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The first episode of the Drama, series Animorphs season 1, 2 was released in 1998-09-15 by Nickelodeon. The TV show was created by and directed by . Actors in the cast include Shawn Ashmore, Paulo Costanzo, Brooke Nevin, Richard Sali, Nadia-Leigh Nascimento, Boris Cabrera, Eugene Lipinski, Joshua Peace, Christopher Ralph. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

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Episode 1

My Name Is Jake (1)

air day: 1998-09-15

Sometimes bizarre issues occur to folks. Ask Jake. He would possibly let you know in regards to the evening he and his buddies noticed the unusual gentle within the sky. He could even let you know what occurred after they realized the “”gentle”” was solely a airplane — from one other planet. Here’s the place Jake’s story will get slightly bizarre. It’s the place they’re advised that the human race is below assault — and given the possibility to struggle again. Now Jake, Rachel, Cassie, Tobias, and Marco have the ability to morph into any animal they select. And they need to use that energy to outsmart an evil better than something that world has ever seen…

Episode 2

My Name Is Jake (2)

air day: 1998-09-15

Sometimes bizarre issues occur to folks. Ask Jake. He would possibly let you know in regards to the evening he and his buddies noticed the unusual gentle within the sky. He could even let you know what occurred after they realized the “”gentle”” was solely a airplane — from one other planet. Here’s the place Jake’s story will get slightly bizarre. It’s the place they’re advised that the human race is below assault — and given the possibility to struggle again. Now Jake, Rachel, Cassie, Tobias, and Marco have the ability to morph into any animal they select. And they need to use that energy to outsmart an evil better than something that world has ever seen…

Episode three


air day: 1998-09-22

The Animorphs check out the disk, however nothing occurs. Jake and Marco understand that somebody very near Jake is a Controller. The Controller seems to be Jake’s brother Tom. Jake needs his brother again, and he’ll do something to do it. They tried morphing out into ferocious animals from the clinic that Cassie’s mom works in. Jake acquires a Tiger and Rachel acquires a Lion. They use it to try to free all the people within the Yeerk Pool positioned below the college. Their try ended with no free people, with out Tom, Tobias was gone (Probably captured by the Yeerks), and the disk was misplaced.

Episode four

On the Run

air day: 1998-09-29

The Andalite disk which Jake misplaced and Tobias are nonetheless lacking. Jake and Marco get an e-mail in Cyberia from the Yeerks providing them a commerce. They wish to commerce an Andalite for the disk. The Animorphs plan to trick the Yeerks by giving a traditional animal to the Controller. The animal just isn’t actually Andalite, however they consider the Yeerks will assume that the “”Andalite”” is in morph. Jake morphs right into a Lizard to make use of thought-speak. Marco is caught shoplifting Jake (Who remains to be a lizard), and needed to morph right into a rat to flee. Rachel and Cassie go to A Sharing assembly with Melissa. Rachel morphed right into a Fly to search out out The Sharing’s future plans which might be arising. Jake and Marco thought that that they had the disk after discovering it within the metropolis rubbish dump, which is the place Jake needed to morph right into a Dog to resuce Marco. They quickly understand that the disk is pretend, and that the Yeerks have been utilizing it to trace them.

Episode 5

Between Friends

air day: 1998-10-06

Tobias returns, however he’s caught in Hawk morph as a result of he stayed in Morph for over two hours. Rachel is fearful about Melissa, as Melissa’s father is a high-ranked Controller. Rachel morphs into Melissa’s cat and enters the Chapman family to rescue Melissa, who was on the verge of being become a Controller. Unfortunately, Rachel will get captured by Chapman and is taken to Visser Three. Jake, nevertheless, had been spying and morphed right into a Dog to go and rescue Rachel. They escaped when Chapman was making an attempt to guard the host’s daughter, Melissa, from turning into a Yeerk. Jake and Rachel have been capable of escape.

Episode 6

The Message

air day: 1998-10-13

Cassie and Tobias assume there may be one other Andalite on Earth as a result of they will hear noises from a distance. They went into convulsions, they usually heard some unusual thought-speak message. It seemed like one thing had crash-landed and wanted assist. Rachel was at her father’s, so the Animorphs checked it out and came upon that there was one other Andalite on Earth. The Andalite has contacted Visser Three as properly. And now, it is a race to search out the supply. If the Yeerks discover the messenger first, the Andalite will turn out to be a Controller. Cassie, Marco, and Jake discover the Andalite, however The Andalite doesn’t consider them at first after they say that they’re allies of the Andalites. Cassie morphed right into a Sknunk and saved Ax, they usually escaped by morphing into Butterflies. It is revealed that Ax acquired all of the DNA Patterns of every Animorph (Except Tobias) and was made into a brand new individual.

