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The first episode of the Animation, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Action & Adventure, series Bakugan Battle Brawlers season 1, 2, 3, 4 was released in 2011-02-13 by TV Tokyo. The TV show was created by and directed by Atsushi Maekawa. Actors in the cast include Eri Sendai, Mamiko Noto, Keiji Fujiwara, Chihiro Suzuki, Yu Kobayashi, Risa Mizuno, Ryou Hirohashi, Atsushi Ono, Ayumi Tsunematsu, Ayumi Tsunematsu, Chiharu Suzuka, Eiji Miyashita, Hideyuki Umezu, Hiroki Yasumoto, Kiyotaka Furushima, Fuyuka Ono, Masaharu Satō, Nao Takamori, Soichiro Hoshi, Takayuki Kondō, Yuichi Nakamura. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

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Episode Guide

Episode 1

Interspace Showdown

air day: 2011-02-13

It has been one yr because the occasions in Gundalia, and Bakugan Interspace has grown tremendously. Marucho has teamed up with a Bakugan from Gundalia, Tristar, whereas Shun’s accomplice is Taylean, a Bakugan from Neathia. After profitable a battle, Dan and Drago study that there have been two teams of battlers, Team Sellon and Team Anubias who’ve risen to excessive ranks not far behind Dan. Dan has a nightmare the next evening wherein a mysterious entity calls for that Dan give him one thing. Drago, who additionally had a imaginative and prescient of a bakugan throughout the earlier battle, speculates that the 2 occasions could also be associated. Unconcerned by this lethal and expert competitors, Dan challenges Ben, a member of Team Anubias to a brawl. While Dan and Drago initially wrestle because of the battle atmosphere and confronted in opposition to two bakugan. They wrestle and simply earlier than they’re about to lose, the entity once more seems to Dan (Drago sees the picture of the bakugan) and tells him to launch his hidden energy and destroy ben and his bakugan, additionally giving him all the ability. They in the end pull out a win after realeasing that energy. However, Drago is unable to manage the ability practically destroying the world. This leaves Dan and Drago to marvel in regards to the risks of this newest discovery and if they’re a risk.

Episode 2

Mechtogan Mayhem

air day: 2011-02-20

After Dan’s battle with Ben, Marucho and Shun discuss to Dan about having Drago sit out for some time. Dan, nonetheless, shrugs it off and says he’ll get Drago’s powers beneath management, however secretly, he is extraordinarily nervous in regards to the quantity of energy Drago unleashed, and the 2 of them determine to go prepare to get it beneath management. Meanwhile, Marucho decides to have a battle to make up for Dan having to sit down out, so he fights in opposition to Jack of Team Anubias. He and Tristar wrestle to win in opposition to Jack and his Guardian Bakugan, Aquos Krakenoid. Meanwhile, Dan and Drago find an deserted enviornment to make use of as a coaching floor, however shortly after, a mysterious Mechtogan that calls himself Zenthon seems and wreaks havoc on the world. Dan and Drago attempt to defeat it, however it will definitely flies away and reappears to intrude with Marucho and Jack’s battle and devastating the world. Anubias and Sellon crew as much as struggle Zenthon however wrestle to defeat it, not even managing to land a success. Eventually, nonetheless, Zenthon flies off and Anubias and Sellon half methods. Marucho and Shun then speculate that, since Zenthon has the identical harmful energy as Drago, they might be linked. Meanwhile, the masked man, whose named is formally revealed to be Mag Mel, is attempting to interrupt freed from his jail, however requires extra vitality from Dan and Drago to take action. One of his hooded servants (who seems to be lots like Sellon) informs him of the Mechtogan assault. He is astounded that Drago has that kind of energy and tries to soak up extra vitality from his Darkas Dragonoid (or presumably Dragon and Dan) and begins to interrupt free.

