to Mao’s room, however he’s not there and he or she and Shilou begin trying to find him. It seems Mao is within the kitchen, holding his mom’s knife. They focus on the underground and it’s plans to take over the overworld. Then, Shilou and Mei Li surprise the place Mao bought all the knowledge, questioning if he’s a part of the underground himself. Mao lastly reveals a e-book that Pai left. He discovered it when Mao and Mei Li and Shilou had been separated and located their manner into the haunted home. It was mendacity within the ruins of her outdated home. The pocket book has recipes and in addition the matches she had towards the underground society. Mao mentioned that he desires to comply with his mother’s footsteps in beating the society and their plans utilizing his mother’s knife that has her soul.

The subsequent morning, persons are already gathered across the Daisen Temple for the match. It will determine who will personal the software. Master Luo introduced that the meals to organize is pink snapper as a result of knife abilities will determine the style of the fish. Leon got here full-armed with the seven star knife, however Mao steps ahead with nothing in hand. The battle has no time restrict and every chef has to provide you with four dishes. The match begins!

As normal, Mao watches in fascination and all had been amazed with Leon’s knife and his abilities. Then, Mao lastly begins by scaling the fish. At first they thought that he’s scaling the fish together with his naked fingers nevertheless it seems that he has a wire knife between his fingers. Mao is then teased by the gang as a result of after scaling, he’s doing nothing, then Shell arrived and eventually, Mao has his secret weapon, his mother’s knife.

At first, folks ridiculed Mao, till they noticed that the knife could be bent and Mao began on the snapper. Mao requested Shell to place holes in his mother’s knife. Leon was stunned to know that Mao knew one thing that an overworld prepare dinner is aware of an underground trick, the hundred-hole knife. Chouyu then exclaims that with the Hundred Hole Knife, they’re now even.

Leon thinks that he ought to win the match as a result of he overcame the society. Mao received’t let anybody from the underground who hurts folks win

Episode 31

China inside a Fish

air day: 1998-03-01

The gong sounded and each cooks are completed. The chiefs of Guangzhou cooking are the judges of the match. Leon begins the tasting together with his dishes: 1st dish, sashimi. 2nd dish, stewed fish head with greens. third dish, skinny slices of fish porgy that’s dipped inside boiling porgy soup inventory. 4th dish, particular fish head dish. The judges are all very proud of Leon’s cooking and Mao is amazed.

It’s Mao’s flip. The girls convey out a giant dish and after they opened it, it’s the porgy. They requested if that is the primary dish, however Mao answered that that is all his dishes. Mao then requested Shilou’s assist and Mei Li pushed him, Mao requested Shilou to chop the string that holds the porgy on the identical time. After the string was reduce, the porgy moved and the flesh is spreading out like a fan, and when the meals settled, the porgy is formed like China! Mao’s dish is the Porgy Continental Seal.

The judges began tasting the dish, every one tasting completely different sides of the porgy (north, south, east, west) and it incorporates the 4 tastes of the 4 main areas of china: Beijing, Szechuan, Shanghai and Guangdong.

The elders lastly introduced that they got here to a choice. It’s a tie!

But simply because the elders are about to complete the battle, Leon challenged Mao into an extension spherical and Mao accepted the problem! Chouyu commented that Mao is at an drawback. Chouyu mentions that Leon hasn’t used any underground methods left, and he nonetheless has a trump card.

Leon lastly revealed his trump card. The North Star Heavenly North Blade

There is just one porgy left, and Leon requested Mao to decide on the elements. Mao insisted that they’ve equal elements. Mao reduce the porgy in half, with unbelievable talent. Mao claimed that he did this as a result of he has respect for an important chef, which is Leon.

Leon talked about that he hadn’t hoped of utilizing the key knife. Leon crushed the top to the ground and pulled out a shining knife. Leon mentioned that the winner would be the one who offers the higher style, and he would be the one. Mao thinks in any other case.

