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The first episode of the Action & Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, series Aladdin season 1, 2, 3 was released in 1994-09-05 by Toon Disney. The TV show was created by and directed by . Actors in the cast include Frank Welker, Linda Larkin, Val Bettin, Gilbert Gottfried, Scott Weinger, Jim Cummings, Dan Castellaneta, Jason Alexander, James Avery. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

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Episode Guide

Episode 1

Air Feathered Friends

air day: 1994-09-05

Abu usually steals dates out of timber so Rasoul threatens to throw Abu in jail if he steals another. Later, somebody units Abu up for stealing extra dates and Aladdin should show him harmless by discovering Abis Mal.

Episode 2

Bad Mood Rising

air day: 1994-09-06

Slightly king guidelines over a treasured space, but when the folks do not preserve him glad his dangerous moods will trigger dangerous climate. It’s as much as Aladdin and firm to maintain him glad till the prince can study to fend for himself.

Episode three

To Cure a Thief

air day: 1994-09-07

Abu continually steals no matter he likes and causes the Aladdin hassle as a brand new palace resident. Aladdin tries to maintain Abu on a leash to maintain him from mischief, however Abu hates it and runs away.

Episode four

Do the Rat Thing

air day: 1994-09-08

Aladdin doubts that Jasmine might survive as a avenue rat. Jasmine will get indignant at this, so she spends a complete day on the market. She steals a mirror that casts a magic spell on her and turns into an actual rat whereas Iago turns into a frilled lizard.

Episode 5

Never Say Nefir

air day: 1994-09-09

The metropolis of Gezistan crashes on a regular basis and it is as much as Aladdin and buddies to cease no matter is inflicting it. They discover group of imps are doing the harm, then turning round and accepting cost by the sultan of Gezistan to repair the harm.

Episode 6

Getting The Bugs Out

air day: 1994-09-12

It is found that mechanical bugs have infested each mechanical system in Agrabah. The Sultan requests that Aladdin examine them. Aladdin finds that an evil genius, named Mechanickles, is behind the harm.

Episode 7

The Vapor Chase

air day: 1994-09-13

Abis Mal is ready to steal from Agrabah blind. He does this by burning this magical powder that creates smoke demons when burned.

Episode eight

Garden Of Evil

air day: 1994-09-14

20 years in the past the younger Sultan needed to go by means of an evil plant-man’s backyard. The Sultan promised to offer the plant-man his most treasured treasure in return for protected passage. Now the evil plant-man has come again for the Sultan’s most treasured treasure: Jasmine!

Episode 9

Much Abu About Something

air day: 1994-09-15

An historic civilization is giving premonitions to Abu. Aladdin thinks the premonitions are for himself. Abu exhibits that dimension would not matter by saving the traditional civilization from a dinosaur.

Episode 10

My Fair Aladdin

air day: 1994-09-16

Aladdin feels not noted when the Sultan and Jasmine have their royal events, so Iago teaches Aladdin some manners. Aladdin impresses everybody on the subsequent royal get together apart from Jasmine who desires him to be himself. Aladdin will get slightly immodest, and overcomes this when he has to cease certainly one of Mechanickles’ evil schemes.

Episode 11

Some Enchanted Genie

air day: 1994-09-19

Aladdin and firm are captured by mud creatures known as the Al Muddi, and so they want water so as to beat them, nevertheless it’s exhausting to seek out that in a dessert in order that they improvise through the use of the solar!

Episode 12

Web Of Fear

air day: 1994-09-20

Mechanickles has created a mechanical sea monster that’s tearing up ships. Aladdin volunteers to affix with Captain Al Bahtross in stopping the Kraken.

Episode 13

Mudder’s Day

air day: 1994-09-21

Aladdin saves a fellow avenue rat named Sadira from Rasoul. Sadira falls in love with Aladdin, however he explains that he already has a fiancé. This annoys her so she decides to change into a sand witch. She makes use of her powers to make Aladdin fall in love together with her, however the energy of real love is stronger than her magic.

Episode 14

Plunder The Sea

air day: 1994-09-22

Mechanickles is uninterested in Aladdin foiling his plans so he will get an evil hypnotic robotic to convey them round to his mind-set.