Episode three


air day: 2011-02-27

After Dan refuses to signal a number of autographs and say good day to his followers, Anubias challenges the “big shot” to a brawl and Dan accepts the problem. Both win one spherical as a result of Drago tries too exhausting to manage his powers and did not concentrate on the battle. Dan is afraid of one other energy overload, so he tells Drago to run and to not struggle. Anubias makes use of the chance to strike Drago and wins the brawl. Upset by the loss, Noah, one among Dan’s greatest followers who had stood up for him earlier, turns into one among Anubias’ followers. After the brawl Anubias tells Dan that he’s disenchanted that Dan brawled like an novice, however nonetheless saying that he has respect for him.

Episode 4

Fall From Grace

air day: 2011-03-06

Shun and Marucho discover Dan and Drago coaching secretly they usually uncover that the Mechtogan Zenthon initially got here from Drago. The subsequent day Sellon and Dan have a match, however Shun and Kris from Sellon’s crew battle alongside making it a tag-team battle. Drago has plenty of difficulties controlling his powers and nearly releases Zenthon, however Shun prevents this from taking place by syphoning off Drago’s extra energy. Dan and Shun handle to tug out a win, however Sellon throws the battle and wins over the viewers. Shun confronts her as to why she allow them to win to which Sellon presents Shun to hitch her crew which he declines.

Episode 5

Tri-Twister Take Down

air day: 2011-03-13

Tension between the Brawlers rises when Shun means that Dan take a break from battling as to keep away from one other of Drago’s energy overloads. However, Dan interprets this as Shun not trusting him they usually have a struggle. Shun is later confronted by Sellon, who nonetheless needs him on her crew, and means that he give Dan some powerful love. Later, the Brawlers are challenged by two boys calling themselves the Tri-Twisters. Shun and Marucho determine to take it themselves with out telling Dan however have hassle in opposition to the opponents. Dan discovers this and desires to assist, however begins to appreciate that Shun could have had a degree earlier. They then uncover that there’s a third Bakugan, beforehand attacking invisibly, current. Sellon and Anubias out of the blue interrupt the battle, wanting to show the boys a lesson in honor and simply defeat them.

Episode 6

Agony of Defeat

air day: 2011-03-20

Dan nonetheless refuses to take heed to Shun and Marucho once they inform him to take a break from battling. Even although he’s nonetheless suffering from nightmares about Mag Mel and Razenoid, Dan would not thoughts battling Anubias with the winner being topped the official primary brawler of Bakugan Interspace. Shun and Marucho inform Dan that they nonetheless suppose he mustn’t struggle, however will assist him anyway. Dan thanks them and guarantees to disclose the whole lot after the battle. During the struggle, a imaginative and prescient of Mag Mel and Razenoid seem and Dan and Drago suppose they’re combating them as an alternative of Anubias, inflicting them to put waste to the sphere and endanger the gang. To make issues worse, Zenthon reappears and everybody learns that Drago created him. Once Zenthon leaves, Dan and Drago’s imaginative and prescient are returned to regular. The battle is said over and Dan is disqualified for illegally utilizing Zenthon (although it was unintentional) and Anubias is topped quantity one among Bakugan Interspace. Unable to face his followers who’ve turned in opposition to him, not to mention his associates, Dan packs up his issues and leaves.

Episode 7

BakuNano Explosion

air day: 2011-03-27

Dan and Drago have disappeared and all kinds of destructive rumors are spreading all through interspace. Team Anubias is dominating the battle area now that Anubias is primary within the rankings. Shun and Marucho arrive in Interspace and uncover that brawlers are actually utilizing BakuNano, tools very like Battle Gear that tremendously strengthens and amplifies a Bakugan’s talents to innumerable uncontrollable energy ranges. When they query Dylan, they uncover that the improve for the BakuNano simply appeared out of nowhere. Sellon has one other discuss with Shun and means that he take the place of chief of the Brawlers and put an finish to BakuNano use since Dan and Drago are gone. Their dialog is interrupted when Marucho is brutally defeated in battle by the Bash Brothers, two boys utilizing BakuNanos. Shun arrives on the scene and battles the 2 brothers. He managed to defeat them regardless of not utilizing any BakuNano himself. He speaks out to the gang that as the brand new chief of the Brawlers, he’ll abolish the tough and harmful model of brawling accidently set off by Dan and Drago. Sellon is then seen stating that Shun has fallen proper into her entice. The episode ends with Dan and Drago out of the blue arriving at New Vestroia.