Episode 32

Ice and Fire`s Impulse

air day: 1998-03-08

Leon breaks open the seal of the Northern Wolf knife, and it seems to be a knife that has a blade made fully out of ice! A narrative is instructed of how the knife was made. Leon and Mao every take a half of the final porgy left to prepare dinner. Leon slices the meat so finely and neatly that the reflections of the choose’s faces could be seen on the slices of meat. Naturally, the judges are amazed by the unbelievable knife talent that Leon possesses.

On the opposite aspect, Mei Li, Shell and Shilou are getting extraordinarily nervous, as a result of Chouyu simply talked about that Mao would have a severe drawback. Just then, there may be an explosion of some kind, and everybody turns to have a look at Mao. It appears that each time he brings his knife dow n onto the meat, the meat explodes and little bits of it drop onto a plate. No one is aware of how Mao is managing to do it, not even Chouyu.

It is then seen that Leon is getting a extreme frostbite on his hand, due to the bitter chilly that the knife is producing. Leon finishes his dish simply when the porgy meat is at its highest degree of style. However, the knife shatters. The dish seems to be slices of porgy positioned on a piece of ice. The judges take a slice of porgy every and dip it in a sauce, and are immediately taken over by the great style.

Late within the night, Mao finishes his dish, the ‘Resurrection Spring Rolls’ . The judges are amazed that Mao managed to maintain the style of the porgy at its highest stage. Leon notices that Mao’s hand has a number of burns and it’s revealed that Mao had mixed his two knives collectively to supply the exploding impact. He had positioned the knife in a hearth, and used the knife when it was nonetheless burning sizzling. The judges like each dishes tremendously, and dis cuss who must be the winner. The episode ends with Master Luo saying loudly: ‘The Winner Is….’

Episode 33

The Legendary Cooking Utensils! The Secret of the Always-sharp Blade!

air day: 1998-03-15

Finally, the winner is introduced. It’s Liu Mao-Hsing! The software now has a brand new proprietor. But there’s a convention, the software chooses it’s proprietor.

Chouyu defined the place the legendary cooking instruments are comprised of. The legendary chef Shuri made them from a meteorite that hit the earth a whole lot of years in the past. Master Luo then begins the ceremony by telling Mao that he ought to maintain the knife, and the knife can inform if the proprietor is nice or evil. Mao held the knife in his fingers and a dragon appeared and appears to be sucked by Mao’s physique, then the dragon appeared within the knife, saying that Mao is its proprietor after 400 years.

Mao begins utilizing the identical knife on some leftover porgy that has misplaced its greatest style. When Mao tasted the fish, he exclaims that the fish has retained its good style. That is the key of the knife, it returns any meals into its unique situation, thus the most effective style.

Then, Mao tells everybody that the knife has one other proprietor and runs over to Leon. Everyone begins declaring to Mao that Leon is from the underground and that he may assault Mao. But Mao insists, and Leon holds the knife. The dragon appeared once more and went straight in Leon’s physique and it appeared on the knife! Leon is an proprietor too! Which means, Leon is an effective particular person.

Leon begins explaining how he stumbled on the underworld. Four years in the past, he left Yosen Shuuka to achieve the last word information in cooking, that’s why he stumbled on the underworld. Although he gained hardships via it, he was joyful as a result of he was cooking. But quickly after, he realized the true intent of the underworld, and he started feeling scared and wished to get out. He escaped, and he vowed to crush the underworld by acquiring the legendary cooking instruments.

After every thing is cleared, they had been now having an important feast the place Mao and Leon will use the legendary cooking software in cooking. While Mao was cooking his spring rolls, Shell wonders who actually stole his stick, as a result of now he’s certain that it’s not Leon. It was then Leon’s flip to prepare dinner. Mao handed him the knife, however the dragon disappeared! Mao exclaimed that it’s an impostor, and the faux Leon begins his escape. Shell realized that he’s the true thief of his metal stick and begins a battle, the place his masks is destroyed and revealed an unpleasant face. As the impostor is about to flee, Leon caught him and the impostor was trapped. Chouyu asks the impostor at hand over the knife, however the impostor as a substitute killed himself with it, saying that if the knife is used for different functions than meals, it loses its energy, additionally explaining that it’s the way in which of the underworld.