Episode 7

The Escape

air day: 1998-10-20

Rachel, Marco and Ax have been on the Diner when this man was loopy for Oatmeal. The man was George Edelman and he introduced that he had a Yeerk in his mind so Rachel and Marco went to the hospital to test him out. He advised them rather a lot in regards to the Yeerks, Yeerkes crave Instant Maple Oatmeal like a drug and can’t redeem management of their hosts however the Yeerk will at all times be in his head, and the brand new Yeerk Pool is below the entire city. So the Animorphs have a brand new weapon, however how are they supposed to make use of it? They cannot apply it to the Controllers, that’d be like hurting the slaves to spite the slave homeowners. At the restaurant, the Animorphs attempt to enter the Yeerk pool but it surely didn’t work as a result of a Gleet BioFilter was there to destroy all lifeforms with out Yeerks of their brains, however fortunately, they escaped as roaches. They should go on to the supply, dig underground as ferrets. When they reached the Yeerk Pool, they threw Oatmeal into the Yeerk Pool, and a Hork-Bajir has taken down Tobias

Episode eight

The Alien

air day: 1998-10-27

Jake, Marco and Ax went to the theatre to look at a film, the place Ax acquired so obsessive about popcorn, he crawled on the bottom frantically searching for extra. When stared again on the display, the image displayed a reminder of his residence, and he should contact his homeworld. Although Ax has been combating aspect by aspect with the Animorphs for so long as he is been on earth, he is at all times appeared distant, not fairly trusting of human beings. They introduced him over to Marco’s home, the place he went loopy over the spicy meals that Marco’s father made him eat. Ax then breaks right into a satellite tv for pc firm, and modifies the computer systems so he can telephone residence. Jake and Marco additionally sneaked in by morphing lizards. When he does, his father picks up and Ax locations the dishonour of giving a decrease species Andalite know-how on Elfangor, he takes on the burden himself, disobeying the legislation of Seerow’s Kindness. But that is not all. Turns out that the Yeerks are scorching on his path. And now Ax needs to take revenge on Visser Three an

Episode 9

The Capture (1)

air day: 1998-11-03

Jake’s father is nearly able to open the Health Wellness Centre, a division of the hospital he works at. At dinner, Jake came upon that Victor Trent (also called Visser Three) is a accomplice of his dad’s within the creation of the well being clinic. Jake went to assist his dad, there have been a variety of safety, however he needed to depart. The Animorphs examine why that they had a number of safety – the infestation of the governor, Ax scans Marco’s video card to answer all human codes. The Animorphs enter the constructing as roaches, and searches for the Yeerk Pool. Once they discovered it, they destroyed the Yeerk Pool in a room and Jake falls into the pool. The Animorphs didn’t know that Jake was a Human Controller after they left.

Episode 10

The Capture (2)

air day: 1998-11-10

Everyone thought that they had managed to avoid wasting the governor with none hitches — besides Ax. When he sees Jake, he is aware of. Jake is considered one of them, a Controller. The Animorphs now saved Jake tied and up and saved a detailed watch on him for 3 days, whereas Ax turns into Jake for some time, taking his place, being bizarre on the dinner desk, and doing extraordinary properly in class. The Yeerk makes use of all of Jake’s reminiscences in a psychological conflict, preying totally on Cassie’s romantic emotions in direction of him. If there’s a Yeerk in his mind it should die from Kondrona Rays. When Rachel pretended to be asleep, Jake morphed a canine and tried to flee to the closest Yeerk Pool, however the Animorphs managed to search out him, Rachel as a Lion, Marco as a Wolf, Cassie as a Horse, and Ax as Jake. Now the Animorphs know one other entrance to the Yeerk Pool. The Yeerk escapes from Jake’s physique and Jake destroys it. Ax connected a system the place Jake might name Tom, his brother in one other voice, to inform the actual Tom that they are going to figh

Episode 11

The Reaction

air day: 1998-11-17

Cassie and Rachel saves a boy from a crocodile pit and he or she started to alter when she would not wish to as a result of she was allergic to crocodiles. Cassie’s morphing uncontrolled. She has been invited to the Larry and Linda Show the place the well-known star, Jason Jon McCole can also be a visitor speaking about The Sharing. Cassie removed the faulty crocodile DNA by burping it out and stopped Jason Jon McCole earlier than tens of millions of rabid feminine JJM followers determine that The Sharing is the membership for them. The Crocodile was on the unfastened, however the Animorphs have been capable of cease it. Marco morphed a Llama whereas Jake and Ax morphed Beetles.