Episode eight

Return to New Vestroia

air day: 2011-04-03

Dan and Drago arrive in New Vestroia to coach in an try to manage his new powers. In Drago’s secret coaching space, Dan and Drago discover Aquos Amazon, Preyas’ pupil, and Preyas himself. Amazon, having heard all about Drago from Preyas, needs to battle with Drago. However, Dan and Drago are not sure as they might lose management once more. Dan determines that every time Drago has misplaced management it has been in Bakugan Interspace, a digital world, and the consequence could also be completely different in the true world. While Drago and Amazon start battling, Mag Mel and Razenoid start emotions Drago’s immense energy, deducing that he’s battling in the true world. During the battle, Dan and Drago out of the blue have one other imaginative and prescient of Mag Mel and Razenoid they usually cross out. Preyas and Amazon depart whereas Dan and Drago relaxation. Back in Bakugan Interspace, Shun is dominating the battle area and defeating opponent after opponent. Marucho is impressed however thinks that Shun ought to take it simple. Shun, nonetheless, brushes him off and declares that as the brand new chief of the Brawlers, its as much as him to get the Brawlers again on high however Marucho wonders whether or not as a member of the Brawlers, he ought to have a say. Back on New Vestroia, Dan and Drago are apprehensive that their visions have carried into the true world, whereas Mag Mel and Razenoid have discovered them in New Vestroia.

Episode 9

Chaos Control

air day: 2011-04-10

Mag Mel sends Anubias to New Vestroia to battle Dan and Drago and harness their energy. Drago, nonetheless, needs to coach on his personal and away from Dan. Just as Anubias arrives, he assaults Preyas and Drago with Dan and Amazon making their strategy to Drago. Preyas steps in to defend Drago, however Anubias summons his personal Mechtogan. Preyas proves to be no match for the Mechtogan, placing Drago right into a rage and inflicting him to summon Zenthon. Drago loses management of his powers and lays waste to the battlefield, however Dan manages to snap him out of it. Zenthon assaults Drago and Drago determines that they should tame Zenthon so as to management it, which they handle. However, Anubias continues to assault Drago, however Zenthon stops them and Dan and Drago defeat Anubias, inflicting him to flee. Preyas and Amazon vow to assist Drago management his new powers.

Episode 10

A Royale Pain

air day: 2011-04-17

Shun has been battling way more incessantly since taking the place of chief of the Brawlers, and it is beginning to take it is toll on him. However, he reveals no indicators of backing down when he enters a battle royale. Things get powerful when up in opposition to Robin from Team Anubias and Soon from Team Sellon when Taylean out of the blue spawns a Mechtogan, Silent Strike. Shun tries his finest to defeat it and is rescued by Rafe and Paige. After Silent Strike flees, Rafe and Paige reveal that they’re a Neathian and Gundalian, respectively. They have realized that the Mechtogans are the offspring of chaos when there’s a lack of sync between a brawler and their Bakugan and Princess Fabia has despatched them to assist the Brawlers. Shun, nonetheless, refuses the assistance and leaves whereas Marucho’s father asks him to stop the Brawlers.

Episode 11

Back in Sync

air day: 2011-05-01

Drago continues to wrestle gaining management of Zenthon and worries that it’s as a result of he and Dan are out of sync so that they proceed coaching on New Vestroia. Paige and Rafe fear that the Brawlers are slipping and Marucho thinks about his father’s supply to stop the Brawlers and repair Bakugan Interspace correctly. Wavern out of the blue reappears and speaks to Dan and Drago and tells them that they have to reconnect with everybody, specifically their fractured relationship with the Brawlers. Marucho takes his father’s recommendation and quits battling and work in his household’s firm together with his father, however Tristar convinces him in any other case. Marucho fights Jack of Team Anubias and wins, thanking Tristar for reminding him that associates stick collectively irrespective of how far aside they’re. Marucho’s father and Kato witness the battle and categorical their delight in Marucho. Dan and Drago lastly get again in sync and Wavern encourages them to seek out out the reality behind their visions.