After the occasion, Master Luo revealed the maps of the opposite seven legendary cooking instruments scattered in China. Mao requested Master Luo if he might seek for the instruments earlier than the underworld will get them. Then, Shell and Leon promised to hitch him and defeat the underworld. Mei Li and Shilou wished to hitch too, however Chouyu didn’t allow them saying that Shilou has to assist in the restaurant and it’s very harmful for Mei Li.

Mao, Leon and Shell are already leaving, when Shell realized that Mei Li and Shilou will not be round to say goodbye. Then, abruptly, Mei Li and Shilou seems saying that Chouyu permitted them to go. Mei Li embraced Mao and Shilou teases them. Mao begins chasing Shilou.

Back on the restaurant, Master Luo feedback that Chouyu is getting softer. But Chouyu reveals that he has not given permission to the 2. Luo says that they will’t do something about it.

Episode 34

Chef of Darkness Society`s Revenge

air day: 1998-03-22

The Yosan Shuka group composed of Mao, Leon, Shell, Shilou, and Mei Li are off to their first vacation spot searching for the legendary cooking instruments – Shanghai.

There they’re reunited with Sanche, an outdated pal who’s now the top of their household restaurant. However, the happiness ends quickly when the crew finds out that the Underworld has already reached Shanghai. They declare warfare on Mao and his team-mates and takes Sanche’s father and the opposite elders of the Shanghai Cooking Union as hostages. The Underworld requested for 4 cooks who will compete with them. The value for the problem is the map indicating the situation of the legendary cooking instruments.

The crew then agreed to compete. They had been blindfolded as they had been transported to the “Lou Lin Vessel” – a big cooking area constructed by the underworld.

Episode 35

The Metal Palm`s Demonic Power

air day: 1998-04-19

Mao’s group has arrived on the Lou Lin Vessel, a big cooking area inside an enormous boat. The underworld pronounces that the competitors can be a Banquet Cooking Battle with 4 classes. The crew that received in most rounds will win. The value would be the map that reveals the situation of the legendary cooking instruments.

The first class is soup. It is Sanche’s flip and he’s going to compete with Rouko – the underworld prepare dinner with a mechanical hand. Before the competitors was began, Sanche was stunned when he finds out that the judges are the leaders of the completely different guilds in Shanghai. Rouko makes use of an entire hen for his soup. He has a minor benefit as a result of the broth that he’ll use was ready even earlier than Mao’s crew arrived. When the judges tasted his soup they had been very delighted and mentioned that the soup is scrumptious. It is Sanche’s flip to current his soup. Everyone was stunned to see that Sanche is holding a glowing melon bowl.

Episode 36

Brother Sanche`s Cold Sea Turtle Soup

air day: 1998-04-26

Rouko was indignant when Sanche confirmed melon couldn’t be a soup. But Sanche replied that it’s a soup, and it’s his particular: the bouncing snapping turtle soup. Sanche served the soup and Mei Li helped him. But when she laid down the melon, the duvet fell off, however the soup didn’t spill! Then, when one choose tried to get soup, and the spoon bounced off. They had been saying that the soup is strong and wonders if the dish Sanche ready is known as a soup.

Sanche defined that his soup is congealed meals. Rouko then introduced that his soup wouldn’t do, as a result of a soup is a dish upon itself and never part of the delicacies. He additionally instructed Sanche that the judges look unhappy.

It is now time to vote. The judges ought to elevate the white spoon for Rouko and the pink spoon for Sanche. Each one among them raised the pink spoon! Sanche was very joyful, however Rouko demanded a proof. Mao defined that it’s a banquet cooking battle, and though soup is meant to be scrumptious, it’s also a dish that continues to the subsequent. Rouko’s dish is simply too heavy and you’ll’t proceed to eat anymore. As comparability, Rouko’s soup has many leftovers as in comparison with Sanche’s, that are all empty.

Then, two guys grabbed Rouko’s arms, and the girl says that it’s shameful to lose to an outdoor chef, and he’s branded with the image of distaste. (The identical course of how they model cattle).