Episode 15

Strike Up The Sand

air day: 1994-09-23

Agrabah is a highly regarded place, so to chill it down Aladdin desires to take a rain cloud from elsewhere, however there’s just one drawback. The rain clouds have a keeper; a hen named Thundra. Iago distracts Thundra along with his male appeal whereas Aladdin takes the rain cloud. When Thundra finds out that certainly one of her rain clouds are lacking Iago finds out that enterprise and pleasure do not combine.

Episode 16

I Never Mechanism I Didn’t Like

air day: 1994-09-26

Abis Mal will get the rose of forgetfulness. His authentic plan was to apply it to the Sultan to take over his throne, however Jasmine will get turns into affected by it as an alternative. Abis Mal takes benefit of Jasmine’s amnesia to remake her right into a villain.

Episode 17

Fowl Weather

air day: 1994-09-27

Jasmine receives a cute animal for a gift. The drawback is that this little animal has the ability to make your needs come true which makes him a goal for evil.

Episode 18

Forget Me Lots

air day: 1994-09-28

Sadira makes use of a magic spell to commerce lives with Jasmine so she will be near Aladdin. Now Sadira is a princess and Jasmine is a avenue rat. The spell results everybody apart from Abu, Iago, and Rajah which suggests it is as much as them to set issues proper.

Episode 19

Scare Necessities

air day: 1994-09-29

Abis Mal makes use of a time machine to return in time to change into the Sultan of Agrabah. If he succeeds Jasmine won’t ever have existed.

Episode 20


air day: 1994-09-30

Aladdin and Jasmine have a really romantic date and earlier than he can end it the others need him to assist them discover a treasure.

Episode 21

Lost And Founded

air day: 1994-10-03

Abis Mal and Mechanickles workforce as much as get their revenge on Aladdin. They determine to make use of magical jewels every of which include an emotion. The jewels impact everybody apart from Aladdin who decides to reverse the curse and use the jewels on Mechanickles and Abis Mal.

Episode 22

Moonlight Madness

air day: 1994-10-04

Thundra is uninterested in doing controling the climate, so Iago volunteers to take over whereas Thundra is on trip. All goes properly till Iago makes a nasty take care of Thundra’s rival Malcho. Iago provides him Thundra’s climate medallion.

Episode 23

The Flawed Couple

air day: 1994-10-05

Sadira places a spell on Aladdin so he’ll love her over Jasmine, however the spell goes mistaken and now Aladdin thinks he is Don Quixote. The solely method to treatment this spell is a kiss from Sadira, however Jasmine will not permit it.

Episode 24

Rain Of Terror

air day: 1994-10-06

Abis Mal places a curse on the Sultan’s bathing oils to show him to stone, however Iago makes use of it as an alternative and has earlier than sunset to get the treatment. He does every part that he can to get it.

Episode 25

Dune Quixote

air day: 1994-10-07

After Aladdin and firm make a journey to the frozen north they meet an ice efreet named Frajhid. He provides Agrabah one thing they’ve by no means had: snow, however quickly will get caught up wanting the folks of Agrabah to be living2 in an icy wonderland.

Episode 26

The Day The Bird Stood Still

air day: 1994-10-10

Aladdin and buddies encounter a dragon whereas on a buying and selling mission.

Episode 27

Of Ice And Men

air day: 1994-10-11

Two youngsters love the tales of the heroic adventures of Aladdin, so Genie, Iago, and Abu inform them some. All goes properly till Abis Mal begins telling them extra and methods the children into serving to him discover a treasure.

Episode 28

Opposites Detract

air day: 1994-10-12

An evil sea mermaid named Saleen has the basic energy of water. She normally makes use of this skill to drown sailors, however this time she’s caught Jasmine. When she finds out that Jasmine has a boyfriend she decides to hook, line, and sink him.

Episode 29

Caught By The Tale

air day: 1994-10-13

Abis Mal threatens Agrabah with a hearth elemental.

Episode 30

Elemental, My Dear Jasmine

air day: 1994-10-14

Genie has by no means gained a sport in opposition to carpet, however when he meets two game-loving wizards, how far will he go to win?

Episode 31

Smolder And Wiser

air day: 1994-10-17

Aladdin and buddies are pressured to undergo a citadel when there isn’t any different method round, and the resident decides he desires Genie to remain and be his court docket jester.

Episode 32

The Game

air day: 1994-10-18

Aladdin and firm discover themselves in a village with speaking animals. These animals are prejudiced in opposition to people and do not belief them, however when Aladdin saves the day they study that it’s good to decide every creature by their actions.