Episode 12

Mind Search

air day: 2011-05-08

Wavern assists Drago and Dan in ridding them of their nightmarish visions whereas Bakugan Interspace holds a Capture the Flag model battle. Marucho makes an attempt to dissuade Rafe and Paige in becoming a member of, however they declare that they haven’t any motive to keep away from battle. As anticipated, Shun joins the struggle to attempt to management the chaos. Rafe and Paige wrestle in opposition to Team Anubias, however Marucho arrives to help them and Team Anubias is finally defeated. Meanwhile, a weary Shun and Taylean encounter Team Sellon. Marucho and Trister arrive on the flag however Sellon intercepts them and defeats Marucho. Paige and Rafe arrive simply as Sellon summons her Mechtogan, Braxion. Rafe and Wolfurio distract the Mechtogan permitting Paige and Boulderon to take the flag and win, all in accordance Marucho’s plan. Shun arrives and sees the success of Marucho’s plan and believes that his resolution could have been incorrect. Dan and Drago see Mag Mel and Razenoid once more, following which Dan realizes Code Eve is concerned.

Episode 13


air day: 2011-05-15

Shun refuses to take heed to Marucho’s reasoning so Marucho enters a event to battle Shun. Meanwhile Wavern suggests to Dan and Drago to return to the reminiscences to once they first met Code Eve and the way Dan and Drago obtained their powers. After doing this Dan and Drago notice an vital clue they missed when Code Eve gave them their powers. Back in Interspace, it is a fierce battle between Marucho and Shun however Shun wins. However, Shun has taken Marucho’s phrases to coronary heart and realized the error of his methods. He and Marucho patch issues up and promise to work collectively now. At the top of the epsiode Mag Mel tells Anubias and Sellon on why Dan and Drago cannot management their powers and assigns Sellon to journey to New Vestroia and seize Dan and Drago by any means crucial.

Episode 14

Triple Threat

air day: 2011-05-22

The Brawlers, now again collectively, are dominating as a bunch and face Team Anubias within the subsequent spherical. Sellon arrives on New Vestroia and fights Dan and Drago. Although they put up a superb struggle, Drago is compelled to summon Zenthon, who now totally obeys Drago with out query. Things take a flip for the more serious when Sellon out of the blue summons three Mechtogan without delay! Dan, Drago and Zenthon mix their energy and find yourself summoning a Mechtogan Titan, which simply wipes out Sellon’s Mechtogan. Sellon tells them they’ll maintain their gate and key and that the top of the world remains to be coming earlier than leaving. Back in Interspace, Chaos Bakugan are out of the blue launched and are destroying Interspace, interrupting the battle between the Brawlers and Anubias.

Episode 15

Interspace Under Siege

air day: 2011-05-29

With Bakugan Interspace beneath heavy assault from Chaos Bakugan, the Brawlers shortly leap into motion. Anubias offers his crew all his Bakugan earlier than assembly up with Sellon to look at. The Brawlers make a plan to lure all of the Chaos Bakugan right into a single space after which delete it, regardless of the huge injury it may trigger to the system. The plan is profitable, however Marucho is halted by a lingering Team Anubias. All of a sudden, a thriller determine enters and when the mud components, it’s none aside from Spectra! Spectra simply wipes out all of the Chaos Bakugan with Darkus Infinity Helios when rapidly Team Anubias and Team Sellon’s Bakugan assault them, adopted by one other wave of Chaos Bakugan. Dan out of the blue arrives, having felt the misery in New Vestroia, with Drago to assist.