The second spherical is introduced, and it’s dim sum, and Shell decides to struggle. It’s going to be the outdated man. Leon acknowledged the logo on the outdated man’s stick, saying it’s the Hakura emblem, the household that when calmed a raging river by providing dim sum. Shell mentioned that the lineage died, the final can be Lakon, the dim sum king. Shell then realized that the outdated man is Lakon himself!

Dim sum has many types, and a spinning wheel is pulled out to decide on the class. Shell was allowed to decide on, with Lakon saying that he ought to select the one’s he greatest with. Shell wished to struggle truthful, and by spiting the stick he’s chewing on the spinning wheel, he selected “buns”, not siu mai, a lot to Shilou and Mei Li’s dismay. Leon mentioned that Shell selected the one which he shouldn’t have chosen. Everyone requested why. Leon solutions: the Hakura household invented the buns.

Episode 37

Dim Sum king, Lakon 1600-years-old Soul-Calming Steamed buns

air day: 1998-05-03

In this episode, King Lakon prepares the Spirit Calming Buns of the Hakura Family. The bun’s secret ingredient was a chunk of 1600 12 months outdated ‘lao mien’, a chunk of fermented dough handed on from his ancestors (apparently the older the higher). The eight varieties of buns altogether: all of them first charge seafood which incorporates shark’s fin, abalone, lobster and sea cucumber, served in a bamboo boat. Method of preparation: Clay pots. The judges give the dish a thumbs up.

While Lakon cooked up his dish utilizing the standard strategies handed on for generations, Steel Stick Shell used his personal creativity to prepare dinner up: Fried Laughing Buns. Even King Lakon was shocked when it laughed in his hand. Secret components: diced steak (not minced) and vermicelli (to retain the juices throughout frying). Secret technique: To make the buns giggle, Shell made a slit on every bun. While frying, the oil will rush in and prepare dinner the insides. However, the slit can be sealed trapping the juices inside. Once taken out of the fryer, the stress contained in the bun will reopen the slit and the air popping out of it creates the laughing impact. The judges cherished the buns, scrumptious and enjoyable.

Now comes the judgement: the judges had been instructed to boost a pink spoon for Shell and a white spoon for King Lakon. It ends with a cliffhanger: None of them lifted their pink spoons when requested to take action!

Episode 38

The Super Dim Sum Competition! The Startling Results!

air day: 1998-05-10

Now that none of them lifted the pink spoons for Shell, they had been requested to elevate the white spoons for King Lakon. Surprise, shock! The results of the battle is: A DRAW. The judges couldn’t determine which is healthier and agreed that each had been evenly matched.

After listening to the judgement, each Steel Stick Shell and King Lakon will get right into a heated argument on whose dish is healthier. After buying and selling blows, they dropped to the bottom and exploded with laughter. Actually, they each admired one another’s cooking very a lot.

King Lakon realized his mistake in becoming a member of the Underworld and wished to depart to go on a studying expedition throughout China (similar to Shell did). He instructed Shell to be ready to face him once more in 10 years time after his expedition and began to stroll away. However, Mysterious Shan from the Underworld tried to assassinate King Lakon as he leaves however she was foiled by Shell’s Steel Stick. King Lakon then disappeared in a cloud of smoke. Then it echoed within the room: Shell, we will meet once more in 10 years time.

Episode 39

Another Seven Star Sword! Mysterious Woman Shan!

air day: 1998-05-24

Matchup no. three includes Leon and Shan from the Underworld. The chosen ingredient is crab.

What follows is demonstration of one another’s talents. Leon demonstrates his slicing abilities by fishing out an enormous squid and slicing it into big squid sashimi on the judges desk. Shan fished out a beluga whale, reduce it as much as take away the caviar and seal it up once more. Soon, the beluga whale was swimming as if nothing occurred. Only software is able to doing the feat: the Seven Star Knives. How might Shan have in her possession one other set of Seven Star Knives?

Shan then says to Leon: You can pay to your sins. Leon seems very disturbed. Shan knew one thing that Leon has finished and regretted ever since.

Episode 40

Wake Up Leon! The Destiny of a Cook!

air day: 1998-05-31

Finally, Leon decides to come back clear. Leon had killed the blacksmith that made these knives, after he mentioned that he would make higher set of knives than the Seven Stars Knives. Knowing that he can not let that occur, he stabbed the blacksmith and pushed him off the cliff. When he lastly come to his senses, he deeply regrets his actions. His mistake was to inform the elders within the Underworld concerning the incident.