Episode 33

Snowman Is An Island

air day: 1994-10-19

Iago thinks that Genie’s magical job is straightforward, so Genie provides Iago his powers for a day. Iago has enjoyable with it at first, however then he realizes what a troublesome job it’s to be a genie.

Episode 34

The Animal Kingdom

air day: 1994-10-20

Aladdin and firm are caught between two armies of horsemen preventing one another. This would not be such a troublesome battle if there weren’t just one drawback. The battle retains repeating itself on a regular basis. As every day goes on every member of Aladdin’s workforce both will get captured or became a horseman. Now it is as much as Iago to determine save the day, and to cease no matter retains making the battle repeat.

Episode 35

Power to the Parrot

air day: 1994-10-21

Evil sorcerer Mozenrath is in search of somebody who can take challenges. He learns about Aladdin, and when he does he kidnaps Genie to power Aladdin to rescue him and destroy a monster known as Thirdak who’s making an attempt to eat Genie’s magic.

Episode 36

The Sands of Fate

air day: 1994-10-24

Iago cannot stand being grasping so he steals valuables to offer away.

Episode 37

The Citadel

air day: 1994-10-25

On a stunning day Aladdin and Jasmine are about to go on a date, however it’s rapidly ruined by Mozenrath. He kidnaps Aladdin for Genie, and now Jasmine has to disguise herself as a guard to rescue him.

Episode 38

Poor Iago

air day: 1994-10-26

Aladdin and buddies meet Mirage, the evil catwoman with unbelievable powers.

Episode 39

The Secret of Dagger Rock

air day: 1994-10-27

Genie experiments by giving himself seven break up personalities, however one thing goes mistaken and people personalities break up out of him and rampage throughout Ghezistan.

Episode 40

In the Heat of the Fright

air day: 1994-10-28

Aladdin, Jasmine, and Abu exit on a secret mission to cease Mozenrath’s new evil magical creature: a wind jackal. Convinced that they’ve gone on a treasure hunt with out him, Iago will get Genie and carpet to go after them. What they do not know is that Mozenrath’s obtained magic detectors throughout his kingdom.

Episode 41

The Seven Faces Of Genie

air day: 1994-10-31

Mechanickles decides to be a father and builds himself a robotic son, however issues go mistaken when this robotic son has a thoughts of his personal.

Episode 42

The Wind Jackal Of Mozenrath

air day: 1994-11-01

Nefir and the imps are again, and so they’ve obtained a brand new plan. To steal the golden silk of Panacea.

Episode 43

A Clockwork Hero

air day: 1994-11-02

Aladdin and Jasmine journey to Odiferous to attend Uncouthma’s marriage ceremony, however somebody is making an attempt to damage the glad couple’s marriage ceremony day.

Episode 44

Mission: Imp Possible

air day: 1994-11-03

Mirage tries to remove Agrabah with a black spire that eliminates something its shadow touches. Can Aladdin and buddies cease her earlier than Agrabah disappears at sunset?

Episode 45


air day: 1994-11-04

It’s the return of the newlyweds Uncouthma and his spouse. This time they’ve a son, and he thinks brawn is the one method to remedy issues. But when an actual drawback comes up and lizards are affecting Odiferious’ cheese Aladdin teaches him it is good to have brains and brawn.

Episode 46

Shadow Of A Doubt

air day: 1994-11-07

Nefir and his imps are making Agrabah and Odiferous go to battle. The imps are supplying each cities with battle provides and making a pleasant revenue it on the identical time.

Episode 47

Smells Like Trouble

air day: 1994-11-08

Aladdin will get some properly deserved leisure time, however when Iago tracks Al Muddi mud into the palace, can he, Abu, and Genie deal with it with out Aladdin?

Episode 48

The Way We War

air day: 1994-11-09

A griffin is terrorizing Gezistan and its all Abis Mal’s fault.

Episode 49

Night Of The Living Mud

air day: 1994-11-10

Aladdin and buddies are tricked into discovering an evil wizard’s physique. When they do the wizard attaches his head to his physique then removes Aladdin’s head from his personal!

Episode 50

Egg-stra Protection

air day: 1994-11-11

Mechanical termites are tearing down Thundra’s rain forest. When Aladdin and firm inform Thundra that they’ve came upon that Mechanickles is doing this Thundra decides to care for him herself.