Episode 16

A Hero Returns

air day: 2011-06-05

Dan arrives again in Interspace a lot to everybody’s shock and makes an attempt to make use of Zenthon to reveals the others that he and Drago are lastly answerable for their powers. While at first Drago and Zenthon are battling properly, the latter is out of the blue now not beneath Dan’s management and Mag Mel receives a large flux of energy. Anubias and Sellon retreat because the Brawlers depart the part of the Interspace which is then deleted by Marucho. Before departing, Spectra informs Dan that he has modified tremendously and that the Brawlers aren’t the crew they was once. The remainder of the Brawlers mercilessly pile on Dan for leaving them to fend for themselves. Suddenly, Mag Mel and Razenoid break away and Mag Mel assembles a large pressure of Bakugan. Later that evening after being annoyed by his associates’ hurtful phrases, Dan sees a imaginative and prescient of Gundalia being attacked by Chaos Bakugan! Marucho, Shun, Rafe and Paige put together to move out to assist Gundalia with the intention of leaving Dan behind because of the hazard he represents. However, Dan insists on coming stating that he’s the unique Battle Brawler and won’t be lower out off this struggle.

Episode 17

Gundalia Under Fire

air day: 2011-06-12

The Brawlers arrive on Gundalia and hook up with their outdated buddy Ren, who has now risen by the ranks of the Gundalian Army. Fabia, now the Queen of Neathia, is making ready to ship reinforcements. Dan has a imaginative and prescient of Mag Mel’s troop actions and the Brawlers arrange a entice. The Chaos Bakugan arrive and Rafe offers Dan Bakunano because the Brawlers start to assault. Mag Mel and Razenoid arrive and Mag Mel reveals that whereas Dan has had imaginative and prescient of Mag Mel, Mag Mel has in flip been having visions about Dan. Dan and Drago summon Zenthon whereas Mag Mel counters with summoning his personal. The energy is simply too nice and Dan loses. Mag Mel and the Chaos Bakugan retreat because the Castle Knights arrive and the Brawlers start to have a look at Dan’s hyperlink to Mag Mel as a legal responsibility to their safety.

Episode 18

Battle Lines

air day: 2011-06-19

As the Brawlers mount one other assault on the Chaos Bakugan, Dan is compelled to sit down the battle out because of the compromise of his psychic hyperlink with Mag Mel. Dan receives one other imaginative and prescient and realizes that Mag Mel are solely after him and Drago, so that they got down to confront him. On the way in which, they’re intercepted by Shun and Taylean, who attempt to cease Dan from continuing. Suddenly, Anubias and Sellon arrive and assault with their Mechtogan. Shun is taken out and Dan fights again with the assistance of Zenthon and Zenthon Titan and Marucho out of the blue seems to assist. Though they win, Marucho berates Dan for disobeying his orders. Ren experiences that Paige and Rafe are lacking and have probably gone after Mag Mel. Dan, Shun and Marucho go after them however fall right into a chasm.

Episode 19

Unlocking the Gate

air day: 2011-06-26

Dan heads off to struggle Mag Mel, one on one and study extra about this Gate and Key he retains speaking about. When he reaches the inside chambers of Mag Mel’s fortress, Mag Mel reveals that the Gate and Key is a mutated model of the Switch Code that Code Eve gave to Dan and Drago. Anubias and Sellon seem as Mag Mel summons a number of Mechtogan. The different Brawlers arrive however show to be no match for the Mechtogan. So, Dan and Drago share their powers with the others, permitting them to summon their very own Mechtogan. Spectra additionally arrives on the Vestal Destroyer and the Chaos Bakugan and Mag Mel are defeated. Dan realizes his errors together with his associates and as soon as once more turn into the chief of the battle brawlers. Despite their victory Razenoid was capable of gather the Gate, that means that Mag Mel solely wants the Key from Dan to attain his aim.

Episode 20

True Colours

air day: 2011-07-03

The Brawlers obtain an pressing message from Bakugan Interspace and return there solely to find it in ruins and infested with Chaos Bakugan. They meet up with Team Anubias and study that after they left for Gundalia, the Chaos Bakugan returned and destroyed most of Interspace, making it unable for individuals to sign off. Chris and Soon arrive and Marucho discovers an outdated entry level from which they’ll escape and Soon sends Sellon their coordinates. While they sneak off to the entry level, Dylan reveals that he’s only a bundle of knowledge created by Interspace to grant the need of Brawlers for extra intense battles. Anubias and Sellon seem and reveal themselves, of their true kinds in addition to the truth that they have been created by Mag Mel. This was a shock of their teammates and the Brawlers. Rafe and Paige efficiently take the opposite battlers to a secure spot and return to assist Dan, Shun and Marucho. With Sellon and Anubias defeated, they return to the entry level, solely to find that it has been broken! Shun blames himself for inflicting it when rapidly, a rainfall not programmed into the system started to fall.