After encouragement from Mao, he begins in making his dish. Special abilities: Removing meat from crabs with knives (picks even the leg clear). Special components: Crab shell (when he picked the crabs, picked the small, inferior ones. The crab meat is stuffed into the shells, and when deep fried, the crispy shell could be eaten). While Leon was busy together with his dish, Shan lazed round and even mingled with the judges. Her dish was a bowl of soup and crab omelet.

Then it was tasting time. Shan went first. The judges weren’t thrilled together with her entry. It was a traditional fare. However, when the judges tasted Leon’s stuffed crispy crab shells, they spat out the crab whereas saying that it was essentially the most disgusting factor they’ve tasted. How might it’s? Everyone was stunned. Was it sabotage? But how?

Episode 41

Destroy The Evil Sword, The Sacred Seven Star Knives

air day: 1998-06-07

The judges awarded the decision in favor of Shan. However, Mao lastly figures it out. It was Shan’s soup. Shan’s soup was wealthy in crab style. Since the judges tasted the soup first, Leon’s fried crab shells tasted disgusting (all they may style was oily batter). Although the reality was uncovered, it was too late. The judges choice was ultimate.

Shan took the benefit to additional weaken Leon’s spirit, saying that he was not the true proprietor of the Seven Star Knives. The susceptible Leon crumbles to the bottom dropping his knives. While Shan tried to succeed in for them, Shell interfered with the TRUTH!

The solely purpose why Shan had her set of Seven Star Knives was that she discovered it out from the blacksmith. But didn’t Leon kill him? Apparently, he survived the injuries and the autumn. Shan nursed him to acquire the situation of the second set (all good blacksmiths maintain one other set of their greatest work as choices to the gods). After she bought them, she killed him in chilly blood.

Knowing the reality, Leon and Shan engaged in a struggle to find out the rightful proprietor of the knives. In the warmth of preventing, the soul of the blacksmith was launched. Stating that his intention of creating the knives was in order that Leon could make folks via his cooking, he instructed Leon to neglect the previous and that Leon was certainly the true proprietor of the knives. After leaving his message, Shan’s set of Seven Star Knives broke by itself, one after the other. Now, there is just one set of Seven Star Knives. A victory behind a defeat certainly. The battle will now be determined within the subsequent match.

Episode 42

Final Battle, Shouan`s Revenge

air day: 1998-06-14

Thanks to Shan’s trickery, now the banquet cooking competitors is now tied. The outcomes of the subsequent dish will decide the winner.

Mao lastly meets his competitor: Shou An, his late mom Pai’s disciple. There is a historical past between the 2. It was Shou An that triggered Pai’s dying. And Mao was the one which defeated Shou An in a Mabo Tofu competitors, leading to Shou An shedding his license to prepare dinner perpetually. Mao was the explanation that Shou An joined the Underworld! Shou An’s rise within the underworld was phenomenal, pushed by his want to defeat Mao.

It was solely becoming that the class for the ultimate dish is tofu, which is Pai’s specialty, and the dish Mao defeated Shou An with.

Since tofu wanted time to be made, the ultimate battle was postponed to the subsequent morning to permit the opponents to organize the components. However, when Mao’s soy beans had been being soaked, the Underworld resorted to soiled techniques. Shilou and Mei Li who had been guarding the beans had been knocked unconscious with needles laced with sleeping potion. In the morning, when Mao test on the beans, they had been already spoilt! But Mao doesn’t appeared involved and mentioned that he’ll make the tofu dish of the century!

Episode 43

Mao’s Strength! Magic Panda Tofu!

air day: 1998-06-21

Sabotaged by the Underworld, Mao needed to look forward to the tofu to harden. Shou An was cooking away as Mao sits in addition to his field, a lot to the frustration of his pals. As Shou An presents his dish for the judges, Mao lastly strikes however takes the entire field with him, with out cooking the tofu.