Episode 12

The Stranger

air day: 1998-11-24

Rachel’s dad needs Rachel to go together with him to the well-known gymnast. He needs Rachel to maneuver away with him — as ideas of “”ought to I or should not I?”” run by means of her head, Ax is being captured by the Yeerks! Knowing they can not let the Yeerks take one other Andalite host, not to mention considered one of their shut buddies, the Animorphs transfer in. Unfortunately, it seems to be a entice, they usually’re caught in a web and Visser Three started to maneuver in! All appears misplaced – till a mysterious glowing blue man known as an Ellimist exhibits up, stopping time. He offers them a alternative; they may keep and struggle or go to a different world with their households. After seeing the long run, they needed to remain as a result of the long run appeared that the Yeerks have taken over Earth. They have been capable of get away from the Yeerks, utilizing a knife from the scene confirmed by the Ellimist. Rachel morphed a Lion to defeat the Controllers whereas the remainder save Ax.

Episode 13

The Forgotten

air day: 1998-12-01

Rachel modifications right into a hawk to search out Tobias however then she fell and was unconscious. She slams right into a tree and, when she awakens, has misplaced her reminiscence. Her buddies, the Yeerks, the Animorphs! She virtually acquired become a Controller. She bumped into a woman named Fran, a loopy former Controller, and now she needs to entice Rachel to eliminate the Controller in her mind (which she would not have). Rachel requested many questions however Fran didn’t care as a result of she thought Rachel was an Andalite scum. Rachel finds her strategy to a Controller camp the place’s she taken in by the 2 leaders there (Brad and John) whereas the Animorphs are nonetheless looking for her utilizing the eager scent smelling of Homer which Jake morphed into. The Controllers do not know who Rachel is, however understand she’s excellent to make a Controller. Marco morphed a Wolf to scare away the Controllers, they usually took again Rachel and tried to remind Rachel that she is an Animorphs. Jake morphed a Tiger to point out her, and he or she was lastly capable of reminder

Episode 14

The Leader (1)

air day: 1999-01-05

Marco was portray whereas Jake finds out Visser One will probably be on the EGS Tower, the place the Kandrona is and the mock Yeerk solar, which nourishes the Yeerks. Now all they should do is discover a strategy to get in and destroy it. The Animorphs go spy on the Yeerks however they’ve a Morphing Detector so when Jake and Marco morphed Lizards the alarm went off and the partitions shut round them. The Yeerks have captured Jake and Marco in a spacecraft, then they blast off, they usually have been being despatched to the Yeerk pool ship. They wanted to discover a strategy to escape, and after they escape and acquired misplaced within the Yeerk Mother Ship, they found a startling secret; Marco’s Mom was alive, managed by Visser One.

Episode 15

The Leader (2)

air day: 1999-01-12

Cassie and Rachel break the Kandrona and return to the barn the place Ax was, whereas Jake was nonetheless looking for a strategy to escape the pool ship, however Marco didn’t wish to simply depart his mom behind now that he came upon she’s alive. But they can not keep and danger being caught, so that they had no alternative. So, they determined to hijack a Yeerk blade ship. Rachel and Cassie use Ax to assist information Jake and Marco again to earth. Jake and Marco safely acquired again to Earth, however now a brand new enemy has been revealed.