Episode 21

Dangerous Beauty

air day: 2011-07-10

The Brawlers are trapped inside Bakugan Interspace and to make issues worse, Chris and Soon arrive with an injured Sellon, positive that she has modified her methods. Dan agrees to belief her, however Shun was suspicious pondering it was a trick. While the Brawlers fend off an assault, Sellon asks Dan to see her personally and when he did she attacked him and Drago and stole his Key. Shun arrives and chases her however is stopped by Chris and Soon’s Bakugan, unaware that Sellon remains to be evil, permitting Sellon to flee. Sellon offers Mag Mel the Key, however he disintegrates and absorbed her declaring that her will to dwell could be higher served as gasoline for his Resurrection. The episode ends with Anubias leaping off a constructing making ready to battle Dan.

Episode 22

Unfinished Business

air day: 2011-07-17

Anubias kidnaps Noah so as to get Dan to battle him in a single final showdown. After being knowledgeable of this Dan arrives for the battle and Noah (freed after serving his function) and Shun observe the battle. Anubias tries some ways to realize the upperhand together with utilizing three Bakugan without delay and later combining two of his personal by mutation. He briefly beneficial properties a bonus because of the mutations however Dan regains management after summing Zenthon. As the battle reaches its climax, Mag Mel seems and takes Anubias’ energy, disintegrating him within the course of. As Dan and Noah mourn Anubias’ loss, Mag Mel is now a lot stronger and extra highly effective than ever.

Episode 23

Behind the Mask

air day: 2011-07-24

The Brawlers agree that Dan ought to use his hyperlink with Mag Mel so as to escape. Meanwhile, Chris and Soon attempt to escape the Chaos Bakugan with the assistance of Team Anubias. Dan efficiently makes use of his hyperlink to attach with Mag Mel they usually battle. Soon, having misplaced the desire to do something since Sellon’s abandonment, is ineffective in battle till Chris convinces her in any other case they usually comply with Shun into battle. Dan manages to smash Mag Mel’s masks and sees the face of none aside from Barodius! Mag Mel reveals that he as soon as was Barodius and Razenoid was as soon as Dharak however their contact with Code Eve brought about them to be banished to a different realm and encased in new kinds as a jail. In the midst of the battle, Dan loses the hyperlink and divulges that Mag Mel is Barodius. Marucho manages to trick Dylan into serving to him get a message to the surface world and contacts his father and Kato to assist get them out.

Episode 24

Interspace Armageddon

air day: 2011-07-31

Marucho reveals his plan to utterly delete Bakugan Interspace whereas his father and Kato work on an escape plan. The Brawlers spherical up the remaining battlers in Interspace and put together to go away Interspace when a hoard of Chaos Bakugan out of the blue seem. The Brawlers stay behind because the others escape when a mysterious Mechtogan seems and takes out the Chaos Bakugan. Spectra and Helios arrive and provides time for everybody else to flee, however are caught within the deletion course of! When they arrive again on Earth, they uncover a mysterious darkish moon within the sky. On the opposite aspect of the portal, Razenoid has come out of his cocoon and advanced.

Episode 25

Dark Moon

air day: 2011-08-07

Dan and the others have arrived safely on Earth to discover a mysterious darkish moon within the sky and all of the individuals lacking, having been imprisoned at the hours of darkness reverse dimension of Earth. Mag Mel sends Mechtogan Titans of 5 completely different attributes to destroy the Earth’s core and within the course of, destroy Earth with the ensuing explosion destroying New Vestroia, Vestal, Neathia and Gundalia within the course of. Everyone splits up so as to take out the Titans when rapidly Spectra and Gus present seem to assist, Spectra having by some means been capable of escape Bakugan Interspace on the final minute. Despite defeating the Titans, one other wave is out of the blue dispatched by Mag Mel and Dan is agonized to see all of his associates taken down so simply. With assist from Marucho and Tristar in regards to the Gate and Key, Dan and Drago break away and lure Mag Mel and Razenoid to the darkish dimension the place they’re ultimate showdown will start.