Episode 51

Heads, You Lose

air day: 1994-10-14

Aladdin will get overconfident and thinks he can overcome any problem that evil presents him so Chaos, the last word evil, provides him an actual problem.

Episode 52

The Love Bug

air day: 1994-11-15

A rampaging monster named Dominous Tusk turns into a risk to Agrabah whereas Aladdin and genie are gone. The Sultan decides to don a go well with of armor from an historic warrior. The Sultan efficiently defeats Dominous and all of Agrabah desires him as their protector. However, the extra the Sultan makes use of the armor the extra possessed he turns into with the spirit of that historic warrior.

Episode 53

When Chaos Comes Calling

air day: 1994-11-16

Saleen turns Aladdin right into a shark, so she will be able to have a brand new sea animal to play with.

Episode 54

Armored And Dangerous

air day: 1994-11-17

Each certainly one of Aladdin’s buddies will get changed by undead mamluks.

Episode 55

Shark Treatment

air day: 1994-11-18

A bunch of sprites train Aladdin fly and carpet feels not noted. When the sprites need to play on a regular basis they appear to good to be true and carpet teaches them a lesson they’re going to always remember.

Episode 56

Black Sand

air day: 1994-11-21

Butterfingers has some methods up his sleeve and he is after the Sultan who’s been became a miniature gold statue.

Episode 57

Love At First Sprite

air day: 1994-11-22

Mozenrath enslaves the sprites and forces them to discover a misplaced metropolis that accommodates an unlimited quantity of energy. Some sprites escape and go to Aladdin for assist.

Episode 58

Vocal Hero

air day: 1994-11-23

Iago acts grasping once more and this time it leads them to the Netherworld. Now they’re trapped within the Netherworld with Ayam Aghoul. Can Iago and Abu escape and forestall Aladdin from falling into Ayam’s entice?

Episode 59

The Lost City Of The Sun

air day: 1994-11-24

When Aladdin finds out that three theives from the previous have someway became highly effective magical creatures he tries to cease them. Before he can achieve this all of Aladdin’s buddies( besides Abu) ask him who’re these previous thieves, so Aladdin tells him how he is aware of these theives.

Episode 60

As The Netherworld Turns

air day: 1994-11-25

After telling the story of how he met them, Aladdin and co. go discover their headquarters to place a cease to them as soon as and for all.

Episode 61

Seems Like Old Crimes (1)

air day: 1994-11-28

Queen Hippsodeth has fallen in love with the Sultan of Agrabah, however King Pecter has fallen in love together with her. A lethal love triangle means hassle for the Sultan and Agrabah.

Episode 62

Seems Like Old Crimes (2)

air day: 1994-11-29

Aziz is again, and he is turned the Sultan, Jasmine, and the remainder of Agrabah into slugs whereas Aladdin and the gang are on trip. Rasoul is the one one from the palace who has managed to flee. Aladdin and Rasoul should discover a method to work collectively to lastly beat Aziz with out preventing one another within the course of.

Episode 63

From Hippsodeth, With Love

air day: 1994-11-30

The Sultan and everybody else are occurring slightly journey apart from Aladdin and Iago. The Sultan tells Aladdin to take cost of the dominion whereas he’a away. All goes properly till Malcho comes again from the frozen north to get his revenge on Iago. Now Aladdin has to guard Iago and the dominion in opposition to him.In the top Malcho decides to now take his revenge out on Aladdin as an alternative.

Episode 64

Destiny On Fire

air day: 1994-12-01

Aziz is again, and he is turned the Sultan, Jasmine, and the remainder of Agrabah into slugs whereas Aladdin and the gang are on trip. Rasoul is the one one from the palace who has managed to flee. Aladdin and Rasoul should discover a method to work collectively to lastly beat Aziz with out preventing one another within the course of.

Episode 65

The Return Of Malcho

air day: 1994-12-02

The Sultan and everybody else are occurring slightly journey apart from Aladdin and Iago. The Sultan tells Aladdin to take cost of the dominion whereas he’a away. All goes properly till Malcho comes again from the frozen north to get his revenge on Iago. Now Aladdin has to guard Iago and the dominion in opposition to him.In the top Malcho decides to now take his revenge out on Aladdin as an alternative.

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