Episode 16


air day: 1999-01-19

A Darktech Detac is a tool is sort of a diary, that Ax has invented, it permits folks to enter their minds and relive their reminiscences. Tobias was Ax’s closest buddy, so he gives to let him have the primary probability to make use of it. With it, Tobias goes again in time to the times earlier than he grew to become an Animorph, again to the place he first began his at his new faculty, assembly a pleasant lady named Rachel, and being annoyed due to what has occurred that evening on the development web site, a dialog with a mysterious outdated man, and the acquired of his first morph – The Red-Tailed Hawk. Ax additionally makes use of the gadget, and Tobias will get to see an amusing day in Ax’s earth life. Using his human morph, he decides to study extra about our world, he leaves the barn after Cassie goes to do her homework, by taking a visit to the mall. He will get into bother with a cab driver as a result of he didn’t understand how human transportation works. When he bothers a youngster enjoying a sport at Cyberia, the man punished him. The cab driver c

Episode 17

Not My Problem

air day: 1999-01-26

Jake is depressed after a nasty day and needs he’d by no means met Elfangor so an Ellimist grants his want as a result of he did properly within the struggle towards the Yeerks. Now Jake, Rachel, Cassie, and Marco are completely un-aware of the invasion, and dwelling a traditional life as soon as once more. But there is a hitch — seems Tobias nonetheless met Elfangor. The world is out of the blue turned the other way up, and we do not know whom to belief. It seems all of the Animorphs are actually regular youngsters however now they’re infested by Yeerks apart from Tobias. Tobias needs extra youngsters to be on his workforce so there may be strategy to beat the Yeerks. Morphing a Lizard, Tobias learns that Jake is a Yeerk, and he solely might belief Rachel. No one believed Tobias’ story about parasitic alien slugs invading Earth. At the Spider Party, Marco acted bizarre, and Cassie discovered a slug within the rest room. Tobias asks Rachel to satisfy him on the Spider Club (which is closed) so the might discover the place the Yeerk pool was, but it surely seems Rachel was a Yeerk too, when Tobias morphed

Episode 18

The Release

air day: 1999-02-02

The Animorphs discover out that the Yeerks haven’t got sufficient Kandrona Rays for lots of Controllers so there may be a variety of Controllers which might be sick like Tom, Yeerks are dying from lack of Kandrona rays. One of them occurs to be the Yeerk who controls science instructor Mr. Perkins. Now, Mr. Perkins is on a campaign to free different Controllers. So Jake and Marco attempt to rescue Tom however they came upon that Mr. Perkins (Teacher) is a free Controller, and can also be making an attempt to free Tom, however Tom escapes. He gathers up some Controllers and search for Mr. Perkins, however luckily, Jake as a Tiger and Marco as a Wolf scare away all of the Controllers and save Mr. Perkins. Jake seemed for Mr. Perkins on the tenting web site, and mentioned how they are going to assist one another out.

Episode 19

Face Off (1)

air day: 1999-02-09

The Animorphs attend the district finals basketball sport the place everyone seems to be planning to go. It’s Ax first sporting occasion, so everybody’s actually excited. Especially Jake, the basketball nut, however when he tries to spy on Tom, whereas as a Lizard, Jake was trapped inside Tom’s backpack, however now Jake is aware of that Tom had the Andalite Disk in his room the entire time. He was introduced all the way down to the place all of the Controllers have been prepared unleashing Yeerks that do not want Kandrona to get extra hosts. Meanwhile, Rachel and Cassie morph Rats and came upon that Chapman has the disk (however he actually doesn’t) so Ax spills juice on Chapman and checks Chapman’s pockets to see if it is there, however no signal of the disk. Jake will get trapped close to the Yeerk Pool. Chapman steals the Disk from Tom’s bag, and Tobias grabs the disk and he unlocks whereas Rachel was looking for him. Then he returns to human type as a result of he can morph once more!

Episode 20

Face Off (2)

air day: 1999-02-16

Rachel meets up with Tobias outdoors, and is shocked to find he is human once more! Rachel tells Tobias of the Yeerk plot, they usually determine they should get all the way down to the Yeerk pool. In order to get previous the scanners, nevertheless, Rachel’ll have to do one thing she by no means thought she would, Rachel morphs a Yeerk utilizing the DNA sample saved on the disk, and he or she crawls into Tobias’ head. Chapman tells everybody that there’s a Tornado Warning (But we all know, they’re making an attempt to get extra hosts), and he sends everybody within the auditorium go down the steps to what they assume is a basement shelter, however is admittedly the Yeerk pool. Marco, Cassie, and Ax, should not positive of what was happening however they have been going to be infested by the brand new breed of Yeerks, together with all the opposite college students. Jake (who’s a Lizard) will get caught in a room, and Tom thinks he has an Andalite so he is able to use him to unlock the disk. Cassie and Ax is able to turn out to be infested, whereas Tobias and Marco thinks of a strategy to get Jake out.

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