Episode 26

The Final Takedown

air day: 2011-08-14

The ultimate battle continues with Dan and Mag Mel, whereas the others are combating the remaining Bakugan, Mechtogan, and Mechtogan Titans on Earth. Razenoid and Drago proceed to struggle and Drago is about to get hit, however Zenthon and Zenthon Titan come to guard Dan and Drago. Mag Mel and Razenoid then summon Dreadeon and Razen Titan (referred to as Dreadeon Titan) they usually proceed to struggle. Dan and Drago inform them that they need to solely be combating them not the harmless however Mag Mel responds as it’s an act of revenge and he would not care about the Aristocracy. On Earth, the drilling has gone to 70% and Spectra and Gus go assault. Shun summons Faser Titan to assist whereas some worry there are too many. Marucho reassures them as Rafe and Paige proceed to struggle. Mag Mel begins to taunt Dan and he manages to get them to fall down. He tries to get Dreadeon and Razen Titan to kill them however Zenthon and Zenthon Titan defend them. However, the residual vitality created from them brought about an outburst of vitality which not solely destroys them however Razenoid absorbs it to turn into greater and stronger.

With the drilling as much as 85%, the battling continues with extra Titans being destroyed. Dan and Drago, nonetheless, are usually not doing in addition to Mag Mel tells them in regards to the vitality collected from Bakugan Interspace. Noah sees a imaginative and prescient of Anubias inspiring him to struggle on and telling him how a lot he grown. Chris and Soon then hear Sellon’s voice and run in direction of it. Dan and Drago then obtain energy from the gate and key whereas Razenoid blasts Drago. When the smoke clears, Titanium Dragonoid is not there and is changed by Fusion Dragonoid! Razenoid then tries to purpose at Drago however he consistently misses. He fires at Razenoid which manages to destroy him and breaking the gate and key of them. Mag Mel is about to die however not earlier than saying that Dan remains to be doomed. Mag Mel then disappears. On Earth, all of the Chaos Bakugan, Mechtogan, and Mechtogan Titans disappear together with the Dark Moon. Everyone else returned confused as shimmering mud falls from the sky. They then consider that Dan and Drago sacrificed themselves however then in a glowing mild, Dan and Drago seem. Everybody is completely happy and ask him what occurred with Dylan strolling away together with his signature lollipop. They requested how was the battle and Dan responds with it being simple.

Episode 27

Evil Arrival

air day: 2011-09-10

Episode 28

Wiseman Cometh

air day: 2011-09-17

After defeating the Mechtogan that appeared in Bakugan City, momentary peace arrives. The peace will not be meant to final lengthy although as a brand new hazard referred to as Wiseman arrives. Armed together with his Nonet Bakugan (evil Bakugan he has launched from the Doom Dimension), Wiseman hopes to destroy all peace that exists between people and Bakugan. Seeing no alternative, the Brawlers and their new ally Reptak enter into battle with Wiseman, however as soon as the battle begins, Reptak notices Wiseman’s model is just like his lacking accomplice: Gunz. What may this connection be? Will this connection hurt the universe?

Episode 29

Mysterious Bond

air day: 2011-09-24

Reptak struggles to recover from the disappearance of Gunz whereas working with Dan and Drago, however everytime he sees Wiseman launch a Bakugan Reptak can not help however consider Gunz’s launching model. Will Reptak flip in opposition to the crew, or can Dan and Drago assist him keep on the aspect of sunshine in opposition to Wiseman and his evil Bakugan?