When he emptied the contents on the desk, it was layered tofu (black and white layers). Everyone was considering how Mao might count on to win with raw tofu when the magic started. The tofu crumbles into small cubes that floated within the air, earlier than settling down in a scrumptious sauce, similar to magic. It is definitely Mabo tofu. After having fun with the spectacle, the judges tasted it. The judges cherished it! Secret components: Black tofu (sweetened resulting from fermentation). The black tofu enhanced the new style of the sauce (even when the sauce was by no means heated up) and went properly with the white tofu. But will it’s sufficient to beat Shou An?

Episode 44

The Shocking Finale! Chef Pai`s Palm!

air day: 1998-06-28

Now that the judges have savoured each little bit of Mao’s tofu, Shou An’s dish is Three Harmony Tofu. Secret Ingredients: Tofu, meat-flavoured tofu strips and tofu noodles cooked along with a particular sauce. The judges additionally completed each little bit of Shou An’s dish. It seems that it’s now tilting to Shou An’s benefit. As the judges emerged from a closed session, they introduced the winner: Mao.

What tilted the judges towards Mao’s Magic Panda Tofu was universality and originality. While the judges had been break up over the style and the cooking strategies of each dishes, one among them remembers consuming Shou An’s dish at Kikkaro, Pai’s restaurant some years again. Hence, Shou An stumbled upon Pai’s secret dish with out realizing it! No marks for originality there!

Convinced now that he has really misplaced, Shou An resorts to blowing up the ship, with everybody on it!!

Episode 45

Flame on the Yangtze River! Shouan’s Death In The Ocean

air day: 1998-07-26

Shou An triggered the self-destruct mechanism and the ship begins to sink, as explosions rip via the ship and destroys all life boats. Shan runs away with the Treasure Maps and escapes via a lure door beneath the ship with Leon in sizzling pursuit.

Mao and the remainder tried to search out their manner out, together with the remainder of the ship’s passengers. They needed to go additional up the ship to flee the fireplace. Coming out on the prime of the ship, they seen Shan getting away on a small boat!

But all was not misplaced! Leon has caught up! Leon grabs the Maps from Shan and ordered her and her minion to leap ship. Leon turns his consideration to the sinking ship however realizes that his small boat will be unable to save lots of all of the passengers.

Luckily, a passing giant ship noticed the sinking vessel and got here to the rescue. As everybody flees the sinking ship. Shou An reveals as much as problem Mao to a duel. Mao stayed on board regardless of his pals pleas. Shou An gave Mao a beating earlier than an explosion triggered him to fall into the burning flames. Mao grabbed Shou An and instructed him that Pai by no means blamed him for his actions and her dying want was that Shou An, Mao and Mao’s sister crew as much as make Kikkaro the most effective restaurant in China. Shou An realized then that he has been flawed all alongside and tossed Mao a package deal that he mentioned will assist Mao sooner or later. After that, Shou An falls to his dying. As the ship sinks, Leon involves Mao’s rescue.

Now that they’ve the Maps, they proceed to search out the subsequent cooking software: a fossilized pot. Dragon Pot. As Mao holds the software, the fossilized shell breaks revealing the Coiled Dragon Pot.

Episode 46

Shell`s Rescue! Storm of Ramen!

air day: 1998-08-02

Now they’ve gotten the Coiled Dragon Pot, Mao used the pot to cooked Pai’s well-known Kikka sauce utilizing the recipe within the package deal given to him by Shou An in his dying moments (which was really the second portion of Pai’s cookbook). Normally, the sauce takes months to mature however the powers of the Coiled Dragon Pot shorted the method to seconds.

Bidding their farewell to Sanche, they go away Shanghai to proceed their journey. They stumbled upon a bunch of touring acrobats. After an evening of excellent meals and wine, they fell asleep. When they awoke, the acrobats had been gone they usually discovered themselves cornered by the native minister’s males. Shell was arrested for theft and sentenced to dying on the identical night.

When Leon went to search for the true culprits, Mao devised a crafty plan to delay the execution. As the minister was going the execution, Mao cooked noodles and fanned the aroma to draw the minister (Mao came upon earlier from the kitchen that the minister cherished noodles). Using 100 completely different spices to concoct flavoured noodles and soup and utilizing them in numerous combos and small parts, it made certain that the saved the minister’s urge for food in excessive gear. Mao calls the dish: The Chamelen Bowl Tower.