Episode 30

Prodigal Bakugan

air day: 2011-10-01

At the start of the episode it reveals Shun and Jaakor coaching collectively. After they’re finished Shun takes off whereas Orbeum and Skytruss make an look and ask Jaakor to go along with them to New Vestoria in order that they might defend the Bakugan. Jaakor states that he wants time to meditate on this so that they depart, Shun overhears the dialog and comes to a decision to let Jaakor depart. Jaakor then has a chat with Shun they usually determine to half methods so Jaakor may defend his household. Shun is quickly confronted by Wiseman and his bakugan Spatterix and Stronk. The two Bakugan struggle Shun and Shun is ready to maintain his personal for some time till they acquire the upperhand. Jaakor is about to go away till he has a sense that Shun is in hassle. Jaakor aids Shun in battle and was capable of tackle Spatterix and Stronk. The two Bakugan fuse collectively to create Scorptak and their mixed energy was capable of take down Jaakor and his college students. Jaakor then has Orbeum and Skytruss to fuse with him they usually turn into Magmafury, with their mixed energy they defeat Scorptak forcing Wiseman to go away. Wiseman remarks that he’s studying extra in regards to the brawlers every time he fights them. Orbeum and Skytruss then go to New Vestroia to assist defend the Bakugan there.

Episode 31

Combination Impossible

air day: 2011-10-08

After Shun tells his story about what occurred in his battle with Wiseman, the opposite Bakugan pressures Raidizen when he’s going to have the ability to mix. Radizen has turn into upset as a result of he’s unable to have a mixture, he’s approached by Roxtor however ignores him. He is later taken by Marucho who tries to cheer him as much as a water plant his household owns. The two of them are confronted by Wiseman they usually battle in opposition to his Bakugan, Radizen is ready to maintain his personal and beat the 2 that when mira enters with roxtor who had comply with marucho on to the airplane , however once they mix he has a tough time. Radizen then fuses with Roxtor as a result of he leap and collide with and mix then the 2 are simply capable of defeat them in battle on the finish the bakugan are clear up whereas mira and marucho talks about the entire ordeal and radizen and roxtor nonetheless are combating

Episode 32

Enemy Allies

air day: 2011-10-15

Mira has been working very exhausting, utilizing Vestal Technology to create some new Bakugan Battle Suits for Drago, Reptak, Radizen, and Jaakor however earlier than they might take a look at them out Mira collapsed of exhaustion attributable to her working so exhausting imply whereas julie needs to interview the brawlers and video time the entire seen mira is rushed to the hopisital. the place she should keep for every week so kato ask if she wants any factor mira ask and kato leaves to run a favor. When Wiseman arrives hassle begins julie get a name that wisman is attacking they shortly act. the battle begins and he appears to have the benefit as a result of the brawlers have one member quick which was not excellent news for them and the bakugan bulid up sufficient energy to summon the mechtagon knocking out dan. however fortunately they hear Runo and she or he returns to assist them out within the battle by sending the battle fits having identified how they work and been inform how by mira and the airplane dan shun and marucho lively and simply win the struggle dan tries to tear of the masks however fails. again at HQ everyone seems to be completely happy to see her kato explains she is the favor kato needed to get.

Episode 33

Battle for Bakugan Land

air day: 2011-10-22

Wiseman reappears and assaults the amusement park that Bakugan helped create Bakugan Land. Julie decides to go and confront him as a reporter to see what his downside is, and the Battle Brawlers should attempt to discover a strategy to comprise the Nomads powers as soon as once more.

Episode 34

Gunz Blazing

air day: 2011-10-29

Episode 35

Battle Suit Bash

air day: 2011-11-05

Episode 36

Countdown to Doomsday

air day: 2011-11-12

Episode 37

The Eve of Extermination

air day: 2011-11-19

Episode 38

Jump to Victory

air day: 2011-11-26

Episode 39

Enemy Infiltration

air day: 2011-12-03

Episode 40

Gunz Lives

air day: 2011-12-10

Episode 41

Evil Evolution

air day: 2011-12-17

Episode 42

Evil vs. Evil

air day: 2011-12-31

Episode 43

Doom Dimension Throwdown

air day: 2012-01-07

Episode 44

Blast from the Past

air day: 2012-01-07

Episode 45

Beginning of the End

air day: 2012-01-07

Episode 46

The End of the Line

air day: 2012-01-26

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