When the minister lastly realized one thing flawed, he arrests Mao. As he was executing Shell, he was interrupted. It was Shell! The one that was about to be executed was the true perpetrator (mistaken for Shell as he disquised himself throughout the theft to border shell). Leon had succeeded in capturing the culprits in any case. It seems that the minister was within the mastermind and executed harmless folks to cowl his tracks. The minister was arrested and Shell was freed.

Episode 47

The Meeting Of God And Devil! Mysterious Demonic Holy Instruments

air day: 1998-08-09

Shilou discovered the opposite portion of the third map within the treasures stolen by the bandits. Putting the 2 maps collectively, they know the situation of the third software: Mount Jiuhua.

Upon arriving there, they discovered the folks to be losing away, mendacity on the streets. They woke to the sound of the gong and everybody rushed to the temple of the Abalone Deity. They exchanged valuables for what gave the impression to be regular abalone soup. Curious, Mao gave all his cash in alternate for the soup. The style was fabulous and all of them had been mesmerized by the style! It was then that Mao realized that somebody had used a legendary cooking software to supply the soup: the Holy Copperware.

Recognising the ‘Abalone Deity’ to be a swindler they met on the way in which to Mount Jiuhua, they tried to show him. However, the Holy Copperware was certainly actual regardless of the fect that solely cooks of worthy abilities can use the software. Realising that any kind of rash motion will incite the anger of the lots, they found out one other plan: to pose as Comet deities themselves.

Episode 48

Heaven’s diminished star! Special Meteor Fried Rice!

air day: 1998-08-16

Well Mao and his group of pals (Meiri, Siro, Shel, and Leon) arrive in a village and the village is empty as a result of everyone seems to be on the temple the place a bit man is pretending to be a God and is cooking abalone in a magical pot. Abalone normally takes hours to prepare dinner however this magical pot solely takes a pair seconds to prepare dinner it, and the villagers are mistaken that the little man is a God.

The little man forces the villagers to offer him gold, land or properties by saying if they do not they will not get any of the Abalone which is God’s meals. Mao and his pals discover out that the little man is a con. Mao challenges the little man to a prepare dinner off. Mao wins by pretending to be a God and getting Shel and Leon to ship rice into the sky and land onto the plate subsequent to Mao. The rice is particular because it has a number of nutritional vitamins and minerals and restores the villagers to their regular selves. Mao then explains to the villagers that the little man is a con and never a God. Mao then touches the magical pot and it seems the pot is a legendary cooking utensil.

Episode 49

Trapped in Darkness! Soul-Connecting Congee

air day: 1998-08-23

Episode 50

Beijing, the Emperor`s Capitale! The Dark Cooking Society`s Wickedness

air day: 1998-08-30

Episode 51

The Genius Fei`s Plan! Neo Chinese Man Han Banquet

air day: 1998-09-06

Episode 52

The Big Reversal! The Brave Chef`s Glory

air day: 1998-09-13

While Fei and his crew are working away cooking, Mao remains to be considering of what to prepare dinner, together with his pals anxiously ready. Finally, after observing the king for a bit, he comes up with a ‘theme’ they usually begin cooking. After numerous speeding and hurrying, they lastly end their 100 dishes simply in time. Fei presents his neo Man Han Banquet, and the king takes one spoon out of every of the 100 dishes and says that he is full (implying that Mao’s dishes are rejected). However, after some begging from Mao, the king decides that he’ll strive one dish. After that, he turned loopy, and began consuming increasingly more till he completed all 100 dishes! So he askes Mao the key behind his dishes, and Mao mentioned that he had noticed that the king had small wrists and oily pores and skin and the theme of his meals was to be wholesome and contemporary. Then the king declares that Mao has received, and Mao says that he would not wish to take the job, as a substitute journey to search out the remaining cooking utensils. He then askes Fei to come back alongside, and Fei tells them why he joined the UCS. So they set off to search for the remaining 5 cooking utensils.

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